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U.S. Pat. No. 3,857,242 to Gilmore discloses cylinders and chains connected weights. Other devices utilize buoyant objects in concert with wave motion to produce energy via piezoelectric means, such as is taught by U.S. It should be understood that the actuation of valve 213.12, 213.13, 213.2 213.4, and 213.5 could be equally accomplished via hydraulic or electrically-driven valving devices. Addition of air to second drive chamber 218.20 causes movement of second diaphragm 218.1 displacing fluid 206 in second fluid chamber 218.21 out of second tank 218 via second connector pipes 218.3, wherein displaced fluid 206 enters second column 214.2, and wherein second tank 218, second column 214.2, and second connector pipes 218.3 are in fluid communication with one another.

Punto de acupuntura 5TR - YouTube Level 207 of fluid 206 is maintained in collector box 205 below gate 208, thereby permitting balls 300 to enter collector box 205 without losing any fluid 206. Hermetically-sealed double-shaft box 214 via operation of valves 215.1, 215.2, 216.1 and 216.2 permits only one column 214.1 or 214.2 to be open to joining section 214.5 and one column 214.2 or 214.1 to be open to dividing section 214.4. In the event of a loss of control air, both columns 214.1 and 214.2 are closed at either of respective slicegate valves 215.1 or 216.2 for column 214.1, and slicegate valves 215.2 and 216.1 for column 214.2, thereby maintaining a sealed condition and eliminating fluid spillage. Hermetically-sealed double-shaft box 214 negates pressure developed by the head of fluid 206 within buoyancy shaft 200, yet still allows passage of balls 300 to joining section 214.5 of buoyancy shaft 200. Collector box 205, together with, alternately, first column 214.1 or second column 214.2, comprise J-shaped vessel 201, wherein J-shaped vessel 201 permits balls 300 to rise under buoyant force 500 to top 200.1 of buoyancy shaft 200. J-shaped vessel 201, when filled with fluid 206 and closed at joining section 214.5, will support fluid 206, preventing fluid 206 from exiting collector box 205 due to vacuum held at valve 215.1. Atmospheric pressure is exerted at collection box 205, thereby pressing fluid 206 upward.

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Various devices and methods have been developed that utilize natural forces to provide power. 2, wheel 100 is fixably disposed upon axial shaft 103, wherein rotation of wheel 100 causes concurrent rotation of axial shaft 103. Axial shaft 103 and wheel 100 are supported by support pillars 104, wherein support pillars 104 have bearings 107 disposed therein, and wherein axial shaft 103 is rotationally carried by bearings 107. Gear 105 is fixably disposed upon axial shaft 103 and driven thereby, wherein gear 105 can be utilized to provide mechanical power and energy as required. Although the invention is particularly advantageous for generating electricity, it may also be utilized to provide mechanical power, such as for pumping fluid directly for field irrigation, or pumping of fluid from a well. The principal difficulty with pumping devices, such as that of Chih-Chiang ‘978, is the need to raise the fluid head, thereby requiring a large expenditure of energy and further causing a pause in the operation; that is, an undesired idle time.

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Fibrom - Citrato de Magnesio + Acido Malico - Zeo Sport BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION Briefly described, in a preferred embodiment, the present invention overcomes the above-mentioned disadvantages and meets the recognized need for such an invention, by providing a sealed-shaft gravity-buoyancy energy system and method of use thereof, wherein the present system and method generates utilizing the forces of gravity and buoyancy to generate energy that is converted directly into electrical power or into rotational energy for pumping fluids, powering boats and other uses. Having thus described exemplary embodiments of the present invention, it should be noted by those skilled in the art that the within disclosures are exemplary only, and that various other alternatives, adaptations, and modifications may be made within the scope of the present invention. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED AND SELECTED ALTERNATIVE EMBODIMENTS In describing the preferred and selected alternate embodiments of the present invention, as illustrated in FIGS.

Start-up plugs 217.4 and 218.4, priming pump 217.7, valve 217.8, and gauges 217.5, 217.6, 218.5 and 218.6, are utilized at the time of the starting up sealed shaft gravity buoyancy generator 10 to ensure that all air is exhausted prior to start-up; thus, it is of great importance that both tanks 217 and 218 are completely filled with fluid 206 prior to start-up.

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Bottom 205.1 of collector box 205 is in fluid communication with buoyancy shaft 200 via entry chamber 209, wherein balls 300, passing through dry gate 208, forcefully enter fluid 206 in bottom 205.1 of collector box 205, bounce off doorstop 211, pass into fluid 206 within entry chamber 209 and subsequently travel into buoyancy shaft 200. Sintomas cansancio extremo dolor muscular . Doorstop 211 is suitably angled to direct balls 300 into entry chamber 209, wherein doorstop 211 is comprised of a resilient material, such as, for exemplary purposes only, rubber.

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION As concerns about our nation’s dependence on foreign oil increase, and as Americans become more aware of the environmental impacts of foreign petroleum use in the environment and the economy of the country, interest in alternative energy sources, such as, domestically produced alternative fuels, and wind, solar, and geothermal production energy is increasing for fueling of the transportation engines as well as generation of electrical energy. While maximum process speed, and thereby power delivered via rotation of wheel 100, is limited by gravity and buoyancy forces, timing mechanism 212 regulates process speed and initiates cyclic operation of sealed shaft gravity-buoyancy generator 10, wherein timing mechanism 212 comprises spoke proximity sensor 212.4. Spoke proximity sensor 212.4 can be any suitable sensor known in the art, such as, for exemplary purposes only, an optical, magnetic, hydraulic, electrical, electronic and/or mechanical sensor. 12 comprises buoyancy columns 214.1 and 214.2, wherein buoyancy columns 214.1 and 214.2 are in fluid communication with first tank 217 and second tank 218, respectively.

Balls 300 are preferably of a selected dimension to fit buoyancy shaft 200, and of a selected size and material such that the density of balls 300 is less than that of fluid 206, thereby providing desired buoyant force 500. The total number of balls required for the process is approximately equal to the total ball capacity of buoyancy columns 214.1 and 214.2 plus half the number of spoke arms 101 on the wheel. The volume size of tanks 217 and 218 as well as diaphragms 217.1 and 218.1 is selected to be equal or slightly smaller than the volume contained in column 214.1 and 214.2, respectively; this is necessary to be able to maintain fluid levels 207 and 219 satisfactorily.

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The sealed shaft and the diaphragm tanks allow a negative pressure in the shaft, wherein atmospheric pressure maintains the height of fluid therein and permits the insertion of weighted masses into the stages of the process, whilst maintaining fluid levels within limits at the entry location and the exit location of the masses from the shaft. Fluid levels 207 and 219 are maintained by displacing fluid at the respective tank 217 or 218, air is transferred from one drive chamber 217.21 or 218.21 to the other drive chamber 218.21 or 217.21. By decreasing the air volume in drive chamber 217.21 or 218.21 on the closed fluid shaft side, the level 207 of fluid 206 is lowered and vice versa. Dolor en el area lumbar . It will be recognized by those skilled in the art that fluid 206 should comprise a material that does not freeze under operating conditions, and/or should contain an antifreeze material.