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22. An electromechanical power generating machine as claimed in claim 21, wherein said toothed rack is formed at the lower portion of a reinforcing member applied to the lower portion of said sliding door, said sliding door having a width equivalent to substantially twice the width of said channeling passage and being slidable on guide means extending substantially throughout the width of the machine. The blade 305 located in the channeling pas sage formed between walls 324 and 325, with its corresponding driving devices, the shaft 24, the eccentric and pawl 38 and ratchet wheel 39, is connected through its back projection to the main wheel 307, by means of the link 309, in position for starting its useful rotation through The blade 306 is arranged to alternate with blade 305 and will therefore be in horizontal position, having its channeling passage (between walls 325 and 326) closed and with the link 310 connecting it with the respective main wheel 308 in its -90 extreme lower position.

FIG. 6 shows the flywheel 23 with the transmission 163 for starting the electric generator 164 illustrated in FIG. FIG. 10 is a sectional view taken along the lines CC in FIG. FIG. 9 is a sectional view taken along the lines AA in FIG. FIG. 11 is a sectional view taken along the lines B-B in FIG. The respective mechanisms connecting said pairs of dynamic elements ‘with the shaft 24 are located between the walls 326, 327; 329, 330 and 332, 333 and are not visible in the perspective view of FIG. It will be seen that in this twin unit the connecting and disconnecting mechanisms remain on the outside, at either side of the respective channeling passages. The quill 20 carrying the blade 109 abuts against the wall 108 and extends through the wall 5, said outwardly extending portion of the quill having fixed thereto the mechanisms for connecting and disconnecting same with respect to the shaft 24 and which have already been described with reference to FIG.

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The aforesaid complete revolution is transmitted by the shaft 54 to the toothed Wheel 56, which is substantially similar to the toothed wheel 55. Through the intermediary pinion 50, said complete revolution is in turn transmitted to the ring gear 60, similar to the toothed wheel 56, which will thus rotate in the same direction. During each useful movement of about 90, the annular member 59, which is actuated by the gear system described above, will rotate anticlockwise through 360 or for a complete revolution. 10) meshing with the rack 242 corresponding to the door 233 and rotating clockwise to close the channeling passage of blade 191 and opening the passage of blade 190. The reciprocating movement of the secondary wheel 205 due to the action of blade 190′ on wheel 195 will cause a like and opposite movement, the connecting rod 209 moving the toothed sector in the opposite direction or from right to left, whereby the entire device will cause an anticlockwise rotation of toothed wheel 232 and thus the alternating and synchronized movement of the door in the opposite direction.

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10. An electromechanical power generating machine as claimed in claim 8, wherein said sliding door means comprises a sliding door in combination with a toothed rack and crown system adapted for moving said door by means of slotted eccentric means controlling said system and associated with said mechanism controlled by said drive shaft. 25. Dolor en las articulaciones de todo el cuerpo . An electromechanical power generating machine as claimed in claim 24, wherein said connecting rod moved by said slotted secondary wheel is oppositely connected to said unequal armed member, whereby said sliding door can be altematingly and synchronously moved in both directions. Arranged parallel to the drive shaft 24 and located at the rear and lower portion of the machine, there is a reciprocating shaft 194 mounted in suitable bearings located in both side compartments, so that the shaft 194 extends substantially throughout the width of the machine, as does the drive shaft 24. Keyed to the shaft 194 are all of the wheels corresponding to the blade reciprocating system, i.e., the wheels connected direct y wtih the dynamic elements, which will be termed main wheels, and the secondary wheels.

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The operation of this twin unit is similar to that described in connection with the single unit, inasmuch as it is responsive to the samemechanical system, with a single sliding door, but the result is potentially twice that of the single unit, with the advantage of a continuous drive of the shaft 24 due to the alternative and complementary effect of both dynamic blades 109 and 110. With the sliding door 18 in the position shown in FIG. 1 and 2, the machine is installed, as a unit, by means of structures adapted to the different applications thereof and shown as comprising pillars 1 and beams, bracings or ribs 2 supporting the lower plane, surface or base 26 on which the machine is erected. The upper guide 72 is a rail similar to the guide 17 and is oppositely mounted on the lower face of the structure 12, 13 in the angle formed by the front walls 10, said rail being engaged by the upper edge of the door 18 and the wheels 71 also bearing on the front edge of the guide.

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Within said front housing is a gear chamber formed by’walls 135, 136, 14, 15 and 16 and within which is a base 140 on which there are mounted bearings 47, 48 and 57, FIG. The operation of the machine of this embodiment is similar to that described for a unit comprising two dynamical elements in the event of a multiple unit formed by a plurality of dynamic elements acting on a common drive shaft, as shown in FIG. Referring now to the unit including two dynamic elements comprising blades and 191, FIGS.

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Dolor de espalda en el embarazo - EMBARAZOYMAS The conventional utilization of wind, river streams and sea waves (which excludes waterfalls and cataracts) has been based on a system of blades fixed to a shaft, which suffer the impulsion irregularities in the production of a mechanical work. El cancer de seno produce dolor en la espalda . 1 and which is included in all of the embodiments of the present invention. FIG. 6 shows, by way of example, a machine having six dynamic elements mounted on one drive shaft 24 common to all of them (multiple unit). The multiple unit machine requires the use of as many sliding doors as pairs of channeling passages are provided, and all doors should operate in unison, moved by the closing mechanism as described above in connection with FIG. The front and rear walls of said parallelepipedic body are equal and U-shaped, so as to close completely the lower half of the front and back thereof, indicated at and 1 43, also closing the compartments I and III of the upper half of said body by means of the front wall 10 and the rear walls 141, 142, whereby the upper half of the compartment II will remain open at the front and back, in the form of a central passage, between partitions 4 and 5, the top wall 8 and an intermediate wall 7 separating said compartment from the rest of the machine body.

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The devices for driving the shaft 24 which have been described so far are located in the compartment III of the machine, defined by the top Wall 8, base 26, partr tion 5 and side wall 6 and maintained hermetically closed. Cl. 6022 31 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A power generating machine, adapted to be actuated by natural fluid currents and waves, having enclosed fluid driven reciprocating members driving a shaft and gate means for periodically admitting fluid to act on the reciprocating members. In this manner, when the blade passes from the vertical position shown in full lines to a horizontal position (shown in broken lines in FIG. 10) meshed with the rack, particularly when the door reaches the maximum movement to the left as shown in FIG. 2, and with a suitable construction of the open sector of the semi-ring in the plate member 67, the projection 74 will move free of the arm 157, whereby the annular member 59 will advance on member 67 due to the pressure of the spring 62 and the pin 66 will enter the space comprised between said arm 157 and the lever arm 65 and engage the latter arm, whereby the clockwise rotation of the member 59 will move the lever arm 65 to its extreme right position, overcoming the action of the spring 76, and causing the movement of the sliding door 18 on the wheels and rails thereof until the front inlet end of the channeling passage is closed.

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Flekosteel Bolivia, precio, componentes, comentarios.. The door 233 is substantially twice a wide as the access opening of either of the two channeling passages, this construction being the most suitable for insuring the full closure of each passage before the other passage is opened, and also affords more time for the corresponding discharge of the fluid mass. 6. These members, designated with the reference numerals 117, 118 and 119 are identical and the adjacent curved sides of any two adjacent members will converge towards the alternatingly open passages and will cooperate with the arcuate surfaces 16 and 13 to channel, concentrate and make best use of the natural fluid currents. The right-hand side connecting rod 209 will act by the thrust of member 255, whereas the connecting rod 240, in the reverse operation, will act by the pull of member 277, in view of the sym metrical connection of said connecting rods relative to members 255 and 277. This will produce a reciprocating movement of the respective sets of wires and, therefore, of the sliding door 233, whereby the access passages to the’blades will be opened and closed in an alternating and synchronized manner.