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Referring to FIG. 6, it is most evident that each blade structure 12 includes a vertically disposed blade or sail 16 that extends both above and below the associated spoke l4 and is pivotally secured thereto by the pin 13 adjacent the center portion of the sail. Accordingly, it will be evident that a detailed description of one such assembly 11 will apply equally to the others. The rotor assembly shafts 15 extend upwardly from supports therefor in the nature of elongated, longitudinally extending casings 22, one on each side of the apparatus 10, and which casings are hollow. In FIG. 4, the casing 22 along each side of the apparatus 10 is shown to be supported above the associated pontoon 30 via a plurality of short columns 40. Also in this figure, a plurality of angularly disposed braces 41 are interconnected with the hollow columns 35 to stabilize the same adjacent the lower ends thereof.

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It will be appreciated that there are four such assemblies (two in each tier) along each side of the apparatus 10. It should be emphasized that the direction of rotation for any rotor assembly 11 remains constant irrespective of the direction of tidal flow so that any rotor assembly will be displacedangularly in the same direction irrespective of a flow reversal in the direction of movement of the tidal flow acting on such rotor assemblies. 12 portion of said blades travel in a direction generally against the current. Torque is obtained from the water acting against each blade throughout more than 180 of its arcuate travel around the axis of the shaft as a result of a specialized orientation enforced on each blade by stop pieces engaged by the blade adjacent the end of its downstream power stroke.

The device comprises a plurality of radially extending arms attached to the rotor of a sealed electric generator, and each arm pivotally carries a paddle having a geometry enabling it to be opened when moving with water current and to be closed when moving against water current. Each rotor assembly 11 includes a plurality of impeller blade structures 12 pivotally interconnected by means ofa hinge or pivot pin 13 to a radially extending spoke 14 that projects outwardly from a center shaft 15 that defines the axis of rotation for the rotor assembly, all as is shown best in FIGS. Concerning interruption in pivotal movement of the blade 16 about the pivot pin 13 associated therewith, the blade is adapted to have its extreme angular positions respectively defined by abutment in one direction with the radial spoke 14 associated therewith or by abutment in the opposite direction with a stop or abutment section 18 carried by each spoke adjacent the outer end thereof and disposed at an angular orienta- 4 tion relative to the radial axis ofthe spoke.

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Assume that for some reason the assembly 11 rotates slightly in a clockwise direction about the vertical axis of the shaft so that the spoke 14 now lying along the Y-axis is offset therefrom and is angularly disposed relative to the direction of water flow. 5, as the blade structure 120 is displaced in a clockwise direction about its pivot axis 13 by water action thereon. Each spoke has a hinged impeller blade which by its automatic positioning relative to its spoke maximizes the surface area of the blade acted on by the water current through a part of the rotor displacement and minimizes such surface area through other parts of the displacement, thereby producing the necessary asymmetrical force required to produce rotation. Dolor de rodilla y cadera . The angular orientation of the abutment section 18 of each spoke may vary depending. Each blade 16 is equipped along the free vertical edge thereof in alignment with the associated spoke 14 with a bumper or.

1 and 3, the base or foundation 29 includes a plurality of elongated, longitudinally extending pontoons 30, there being four such pontoons arranged in essentially side-by-side pairs disposed along the longitudinal edge portions of the apparatus and defining such edge portions thereof. In the specific form of the invention being considered, the longitudinally extending rows are disposed along the longitudinal edge portions of the apparatus and along the longitudinal center thereof, and each row comprises two tiers. 5 illustrates two tiers of rotor assemblies, and shows that the blade-and-spoke structures of two vertically juxtaposed rotor assemblies may be angularly offset from each other by 45, the components of the lower rotor assembly are depicted with’ the primed form of the same numerals for purposes of differentiation.