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Therefore, in order to maximise the energy capture of the pole, it may be desirable for the vortices to appear in a synchronised manner along the pole 1. Given that the wind speed, according to the Hellmann exponential Law, increases with height and given that the frequency of the appearance of vortices depends on both the relative velocity between air and pole (which in turn depends on wind speed) and on the characteristic dimension of the pole (in this case, on the diameter of the pole), it is appropriate for the diameter of the pole to increase with height as the relative velocity between air and pole increases with height. The rigid top part has a characteristic dimension (the diameter in the case of a circular cross section) that varies depending on a height “Y” on the attachment point of the flexible bottom part to the base. FIG. 15 is a diagram illustrating the evolution with height of the diameter of a pole of height H for a working amplitude at its highest part of β·

Técnicas empleadas en fisioterapia para corregir los.. In other embodiments of the disclosure, the pole may be smaller, for example, it may have a height lower than 1 m, for example, lower than 10 cm, lower than 1 cm, or even smaller. The geometry of the pole should be carefully designed such that the generated vortices act synchronously throughout its length, so as to prevent the vortices generated at certain height from being fully or partially cancelled by those generated at a different height. In some embodiments of the disclosure, the subsystem of magnets comprises at least two sets of magnets arranged at different heights above a base of the generator, each set of magnets comprising a plurality of magnet rings arranged coaxially around the first part and such that a magnetic field is established between said sets of magnets having, radially, at least one change of direction, preferably at least two changes of direction, more preferably at least four changes of direction.

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In some of these embodiments of the disclosure, some or all the magnets that are part of the subsystem of magnets used to induce electrical current in the coils can also serve for at least part of the tuning of the natural oscillation frequency of the first part to wind speed.

  • The apparatus of claim 1 wherein the central core member is attached to a vessel
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YuMove Advance 360 Hip & Joint for Medium Dogs (70 Soft Chews) In some embodiments of the disclosure, the coils are arranged on the second part and the subsystem of magnets is arranged on the first part. In other embodiments of the disclosure, coils and magnets can be present in both the first generator module and the second generator module, etc. FIG. 16B illustrates a similar arrangement, but with only three magnets following each other in the vertical direction. On the other hand, additional magnets 702 or 703 are attached to the second generator module 400 at the top thereof, and arranged to interact with corresponding magnets 700 or 701 attached to the first part, in this case, to the the flexible part 12 of the pole 1. More specifically, these magnets 700 or 701 are arranged on a frame 705 attached to the flexible part 12, the frame comprising a plurality of arms (three arms in the embodiment shown in FIGS.