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Es momento de descubrir la mejor manera de eliminar de una.. In general, if the restraining edge is convex, the attachment edge must be concave, and the attachment edge must have a greater curvature, and, therefore, smaller radius of curvature. One of ordinary skill in the art will appreciate that an edge having a high degree of curvature has a shorter radius of curvature than the radius of curvature of an edge having a lesser degree of curvature, i.e., curvature and radius of curvature are inversely related. Those of ordinary skill in the art may appreciate upon reading the present specification and viewing the present drawings that various modifications and variations may be made thereto without departing from the spirit of the invention.

FIG. 8B shows a schematic plan view of an undulating structure of the present invention formed from a rigid ring and a flexible right cylindrical stadium. This may, for instance, prevent the elastic sheet member from reverting to its original configuration, thereby preserving the deformations. The right circular cylindrical shell 165 may, for instance, be attached by its lower edge to an inner perimeter of the rigid ring 195. This may, for instance, be achieved by inserting the lower edge into a stopped groove on the inner perimeter of the ring. This may, for instance, ensure that a portion of the attached elastic sheet member 115 is under compression, and may therefore buckle to form the desired undulating structure.

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Department of Health and Human Services». The right elliptic cylinder 215 may, for instance, be made of a suitable elastic material, and have an upper edge 222 that is an ellipse, and may be congruent to a lower edge 220 of the right elliptic cylinder. These transverse deformations 125, may, for instance, be stabilized, or preserved, by suitably located stopping members.

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Un ente resiliente: #martesactivos..consejos para.. When joined, the elastic right circular cylindrical shell may buckle and deform to have one or more transverse deformations 125, thereby forming an undulating structure. The curved, rigid restraining member may also incorporate one or more stopping members that may serve to manage, or limit, the magnitude of the buckles, or transverse deformations. In alternate embodiments, the joining of the right circular cylindrical shell 165 to the rigid ring 195 may be achieved instead by one or more movable, passive stopping members, or by one or more active, stopping members, or some combination thereof. The actuator may, for instance, cause the stopped groove 135 end of the active stopping member 158 to rotate, or oscillate about an axis 159 of the active stopping member. 1) FIELD OF THE INVENTION The technical problem of creating undulating structures is inherent in, for instance, the branch of mechanical engineering in which passive, or actuated, devices create a prescribed, repetitive undulating motion, or effect, in order to either harness the kinetic energy of moving fluids, or to create the movement of the fluids themselves.