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The foregoing pendulum IWEC can be modified (not illustrated) by enclosing the inductor and armature into a waterproof casing. Stronger surface waves may be damped and their high-energy potential additionally utilized in a way similar to the one disclosed for the rotational IWEC. Additionally FIG.5b shows a drive portion of an IWEC coupled to the IWET. Ht0. The modified asymmetric rotational IWET comprises a plurality of coils 130 wound on core 120. Six such coils 130 are shown on FIG. In turn, platform 170 comprises a plurality of substantially vertical cylindrical through channels herein called necks (178), made so that the top opening of each neck 178 is situated on the upper surface of platform 170, and the bottom opening of the neck is situated in the aforesaid substantially horizontal plane with the top of hole 174. The diameter of neck 178 is less than the diameter of hole 174. The central vertical axis of hole 174 and the central vertical axis of neck 178 substantially coincide.

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About Us - JointFuel360 Official In cases of excessively powered waves, there might be an opposite necessity to bring the system to a state possibly far from the resonance, which may be done by changing the added mass, the flexibility, and the damping capability by aforesaid measures. The magnetic state and polarity alterations are caused by successive approaching and withdrawing of a row of movable magnets, disposed on an inductor, to and from teeth of the armature. 8b. Dolor de rodilla al caminar y subir escaleras . The coils of section A – 130Al, 130A2, 130A3, and 130A4 are switched on, but pulses of alternative electric current are induced (as described above), but only in the middle coils 130A2 and 130A3. The ending coils 130Al and 130A4 don’t carry electric current, since the ending (uppermost and lowermost) magnets 11OA don’t reach the zones of ending (uppermost and lowermost) teeth 120AE. The corresponding wiring pairs 134Al, 134A2, 134A3, and 134A4 are joined in one cable 131 generally connecting the wires with a rectifier (preferably in parallel), and further with an electrical load.

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The lesser the air gap between the magnets and teeth is, the more the reaction force is produced that absorbs the energy of the wave. 3a and 3b. An air gap (gl), shown on FIG. During a strong storm, sensor device 136S registers high velocity and acceleration of rod 150, and the control unit may switch coils 130B2 and 130B3 (the glB air gaps are involved) on, which will further decelerate the movement of rod 150, and simultaneously generate more electric power. During operation of the IWEC, the vertical reciprocating motion of the float caused by ocean wave movement is translated into the revolving of core 112 with magnets 110, within a predetermined angle relatively to core 120 with coils 130, thereby inducing intermittent EMF in coils 130 connected to the rectifier that outputs electric power into an electrical load.

An armature step length (Ls), consisting of the sum of the coil length in the longitudinal direction of the armature movement and the length of a tooth Wt, is shown on FIG. While the impeller turns a shaft within a predetermined angle, this movement can be conveyed to a hermetically sealed gear translating it into the swinging movement of the inductor, while the armature is fixed to the casing. For extra huge storms or hurricanes, it might be possible to switch the device off, and bind the armature and inductor together, and de-couple rod 150 and the driving float by a suitable mechanism. 8b. An elongated pushing rod (150), depicted on FIG. Some embodiments may comprise platform 170 with substantially horizontal water channels (153) between of each two neighboring holes 172 and for communication with the outside water body, surrounding platform 170, as depicted on FIG.

Platform 170 includes a plurality of substantially vertical and preferably identical cylindrical holes (174) provided in the body of platform 170, wherein the lower opening of each hole 174 is situated on the underside surface of the platform body, and the top of each hole 174 is positioned in a substantially horizontal plane situated predeterminedly lower the upper surface of the platform body. Referring to FIG. 10, there is shown an isometric view of an embodiment of MP-IWECS comprising a plurality of platforms (170), anchored to a mooring subsystem, wherein the construction of the platform and the mooring system is preferably identical to the one described in the previous IWECS embodiment. The reservoir should be of sufficient size and depth, and the platform(s) should be of sufficient dimensions, that will essentially create a dyke-like construction (not illustrated) around the reservoir. 9. Anchors 158 may for instance have a plate-like shape upwardly concaved (not shown in the drawings) to use an “added” inertial water mass for anchoring.

Accordingly, the natural frequency of the system may be changed, e.g. Channels 153 with valves 156 may be used for changing of the natural frequency of platform 170 with the anchoring subsystem (usually including the anchors, frame, tide-down cables, and adapters), in order to better adjust the parameter to the changing wavelength, and thereby increase the efficiency of wave energy conversion. Dolor de espalda muscular . If the beginning of a first coil 130 is connected with the end of a second (neighboring) coil 130 and the end of the first coil is connected to the beginning of the second coil, then currents in both coils have the same phase, and a frequency ten times higher than the input sea wave frequency. 7c (only three coils 130 are exemplarily shown to be connected to the buses). 8a, 8b. Cooling pockets 133 of all the coils are sequentially communicated by through cooling channels (139). The first section of the embodiment, as illustrated on FIG.