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Dolor De Espalda In FIG. 25, a top view of a cage roof with a weather protection washer connected to the shaft is shown. FIG. 8 shows a structural sketch of the turbine and a top view of the Savonius blades. The vibration absorbing pad could be isolator mounts or any means to dampen the forces from the rotating blades. This transfer of mechanical energy continues toward other items connected to rotor shaft 3 as illustrated with pulley 4 or sheave connected with rotor shaft 3. Elongated structure 28 is connected to Pulley 4 which continues to carry this energy to belting 5. Elongated structure 29 is also connected with rotor shaft 3 by means 40. This linking interconnection continues to main shaft 6 which also preferably has blades 2 for gathering of mechanical energy. The belting connecting the generator would isolate vibrations in the electrical area. The aspect ratio, the swept area height to diameter, is preferred to be high for better efficiency.

The blades or any form of impact impellers are connected to the shaft or any rotation means creating an aspect ratio or a swept area with a height to diameter ratio of greater than four. The gearing ratio for the speed decreasing unit 15 would be directly proportional to the height of the VAT and the height of the furling control unit 14. In other words, if the height of the VAT was 21 feet tall and the height of the furling control unit 14 was 3 feet tall, the speed decreasing ratio would be 7 to 1. For example, for every seven inches which the shade 19 is raised (or lowered), shade 25 is raised (or lowered) one inch. Referring to FIG. Dolor muscular al despertar . 3, the preferred Control unit 14 determines the optimal amount of wind blockage for the MAT by using a furling control shaft speed decreaser unit 15 preferably using a pulley and cable connected to a furling motor 18 for turning furling system pulley 12 which is connected to cable 13 and shade 19. Furling motor 18 also turns furling unit pulley 21 and furling unit cable 22 for determining the optimal shade 25 level for furling unit generator 24 or other electric power producing device like an alternator which is determined by the power output gathered by blades 23. Preferably, a normally open relay or diode at 12 volts would turn on furling motor 18 in the direction of lowering shade 19 and shade 25. A normally closed relay or diode at 10 volts would turn on the furling motor 18 in the direction of raising shade 19 and shade 25 when the relay or diode is opened at a rating below 10 volts.

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The mutiaxis turbine (MAT) has a different approach of positioning the blades for gathering the mechanical power and directing it toward the generator for producing electricity. Darrieus comprise of curved blades connected at two points along a rotatable tower. In the preferred embodiment, a Multi axis Turbine comprising a roof or an external upper covering (not shown) has a tower structure using a plurality of elongated member or steel square tubing 1104. The said members are connected to each other with supporting horizontal members or steel tubing 1104. The square tubing or horizontal elongated members are connected to the rotation means or shafts with a bearing. 2, as an overall side version of the preferred embodiment, the preferred directional vane means 10 is shown as a means of facing the MAT in an optimal wind direction.

The blades are connected to a shaft or any other rotation means which is connected to a tower structure with a plurality of shafts. The shaft is connected to a shaft speed increaser timing belt and pulley or gearbox 706 and eventually to generator 707. The gearbox increases the rotation of the shaft for the purpose of converting the mechanical energy into electrical energy by generator. A structure to augment airflow could be also be placed around a gearbox and generator for faster cooling resulting in the ability to produce higher kilowatt output.

Support elongated structure 26 is connected in a cantilevered manner to elongated structure 30 which is further supported to guy wire 31 and guy wire anchor 32. Main shaft 6 is preferably supported by bottom bearing 7 as main shaft 6 is connected to shaft speed increaser 8 and eventually to generator 9. The shaft speed increaser 8 increases the rotation of the main shaft 6 for the purpose of converting the mechanical energy into electrical energy by generator 9. The generator 9 output is controlled by control unit 14. Con que se quita el dolor de espalda . In referring to FIG. Main shaft 6 is also connected with elongated structure 28 which is further connected to bearing 27. Support elongated structure 26 above main shaft 6 area is connected to elongated structure 28 with bearing 27. With bearing 7 connected to elongated structure 26, the MAT can pivot into an optimal wind direction.

Another object of the invention is to provide weather protection and additional structural support with its roof. Yet another object of the invention is to provide a more efficient turbine with reductions in the moment of inertia and easier self starting capability. A further object of the invention is to provide longer life for the bearing by reducing structural and mechanical stress. Large blades which have not been properly produced can create structural stress and fatigue problems for the gearbox, tower, and the system that turns the generator toward the optimal wind direction.

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¿Dolores musculares en la columna, espalda y piernas.. Wind machines can take advantage of a free and inexhaustible power source of mechanical power for various purposes including driving an electrical generator. Y and FIG. Z. Barrels 100 can have a circular extension 102 for protecting the area from dirt and dust. There would be 4 (2 foot) shafts connecting barrels at each row comprising of 2’sets of 6 drums in each set. The structure has 16 long shafts of 3 inches in diameter with 16 sets of blades on each shaft. Colchon dolor de espalda . Shown in FIG. 15 is a typical 2 bladed Darrieus turbine set of blades at each shaft section. FIG. 18 shows an example of four rotor sections with one Darrieus blade per shaft section.