Collector Box 205 Comprises Guides 205.2

El Chapeaurouge y el colegio Silvia Machicote expresaron.. 1, wheel 100 comprises spoke arms 101 having first ends 101.1 and second ends 101.2, wherein first ends 101.1 are fixably attached normal to hub 106 such that second ends 101.2 extend outwardly. Balls 300, under gravitational force 600, exert downward force on spoke arms 101, causing rotation of wheel 100, wherein wheel 100 subsequently rotates axial shaft 103. Axial shaft 103 is in rotational communication with electrical generator 400 and/or gear mechanism 105, thereby selectively providing electrical and/or mechanical power. Timing mechanism 212 regulates feeding of balls 300 from top 200.1 of buoyancy shaft 200. Timing mechanism 212 comprises ball feeder 212.2, overflow shaft 212.3, and spoke proximity sensor 212.4. During operation, balls 300 are carried by fluid 206 and exit top 200.1 of buoyancy shaft 200 via floatation, traveling to release mechanism 212.5. Ball feeder 212.2 and release mechanism 212.5 are paced and controlled by spoke proximity sensor 212.4, wherein spoke proximity sensor senses wheel spoke 101 position, releasing and delivering balls 300 onto spokes 101. Ball feeder 212.2 controls the speed of sealed shaft gravity-buoyancy generator 10, as best shown in FIG.

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Remedio para la migraña y los síntomas (con imágenes.. At the end of rotation, ball 300 releases from cup 102 and drops into weight collector box 205, wherein momentum causes ball 300 to pass sequentially through gate 208, returning ball 300 to hermetically-sealed double-shaft box 214 via entry shaft 209, and wherein ball 300 is carried upwards within hermetically-sealed double-shaft box 214 to ascend to top 200.1 of shaft 200 by buoyant force 500 created by displacement of the volume of ball 300 in fluid 206 (Archimedes Law), traveling selectively through either first buoyancy column 214.1 or second buoyancy column 214.2 and ascending to top 200.1 to be dropped again by timing mechanism 212. Buoyancy columns 214.1 and 214.2, and tanks 217, 218 provide operational switching within buoyancy shaft 200, closing buoyancy column 214.1 while buoyancy column 214.2 is open and vice versa, wherein buoyancy column 214.1 allows the transit of balls 300 to top 200.1, and wherein a steady level 207 of fluid is maintained within collector box 205. Fluid level within buoyancy shaft 200 is maintained through tanks 217 and 218, wherein tanks 217 and 218 adjust for fluid volumes by increasing or decreasing fluid 206 in column 214.1 and 214.2, respectively.

Medical center 3, collector box 205 comprises sensor 203, dry gate hinge 208.1, dry gate 208, dry chamber 210, fluid 206, doorstop 211 and fluid level sensor 213.9. Collector box 205 comprises guides 205.2, wherein guides 205.2 facilitate and direct entry of balls 300 into collector box 205. Collector box 205 is in fluid communication with entry chamber 209 of buoyancy shaft 200, wherein entry chamber 209 has fluid 206 contained therewithin. 3), buoyancy shaft 200 comprises hermetically-sealed double-shaft box 214, first tank 217, second tank 218 and top 200.1, wherein top 200.1 comprises level 219 of fluid 206, and fluid level sensor 213.3. Hermetically-sealed double-shaft box 214, first tank 217, and second tank 218 have fluid 206 contained therewithin. Dolor en la parte delantera de la pierna . Dry gate 208 is pivotally attached to arm 213.16, wherein arm 213.16 moves piston 213.26 within cylinder 213.15. Air within cylinder 213.15 is expelled through one-way valve 213.17 and is stored within tank 213.14. Cylinder 213.15, piston 213.26, arm 213.16 and one-way valve 213.17 provide for capture storage of additional energy in the form of air pressure as balls 300 fall into collector box 205 via dry gate 208. However, dry gate 208, cylinder 213.15, piston 213.26, arm 213.16 and one-way valve 213.17 may be selectively utilized in the practice of the present invention.

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9, first tank 217 comprises first tank gauge 217.6 in fluid communication therewith and first diaphragm 217.1 disposed therewithin, wherein first diaphragm 217.1 is moved via air entering first drive chamber 217.20 via first control air line 217.2. First diaphragm 217.1 comprises a resilient elastic material. 1-9, the present invention in a preferred embodiment is gravity-buoyancy generator 10 comprising wheel 100, electrical generator 400, balls 300, collector box 205, and buoyancy shaft 200, wherein collector box 205 and buoyancy shaft 200 have fluid 206 disposed therewithin. Level 207 of fluid 206 is achieved and maintained by creating negative pressure inside J-shaped vessel 201, wherein J-shaped vessel 201 comprises collector box 205 and either buoyancy column 214.1 or buoyancy column 214.2, depending upon whichever column 214.1 or 214.2 has its lower slicegate valve 216.2 or 216.1, respectively, open.

Collecting mode is set by closing valve 215.1 and opening valve 216.2 (as best shown in FIG. 7, illustrated therein are the operational details of slicegate valves 215.1, 215.2, 216.1 and 216.2 by reference to slicegate valve 215.1 as an exemplar. Level 207 increases every time balls 300 are dropped into weight collector box 205, wherein level 219 drops every time balls 300 exit top 200.1 of buoyancy shaft 200. To adjust levels 207 and 219, fluid must be transferred from one fluid chamber 217.21 or 218.21 to the other fluid chamber 218.21 or 217.21, respectively, to stabilize the volume of fluid 206 until the active buoyancy column 214.1 or 214.2 is full with balls 300; therefore, controller 220 must sense and/or measure the quantity and rate of passing of balls 300 through buoyancy shafts 214.1 and 214.2 in device 214 via sensors 213.7 and 213.8, and controller 220 must actuate air valves 213.4 and 213.5, respectively, providing air pressure to synchronously actuate slicegate valves 215.1 and 216.1 together as a set, while slicegate valves 215.2 and 216.2 act together as a separate set.

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During column changeover, each set of slicegate valves 215.1, 216.2 and 215.2, 216.1 must first be closed before the other set is energized. The operating process of the present system and method requires a source of compressed air to transfer air from one diaphragm into the other diaphragm, thereby controlling the fluid level at the bottom and the top of the shaft. Many modifications and other embodiments of the invention will come to mind to one skilled in the art to which this invention pertains having the benefit of the teachings presented in the foregoing descriptions and the associated drawings. Dolor de riñon o muscular . Tanks 217 and 218 compensate for volume changes in fluid 206 volume that occur when balls 300 enter or exit fluid 206 in buoyancy shaft 200. As balls 300 enter collector box 205, level 207 of fluid 206 will rise, and similarly, as balls 300 exit from buoyancy shaft 200 at top 200.1 thereof, level 219 of fluid 206 will fall.