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6. These profiles generally have a top convex shaped surface to accelerate the flow of wind, and a lower flattened or concaved surface that tends to slightly decelerate the flow of wind past three surfaces. This is an important consequence when considering that the available power in a 35 mph wind approaches three times (2.74) the power available in a 25 mph wind, the top of the power generation curve for typical large rotor blade diameter wind turbines. FIG. 6 therefore illustrates schematically, a cross section of the flow of wind through turbine shroud 14 and through three additional shrouds or concentrator wings 12. Turbine shroud 14 serves to enclose impellor 16 which in turn serves to react with the wind flowing through turbine shroud 14 and drive power converter 22, not shown in this illustration, such as an alternator or generator. It is therefore a significant object of the present invention to introduce a flow regulator element installed in the downstream flow of air that is drawn through the turbine or smallest diameter shrouds so as to stabilize either the force of air flowing out of the turbine or smallest diameter shrouds or flowing through the impellor blades of the device.

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Lumbago y dolor de espalda: Causas, síntomas, tratamiento.. This principle is applied in invention 10 and it is an object of the invention to mount and support elements of invention 10 to present little obstruction to the higher speed wind flow upstream of components of invention 10, and, at once allow invention 10 to orient into the oncoming wind and preferably without the assistance of motor drives or ancillary wind direction sensing instruments. A main object of the present invention is to make improvements to wind energy conversion devices of this type, such that these devices have greater conversion efficiency, and are made more practical and cost efficient.

This natural phenomena is appreciated in wind turbines using multiple concentrator wings having spacings between the concentrator wings that allow the wind to flow freely through and past the concentrator wings and, exactly as does an aircraft wing, develop a field of low static pressure that is used to create lift for aircraft, and suction or vacuum for wind turbines having multiple flow-through shrouds or concentrator wings. The article states that an increase of 100% of the power of the turbine was achieved in low wind velocities and 55% in high wind velocities. Hodos’ work introduces the use of highly contrasting patterns in an attempt to reduce the ‘motion smear’, or motion blur that causes the rotor blades to appear nearly invisible to birds in flight which approach wind turbines or wind farms having wind turbines of this type. This latter example emphasizes the importance of reliable braking and back-up braking systems not only to prevent damage or destruction to the wind turbine and other wind turbines when within a wind farm, but as well to protect the public in the event of a catastrophic mechanical failure.

Dealers of wind equipment do however caution the use of such equipment within known or potential bird migratory routes, or within locations where threatened or endangered bird species live and nest. 3. To provide an impellor driveshaft that extends from the flow regulator in order to house the power converter within the flow regulator in order to reduce or eliminate the obstruction of an open or faired power converter that occurs when it is positioned within a high speed wind flow within a turbine shroud or concentrator wing. 4. To provide a simple and cost effective downwind guidance device or method to permit the present invention to orient appropriately into the oncoming wind such that the guidance system is presented downstream of the concentrator wings and impellor to increase wind energy extraction efficiency.

In the present age it is a simple matter to determine, using computer airflow simulation, that the flow of wind, similar to the flow of electricity, will seek the path of least resistance. To the point that it is effective, simple is surely better in the design of braking systems for wind turbines. Como dormir cuando tienes dolor de hombro . Essentially, the lower wing, in the biplane or triplane example, comparable to the largest diameter concentrator wing 12 in the example of invention 10, induces a lower static pressure region over the top surface of the wing that in turn causes an acceleration of the wind flow past the lower surface of the above wing, comparable to the second largest diameter concentrator wing 12 in the example of invention 10. This in turn causes an increased acceleration of the flow of wind over the top surface of this wing.

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Those skilled in the art of aeronautics will readily appreciate the interactions that occur when two or more aircraft wings are staged one above the other as in, for example, the Stearman biplane that continues to serve as a high load lifting agricultural spray aircraft, and the highly maneuverable Sopwith triplane of World War I service. In this example, the outer shroud or concentrator wing is referred to as the ‘vena contracta’, and includes a description of its function to induce a vacuum or low static pressure. As previously stated, shrouded wind turbines that do not include flow regulator 18 are not able to process these higher speed winds or even to provide a higher ratio of shroud diameter to impellor diameter without experiencing the stalling of the shrouds as described. 5. To provide a system that is safe to humans and wildlife and particular to birds in flight. 1. To provide a flow regulation device or method to increase the wind energy extraction efficiency of a wind turbine having one or more shrouds or concentrator wings especially in conditions of higher wind speeds.