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NEUROLOGIA Y NEUROCIRUGIA - YouTube The improvement of energy conversion efficiency can be reached similarly in enegrgy converter, wherein galloping main body itself drives generator (or the transmission device between galloping main body and generator), and wherein this type of second body elastic is connected to galloping main body.The quality (compared with the quality of the first main body) of the second main body is depended in the gain that can realize by comprising the second main body (the second quality) again, and the elasticity between the first main body with the second main body is connected. In a preferred embodiment, control system can be merged in for control RL generally to improve the generation of electric power, particularly when variable incident flow of fluid.This type of control system can comprise at least one sensor for measuring incident liquid flow velocity.This sensor can be any suitable type and can be, such as, and screw-type flowmeter.

Dolor postoperatorio In certain embodiments, galloping main body is included in the end plate of its second end further, and end plate can be smooth substantially.This type of (smooth) end plate can reduce the harmful fluids dynamic effect around galloping bottom part body. In some instances, dynamic generator parts and galloping main body are integrally formed or are attached to galloping main body.Therefore, galloping main body can direct drive generator (or the transmission device between generator and galloping main body).Such as, dolly (kart) can be attached at the first end of galloping main body, and therefore, this dolly can be directed along horizontal guide.

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In first aspect, provide the enegrgy converter for being carried out by the kinetic energy from main body of liquid changing by horizontal galloping.Enegrgy converter comprise supporting element, for horizontal galloping extend between the first and second ends and have suitable cross section elongated galloping main body, to be arranged in main body of liquid outside for guiding the less horizontal guide of the first end of galloping main body, less horizontal layout and the one or more elastic devices be connected between galloping main body and supporting element, and comprises the generator of stationary power generator parts and dynamic generator parts.Galloping main body substantially vertically hang the second end of this main body is extended in main body of liquid, and dynamic generator member being operable be connected to galloping main body.

In certain embodiments, generator can replace with other devices for transformation of energy, such as, and such as compressor. When the speed entering jet exceedes a certain critical value, there is relative low quality, low resistance coefficient and have such as, in the slim-lined construction of suitable shape or cross section (such as, the semicircle (C shape) of rectangle, triangle or opening or D shape) horizontal galloping can occur.When flowing velocity is higher than this critical value, overcome the stabilizing effect of structure (machinery) damping by hydrokinetic destabilizing effect, and the little lateral displacement of main body produces fluid force in the moving direction of trend increase Oscillation Amplitude.Once exceed unstable threshold value, just development has the oscillatory movement (it is mainly transverse to stream) of cumulative amplitude, until the energy of each circulation dissipated by mechanical damping makes the energy input balance from each circulation of flowing. Use liquid (such as, water) flowing to replace the advantage of air flowing to be, it is variable in time and more easily predict that flow of fluid can be less.Therefore, for specific flow of fluid and position, can reliably tuning galloping main body.Another advantage is, the density of liquid can usually far above the density of air, thus make horizontal galloping more obvious, and additionally, and the energy content that liquid (water) flows is higher than the energy content of air-flow being in identical flowing velocity.

The amplitude of Stationary Oscillation and frequency depend on geometrical shape and the mechanical property (shape of cross section, quality, natural mode shape and mechanical damping) of main body and enter jet velocity.When flow velocity is cumulative, the amplitude of vibration increases and keeps increasing, and no maximum at least in theory.

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Fig. 2 further schematically show control unit 7.Control unit 7 can comprise microprocessor, and it receives the input about flow rate of liquid and/or oscillatory movement of sensor.Based on this input, the control of generator can be suitable for changing electromagnetic resistance.When rotary generator, known electronic unit (such as transducer) can be used to adjust generator torque. Fig. 1 schematically show only some example of shape being suitable for horizontal galloping.Example in FIG comprises C shape, rectangle, (closing) semicircle and triangle.Reference character U instruction flow direction, can be draped along this flow direction galloping main body, and the size of the galloping main body (or prism) of reference character D instruction on horizontal direction (being orthogonal to flowing).

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Galloping main body usually can be or generally include prism. Based on a large amount of tests in recirculation water passage, inventor has been found that the angle of attack by continuously changing galloping main body (such as, prism) substantially, and galloping can be made significantly to strengthen.Have been found that vibration can increase in amplitude and frequency two. According to this aspect, the oscillatory movement linear substantially of galloping main body can be realized.This linear oscillation can have relatively large amplitude, owing to can use conventional generator type, so this can contribute to transformation of energy become electric power.Because galloping main body vertically hangs, and executive level motion, generator and other critical components can be arranged in the outside of main body of liquid.Main body of liquid can be sea, ocean or river usually.Outside by critical component being arranged in liquid (such as, Xian Haishui), can avoid or reduce the wearing and tearing (such as, corroding) of this base part.