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EL USO CORRECTO DE MULETAS PARA VOLVER A CAMINAR - Pronasa.. FIG. 2 is presented to provide a visual understanding of a time series of a typical operating sea state containing multiple frequency components. Alternative implementations employing slot depths to create slot currents generating harmonic components at odd harmonics not divisible by 3, such as the 13th harmonic may provide enhanced performance at other translator sizes or operating speeds. The stators 52 are maintained in two separate pluralities in opposing stator supports 68 a and 68 b and are offset from one another on opposing sides by one half slot pitch.

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24 mm. In alternative implementations, the pitch values may range from 50% to 200% of the example values. The full stator segment length includes two extra (unused) tooth/slot pitch lengths, one at each end of the segment, to mitigate magnetic end effects. 52 supported in the opposing stator supports 68 a and 68 b, can be controlled independently to drive a single translator 54 between the two stator supports. 5 and 6) is utilized in the PTO 18, and therefore the power train and generator are consolidated into a single element with no need for a gearbox or transmission.

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5 by mechanically linking a plurality of stators 52 in series such that lateral edges 53 of the stators are flush with one-another creating a single electric machine suitable for the maximum force requirement of the specific WEC. Supports at lateral edges of the plurality of translator modules and a rod connected to the supports attach the translator to a driving element. Drive α 72 is shown driving the α stators in parallel and drive β 74 is shown driving the β stators in parallel schematically in FIG. For the exemplary implementation, the translator 54 is connected to the wave activated floating body 12 as a driving element with an arm or rod 36 (seen in FIG. 3, the implementation disclosed incorporates several components, each of which will be described with their interactions with the other subcomponents outlined. Dolor de rodilla al ir en bici . The high level controller 30 contains several modules as shown in FIG.

4. Specifically, the high level controller 30 contains an estimator block 42, a prediction block 44, and a control block 46. Further, the control block 46 includes a model 48 of the WEC 10 and the linear generator 50 including the mass and hydrodynamic properties of each body. 3. In an exemplary implementation, a direct drive linear electric generator 50 (to be described in greater detail subsequently with respect to FIGS. The translator modules 55 are shown in detail in FIGS. Finger bars 80 to support the plurality of translator modules 55 in a fixed vertically orientated array are provided at each end of the modules and at one or more low integer number of fixed intervals in the stack length direction, as will be described in greater detail subsequently.

At least a portion of the plurality of translator modules has permanent magnets. 10-13. A previously described, each translator module 55 in at least a portion of the plurality of translator modules incorporates electrical steel laminations 62 oppositely engaged on permanent magnets 65 to form a laminated assembly. The steel laminations 62 and permanent magnets 65 are joined on a pole bar 84 in a plurality of segments 86, to accommodate intervening longitudinal structural supports, with a plurality of magnets 65 in each segment. While the invention has been described with reference to specific implementations, it will be understood by those skilled in the art that various changes may be made, and equivalents may be substituted for elements thereof without departing from the true spirit and scope of the invention. The full system is outlined as it would be utilized in the example WEC 10 from FIG.

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For purposes of illustration, an example two body WEC is presented in FIG. An example arrangement of two power electronics drives 72 and 74 operating two sets of a number of linear generator stators (identified as α and β) is depicted in FIG. BACKGROUND Field of the Invention The present invention relates to the extraction of electrical power from a linear oscillatory mechanical input with multiple frequency components, more specifically a double air gap, Vernier permanent magnet linear generator and for use as a power take-off of an ocean Wave Energy Converter (WEC). 24, 2018 entitled POWER TAKE-OFF FOR A WAVE ENERGY CONVERTER, the disclosures of which are incorporated herein by reference. 1. This is a point-absorber type WEC 10 with capability of extracting energy in a vertical (or heave) direction. The magnetic poles of the magnets are oriented in the direction of travel of the translator 54 as indicated by arrow 58. For the example implementation, the polarity alternates with each translator module.