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These machines as well must be entirely shut down, rotor blades brought to a complete stop, at wind speeds about 45 to 50 mph. Rotor blade driven wind turbines pose a particular hazard to raptors, or birds of prey, many species of which are classified as endangered. The use of markings and colorings may also improve the blending of embodiments of invention 10 within other highly textured natural landscapes without creating a hazard for birds in flight. As well, the added weight increases the demands made on the braking system itself and adds to the hazard should a component failure occur. 6. To provide a system that generates a low degree of vibration and noise to be more suitable for installation within both rural and urban environments and attached to man-made buildings and structures. 7. To provide a system that is able to extract energy from higher speed winds and that has a higher shut-down wind speed limit that shroud-less wind turbines of popular designs.

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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The demand for alternative or renewable energy sources has dramatically increased during the last decade of the 20th century and continues in the new millennium. The conversion of wind energy to usable electrical energy is generally considered to be the most promising source of renewable energy for the 21st century. An article prepared by a group of the University of Udine published in the journal of Renewable Energy (February, 2003) by Dr. H. Grassmann et al., is entitled “A Partially Static Turbine-first experimental results”.

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It is clear that a more wildlife and habitat friendly wind energy conversion device is demanded. 2 and 3. Retainer 28 then connects with collar 36 that is free to slide along lee support 32. Tengo dolor en la parte baja de la espalda . Turbine shroud 14 is also connected to struts 40, one of which is illustrated in each of FIGS. This principle is applied in invention 10 and it is an object of the invention to mount and support elements of invention 10 to present little obstruction to the higher speed wind flow upstream of components of invention 10, and, at once allow invention 10 to orient into the oncoming wind and preferably without the assistance of motor drives or ancillary wind direction sensing instruments.

7A and FIG. 7B, care must also be taken to ensure that riser 42, which provides support to swivel 34 and as well extends elements of invention 10 into a freer unobstructed flow of wind, is mounted typically parallel to the local gravitational lines. The wind turbine however is a passive device that must allow, rather than resist, the flow of wind through the turbine. FIG. 2 provides a cross-sectional view of elements of invention 10 and in particular illustrates an adjustment of the proximity of turbine shroud 14 to flow regulator 18. FIG. 7B are duplications of FIG.

2, in conditions where the wind is not overly gusting or overly high speed, invention 10 will maintain a non-aerobraked condition with one of collar 36 pressing against compression spring 24. FIG. 1994) is another example of a mechanical braking scheme that allows the rotor blades to deflect backwards and in the direction of the wind flow under gusting or overwind conditions.

The powerful stream of air that is drawn by suction through the smallest diameter shrouds forces directly downstream and interferes with the flow of wind over and between the concentrator wings that are attempting to flow the wind outwards, away from the central axis. Aerobrake 20 therefore includes flow regulator 18 and turbine shroud 14 and an adjustment of the proximity between flow regulator 18 and turbine shroud 14 to prevent impellor 16 or other components of invention 10 from overspeeding or exceeding other design limitations in gusting or very high speed winds. As will be disclosed, this very property of inducing drag or restricting the wind flow exiting turbine shroud 14 may be used beneficially in invention 10 to provide aerodynamic braking in order to protect components of the present invention in conditions of gusting or very high speed winds. The smaller turbines allowed by shrouded designs generally run at higher rpm’s but can develop tremendous power depending on the size and number of concentrator wings used.

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This is an important consequence when considering that the available power in a 35 mph wind approaches three times (2.74) the power available in a 25 mph wind, the top of the power generation curve for typical large rotor blade diameter wind turbines. Ganas de vomitar y dolor de espalda . This configuration of multiple aircraft wings is used generally where higher lift and lower stall speeds are desired when it is necessary to limit the overall span of the wings to increase maneuverability of the aircraft.

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TATUAJES ELEGANTES EN ESPALDA BAJA PARA MUJERES.. The venturi is a commonly understood device used to develop a drop in static fluid pressure, air in this case considered to be the fluid, and thereby increase the flow velocity in the restriction or neck of the venturi. The terms of ‘air’ and ‘wind’ are used throughout this application to denote a fluid as it is understood and defined in the art and practice of fluid dynamics. 1. To provide a flow regulation device or method to increase the wind energy extraction efficiency of a wind turbine having one or more shrouds or concentrator wings especially in conditions of higher wind speeds.

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In theory, and in practice, the highest energy extraction efficiency occurs when the wind is decelerated immediately downstream of a wind turbine to about ⅓ of its original free flowing velocity. As first glance, the introduction of such a device as flow regulator 18 may appear to impede the flow of air out of turbine shroud 14 and potentially reduce the available power of wind driving impellor 16. Experimentally however, the performance gained by maintaining a smooth flow of wind over concentrator wings 12 far outweigh the induced drag losses, when flow regulator 18 is positioned at a correct distance from turbine shroud 14 and within the high speed stream of air exiting same.

Swivel 34 may also include a commutator plate (not illustrated) to conduct electrical power generated by power converter 22 through swivel 34 for further processing or utilization. Bird mortality is a fact that proponents of modern wind turbines do not like to advertise and it is difficult to obtain bird mortality statistics. By definition, a venturi includes a restricted or narrowed passage that is presented as an obstacle to the flow of wind causing a dynamic pressure gradient extending well upstream of the wind turbine that uses a venturi of this type.

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Invention 10, because of flow regulator 18 is able to present a large frontal area to the oncoming wind while at once minimizing the size of rotor blades or impellor 16. By using smaller diameter rotor blades, embodiments of invention 10 are able to run impellor 16 at substantially higher rpm’s and efficiently extract energy from significantly higher wind speeds as compared with popular wind turbines having large diameter rotor blades. In general, wind turbines having large rotor blade diameters of 80 meters or longer are unable to extract additional energy from winds exceeding 25 or 30 mph. In other words, the same amount of energy will be extracted from a wind of 25 mph as will be from a wind of 35 mph.

The profiles of concentrator wings 12 as illustrated are inclined, or have, in aeronautical terms, an angle of incidence that cause the wind flow to be deflected outwards from a central axis that runs parallel with the wind flow and concentric with concentrator wings 12 and turbine shroud 14. The obvious difference between concentrator wings 12 and wings of an aircraft is that concentrator wings 12 are generally, but not necessarily, ring shaped.