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Dolor de cabeza por el aire frío Each flexible connector is further associated with a peripheral aperture 652 which allows the said flexible connector to pass to the water beneath the flotation module near its location of interface with its associated power-take-off pulley e.g. In some embodiments, a heavier gauge of chain or cable is used near a dangling end 654. In other embodiments, no change in gauge is used. This placement of the roller, and the ribbon cable rotatably connected to it, in a condition of constant submersion facilitates the avoidance and/or prevention of corrosion on and/or within those components.

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Artículos de Primeros Auxilios y Equipo Ortopédico - Stamsor The figure shows both above-surface and below-surface components of the converter, as do most perspective views in this disclosure. 1 shows a side view of an embodiment of the present disclosure. In the embodiment shown, the walls of inertial mass 1-140 almost entirely enclose an approximately spherical volume of water 1-141. The walls of inertial mass 1-140 are thin, largely rigid, and largely impermeable. As flotation module 201 moves down following the passage of a wave crest, it stops pulling up against the relatively immobile inertial damping mass 217, and restoring mass 207 falls thereby removing any slack in flexible connector portions 204 and/or 205. Vessel 217 falls under the influence of gravity too. One end of its cables or ribbon cables may be attached to one or more rollers and those cables or ribbon cables may be “rewound” in order to remove slack from the cable during the buoy’s descent by a motor, e.g.

In some embodiments, the buoyant flotation module has a curved bottom surface that approximately, and at least partially, defines an arc of a circle with respect to at least one vertical cross section, enabling the flotation module to freely rotate in the water (as if borne on a bearing), within the plane of the vertical cross-section in which the buoyant flotation module has a curved bottom surface, to correct misalignments in the fleet angle(s) of the converter’s flexible connector(s) (discussed in greater detail below). While inertial mass is compelled by the excessive downward gravitational force of weights 142-143 to follow weights 142-143, and, by extension, the flotation module 131 to which they are connected, as they accelerate downward (following the wave’s downward acceleration), it is not compelled to decelerate with them. Typically, individual direction rectifying pulleys are configured to rotate about an axis that is nearly collinear with the top groove of a power-take-off pulley with which the individual direction rectifying pulley is associated.

Evitar el dolor de oídos al correr con frío y viento con.. In other words, the directional rectifying pulleys reduce the wear and damage to their respective cables that would be expected to result from their respective cables’ movements over the circumferential “edges” of the pulleys. In this way, the directional rectifying pulleys reduce the wear and damage to their respective cables that would be expected to result from their respective cables’ movements around them at excessive “fleet angles,” i.e.

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However, in this embodiment, the torque on each pulley is regulated and/or controlled so as to continuously “point” the buoy’s inertial mass alignment axis toward the center of the inertial mass 406. As a result, in most circumstances, the lengths of cable segments 402 and 403 will remain equal, i.e. 1) aligned, i.e. so as to minimize the degree to which, and the duration during which, the vertical axis of the buoy fails to pass through the inertial mass’ approximate center of mass, or, put differently, the bottom of the buoy fails to point at the inertial mass. Another end and/or part of depending connector 1-150 can then descend through aperture 1-115 and be connected at 1-161 to restoring weight 1-160. One end of depending connector 1-150 is connected to inertial mass 1-140 and the other end is connected to restoring weight 1-160. An intermediate portion of depending connector 1-150 is operatively connected to pulley/capstan 1-125, e.g.

88. Note that the cable 1011 is aligned with a plane at 1017, and normal to the page, that is coplanar with the pulley’s plane of rotation. An embodiment with a negatively buoyant inertial mass 279 will typically be associated with a restoring weight 278 that is heavier than the restoring weight 279 associated with a positively buoyant inertial mass 279, although this is not required, nor a limitation herein. Remedios caseros para el dolor de espalda y cuello . 11, that connect the two, the buoy tends to rotate so as to preserve a buoy-specific longitudinal axis that is coaxial with the vertical longitudinal axis of the inertial mass, and/or which passes through the inertial mass’s center of mass. Each ribbon cable, e.g., 610, connects the inertial mass 616 to a roller, e.g., 606, on the buoy 600, passing through a ribbon-specific aperture, e.g. Such differences in countertorque or resistance can be created and/or provided and/or effectuated by varying the excitation of field coils in a generator; by power electronics and control circuits that reduce the load experienced by the generator or that otherwise modulate the generator’s behavior (e.g., back-to-back AC/DC converters, and/or a machine-side converter, a grid-side converter and control circuits); by varying the engagement of an electromagnetic or mechanical or hydraulic clutch or valve assembly; or by other means.

120. This figure illustrates the relative diameter of flexible connectors 121-4 passing around drum 121-3. The diameter of drum 121-3 should be at least 50 times larger than the diameter of flexible connectors 121-4 to resist fatigue and ensure their longevity. One side of shaft 20-9 can interface to gearbox/generator module 20-12. One gearbox/generator module is shown per shaft 20-9, however a gearbox/generator module 20-12 could be utilized on both sides of shaft 20-9. Rotative motion of drum 20-3 causes shafting within gearbox/generator module 20-12 to rotate, subsequently increasing the drum shaft 20-9 RPM and feeding higher RPM rotative motion into a generator within module 20-12 to produce electricity. Dolor de cabeza y cansancio muscular . PTO system 503-2 is shown to include drum 503-5. Connected to drum 503-5 is crankshaft-driven piston assembly 503-6. Assembly 503-6 can be manufactured as an integral unit suitable for installing in the flotation module as unit, e.g. And/or, countertorque can be controlled by providing an electromagnetic and/or mechanical clutch that transmits different amounts of shaft 1-122’s torque to the generator at different times, subject to a control system.