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¿Cuál es dolor nociceptivo? The supplementary hydrostatic-pressure depth-control system is preferably located within the streamlined torpedo-shaped buoyancy tank and comprises a pressure switch and a pipe system having two parts, the first part of the piping system to transfer ballast water from the front compartment to the rear compartment. The submersible electrical power generating plant can generate electricity from ocean currents while causing virtually no harm to sea animals. The third connecting means 12, 13, 14, 15, 25 and 26 are long enough to ensure the submersible electrical power generating structure 1 having the center of buoyancy 221 located above the center of gravity 222. The first nacelle 17 is securely mounted to the bottom side 232 of the streamlined torpedo-shaped buoyancy tank 11 through a first connecting means 13 and 14. The second nacelle 27 is securely mounted to the bottom side 232 of the streamlined torpedo-shaped buoyancy tank 1 1 through a second connecting means 25 and 26. The pair of watertight nacelles 17 and 27 is located sufficiently far apart to provide clearance for the pair of side-by-side counter-rotating full-bladed water turbine rotors 16 and 28. FIG.

The front and rear compartments are pressurizeable via the superior located vent holes and certain pressurizing means. The front and rear compartments are preferably separated by bulkheads and comprise superior located vent holes. A further feature of the current submersible electric power plant invention is that it makes possible their efficient installation and recovery.

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FIG. 15 shows a top view six submersible electrical power generating plants 1 attached to the anchor lines 3. Electrical connecting cable 5 is attached to the bottom of said anchor lines 3. FIGS. 6, which is a view of the right nacelle 27 of the inventions shown in FIGS. 7, which is a view of the center support section of the inventions shown in FIGS.

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Архивы Health - MyHpBlog Although it is possible for the velocity of a fluid passing through a vertical turbine’s sweep area to be increased somewhat by using these devices, tests have shown that the turbines’ input can be increased at much lower cost by simply increasing the rotors’ diameters. Also the invention has no means of balancing changing downward vector forces that would result from changes in drag, caused by changes in either the current velocity or changes in the generator loads acting on the downward angled anchor line. Figure No. 14c is a third depiction of a water purging system of the present invention showing a compartment drained of water and the buoyant ball dropped to the bottom of the special valve to stop the air flow to conserve pressures to empty the water from other compartments. A second planetary gear system is either attached to a third planetary gear system or to helical gears, depending on the revolutions and torque of the shaft coming from the first stage.

The submersible electrical power generating plant has a submersible electrical power generating structure 1, which is below the water’s surface 2 tethered by an anchor line 3, and above the sea floor 9. An underwater electrical extension cable 4 and an underwater linking cable 43 carries the electricity between the submersible electrical power generating plant 1 to an electricity gathering cable 5, which is neutrally buoyant, that crosses under the anchor lines to collect the electricity from many other similar generating devices. The center point is located slightly forward of and below the center of drag of the submersible electrical power generating structure.

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The streamlined torpedo-shaped buoyancy tank has a vertical tail fin capable of improving directional stability of the submersible electrical power generating structure. Dolor de espalda alta y torax . Because the anchor lines attach directly ahead of the center of drag, the canted wing tips would have little effect on stability. Because they would operate best under steady loads and because their operating costs would be virtually zero that power they produce that is in excess of that required by the grid can be used to produce energy in other forms. The submersible electrical power generating structure, made of carbon fiber composites and other non-corroding plastics, has a superior located center of buoyancy (the center of gravity of that water being displaced), an inferior located center of gravity and a center of drag (that point where sum of all the drag forces caused by every exposed part of an object moving through a fluid are balanced).

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The power generating structure preferably has a superior located center of buoyancy, an inferior located center of gravity, a center of drag, a streamlined torpedo-shaped buoyancy tank. The ballast water purging system is cooperatively associated with the torpedo- shaped buoyancy tank and preferably comprises a plurality of drain holes, separate pipes, separate special valves that permit only liquid to pass, separate conventional valves, and a common master conduit or pipe that goes to the front end of the streamlined torpedo- shaped buoyancy tank where the common pipe turns downward at a right angle downward. This device depends on buoyancy and a weight on the bottom to maintain the proper depth. If a tethered generating power plant is to maintain a uniform depth, any changes in the downward vector forces must be balanced be equal opposing forces.

U.S. Pat. No. 4,219,303 issued to Mouton is a tethered unit with a pair of axle- less, counter-rotating, co-axial turbine wheels having ring rims that bear against friction drive wheels which turn one or more electrical generators that are contained in water- tight rooms within the wall of a nozzle or shroud that surround the periphery of the turbines. Each of the pair of watertight nacelles is connected to one of the pair of horizontal water turbine axis. Rodilleras para dolor de rodilla . FIG. 10 shows the piping system used to adjust the ballast in the buoyancy tank 11. Each of the five separate compartments 68, 77, 101, 80, and 69 have watertight hatches 261 located on the top side 231 of the streamlined torpedo-shaped buoyancy tank 11, through which measured quantities of ballast water can be added to each of the plurality of compartments 68, 77, 101, 80, and 69. There are vent holes 255 located at the tops of the bulkheads 360 to allow the air pressures in the plurality of compartments to equalize.

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This is what makes the Gulf Stream and the Kuroshio such powerful currents. This can be obtained by calculating the blades’ sweep area and multiplying that quantity by the distance the fluid travels in one second. This can include the charging of batteries to power vehicles and the production of hydrogen. A problem with this approach is that, although the purpose of the generator is to capture kinetic energy to maximize power output, it controls the depth by reducing that output. The invention consists of two counter-rotating, water turbines with a plurality of rotor blades extending radially outward from two separate horizontal axis that convey the kinetic energy from the two side-by-side rear-facing turbine rotors through separate speed-increasing gearboxes to separate generators that are housed in separate watertight nacelles that are located sufficiently far apart to provide clearance for the turbine rotors.

It is a further object of the current invention to provide a submersible electrical power generating plant having low parasite drag (that drag that does not contribute to the capturing of energy or providing lift) and which a high percentage of the horizontal drag forces are from that kinetic energy that is actually converted into electricity. If the electricity from the grid that magnetizes the generators’ stators is switched off, the ability of the generators to produce electricity stops, which will allow the turbine rotors to spin with little resistance, which will, in turn, reduce the horizontal drag. The side-by-side turbines and generators rotate in opposite directions so that the torque effect produced by one turbine and generator that would otherwise spin the unit in the direction opposite to the rotating turbine is canceled by the opposite and equal torque from the other turbine. Every kilowatt-hour of electricity that is generated by water, wind, and other renewable-energy sources can replace the same unit of electricity that is presently being generated by burning fossil fuels.

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The electrical extension cable must also be attached along its length to the anchor line so that the lower end of the electrical extension cable will be near the underwater junction box to which it will later be reconnected when the submersible electrical power generating plant is returned to service. Con que se quita el dolor muscular . It is a further object of the current invention to provide a submersible electrical power generating plant designed to facilitate the efficient simultaneous submersions of many of the submersible electric power generating plants that have been assembled into strings while floating on the surface by throwing an electric switch.

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Wind turbines that generate electric power usually have two or three long, narrow rotor blades. Unlike the wind turbines that can operate on hot summer days, the water turbines would operate in water having temperatures of about 70° Fahrenheit. The problem with mounting the generating devices on platforms is that the strongest currents are located near the surface where the depths are usually greater than 1,200 feet and mounting the generating devices high above the ocean floor on giant structures would be extremely costly. The inefficiencies of all these vertical shafted turbines can be compared to using paddle wheels for propelling boats rather than modern propellers, except they would be worse because the top blades of a boat’s paddle wheel meets far less resistance when moving forward through the air than would those blades of a vertical-shafted water turbine blades moving against the much denser water.