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Fig. 2 represents that for one group of given parameter latticed wing causes the required critical velocity of flutter causes the required critical velocity of flutter less than the single wing plotted curve. Fig. 3 is will the utility unit such as electric network pack into the plotted curve of the advantage of vibrating latticed wing of expression.Y coordinate is zero dimension flutter speed (V/W αB), wherein V is a liquid speed, W αBe when V is zero with the relevant free frequency of pitching movement merely, b is that the semifocal chord of Aerofoil is long.Abscissa is W hWith W αRatio, W wherein hBe when V is zero, vertically to tremble relevant free frequency with simple.The area limiting that each curve is following be the aerodynamics ENERGY E ALess than mechanical energy E MThe zone.For one group of specified value W hAnd W α, can obtain critical velocity V CRepresenting critical velocity V CEach more than the bar curve, E AGreater than E M, thereby represent a unstable region.Lower curve is represented the critical velocity of single Aerofoil, and the critical velocity under the utility unit situation is housed in the higher curve representative system.This plotted curve illustrates then, and by adding a utility unit, the aerodynamics energy that can make system enter unstable region is originally absorbed by this utility unit on the contrary, and simultaneity factor remains in the region of stability.For latticed wing, because critical velocity is lower than one group of given parameter, thereby relevant curve will be lower than the curve of the single-blade sheet shown in Fig.

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More than concrete the present invention and improvement thereof have been described with reference to preferred versions of the present invention, after having understood the present invention, the technician of the technical field of the invention will be very clear, can carry out variations and modifications to it under the situation that does not break away from the original scope of the present invention that is limited by appended claims. Like this, sketched the contours of some characteristics of outbalance of the present invention with the scope of broad, so as below to understand better to detailed description that it carried out and to the contribution of prior art.Certainly the present invention also has some other characteristics, will be described below, and they also will constitute the theme of appended claims.Those skilled in the art will be understood that the present invention can be used as a kind of basis and be used for designing other structure or method, to realize some purposes of the present invention.Therefore, importantly, claims of the present invention should be considered to comprise the structure of those equivalences that do not break away from the scope of the invention and method.

Windmill is device a kind of simple that can utilize this energy Example, but its utilization is restricted, this is because its huge pivoting leaf sector-meeting produces huge centrifugal Power, its operating frequency depends on wind speed, and is to produce enough power from Nature creating distinguished and admirable, needs Want huge work area, the formed circle of blade rotary just. 1, are illustrated in the position that is in the fin under the critical velocity by disturbance before and afterwards; All fins both can be aerodynamic shape, even also can be guide margins and with the flat board of sideband fillet. Another aspect of the present invention is that the method with this novelty applies to water environment.Although flutter do not see under the water speed that generates naturally usually and has been, if be connected in generator or be connected in hydrofoil and power generation system between flywheel increase the inertia of system, then once water system was also had flutter with having experimental results show that.

Another embodiment of vibration latticed wing power system has been shown among Figure 10, and wherein identical label is represented identical member.Among the embodiment in front, fin can freely move with pitching mode and vertical vibration mode, and in this embodiment, fin only can freely move in the pitching mode, simultaneously each fin 2 1, 2 2, 23 etc. Equally, be appreciated that all embodiments of front can be configured to allow three or more degrees of freedom, do not plan to be confined to only two degrees of freedom because the present invention has.For example, aileron can with can do pitching and vertically the free-moving fin of vibration is combined, thereby a kind of vibration latticed wing power system with three degree of freedom is provided. Since must the disturbance fin realizing required resonance, thereby can provide at least one mechanical vibrator to one of two subsystems.This can directly offer subsystem be transported to the bar that is connected with subsystem or the dynamo-electric power generation system (not shown here) of cable in.Except initial disturbance is provided, strong vibration can be kept and add to the work of these vibrators.Therefore, if flow velocity be reduced to one cross low value, so that below can’t be with system held in critical velocity with the control system of describing, then mechanical vibrator will keep fin to vibrate, up to liquid speed rise to be enough to rebulid mobile under the critical velocity till.Utilize the present invention, the natural speed of fluid is used as critical velocity.Therefore, for this speed can cause flutter, comprise that one or more parameters of the system of power generation system must change.And because liquid speed can change in time, thereby these parameters must change according to the variation of liquid speed, make common speed can keep this vibration.For a change the parameter of system provides a kind of control system, and it has one such as recording anemometer, as the to be used for test fluid speed detector (not shown) or the detector of detected amplitude.From the signal feed back of this detector output to system, to change an one parameter at least.Because critical velocity depends on the rigidity of fin and their position of centre of gravity, thereby can be for example by changing effective spring rate or effective barycenter, the impedance of the generator by changing the guide margin separately be connected in each subsystem and lagging edge, just each subsystem itself that is made of the Aerofoil of even number and odd number is made of two ” son ” subsystems, should ” son ” subsystem comprise guide margin and remaining part, thereby change these parameters with side rod or cable and the whole energy conversion system that they were connected.

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  • Equipment according to claim 1, wherein, described transducer is electromechanical transducer

According to another aspect of the present invention, provide a kind of and the kinetic energy of fluid stream changed into the method for useful work by a device is set, this device have pair of parallel plate and one with thin aero every plate spaced at equal intervals, that in fluid flows, have at least two degrees of freedom.These plates are parallel to free fluid stream and are provided with, and Aerofoil is in zero-incidence when undisturbed, thereby forms an aerodynamics system.Regulate this system then, be enough to cause flutter up to the speed of fluid, the disturbance Aerofoil utilizes resulting vibration to produce useful work. According to another aspect of the present invention, a kind of single Aerofoil that is used for restricted fluid both was provided, a kind of Aerofoil grid of the fluid stream that is used for moving also are provided.Aerofoil by mechanical vibration to provide or to increase the power effect of fluid.Mechanical actuation device can be an any kind, as long as can will the energy output of the Aerofoil grid of flutter take place.

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At work, vibration latticed wing power system is arranged on a position that has fluid stream.Then, according to liquid speed, it is the critical velocity of system that each Variation is become to make liquid speed.Then, fin of disturbance is to cause resonance at least, and utility unit utilizes the energy in the fluid stream and converts it into useful work, such as being used to produce electric energy or pump function.Because a control system is provided, the variation of liquid speed will be detected, and system will automatically be adjusted to and make common speed form the resonance that causes because of flutter continuously. How Fig. 3 represents and can the system of flutter take place and the plotted curve of regenerated energy by a utility unit being introduced one. 4, Aerofoil was in the zero degree angle of attack before being subjected to disturbance.Even wind speed is in critical size, because the profile of fin symmetry, they do not have motion.Yet in case by making the motion of at least one fin during perturbed system, the flow field just has and makes the adjacent fins coupling and beginning is made the effect of vibration with about 180 degree phase differences, illustrates to meaning property as shown in Figure 5.Fin alternately is respectively by bar or cable 8 eWith 8 oBe connected and by 9 at the fin guide margin of even number and odd number eWith 9 oLagging edge at even number and odd number is connected.(in these figure, below top bar or cable have covered).As knowing expression among Fig.

Fig. 9 is the typical Placement partial schematic diagram that right the leading of even/odd/lagging edge fin is connected in a generator; The generator back is connected with a heavy flywheel. Figure 13 is the plotted curve of expression by the latticed wing efficient that vibration provides power to realize in the fluid stream of motion is improved. Figure 10 is the sectional perspective schematic representation of expression another embodiment of the present invention, and wherein the aerodynamics fin uses with aileron. Fig. 8 illustrate guide margin ” even number ” fin ” son ” subsystem, above described in Fig. Figure 11 is the sectional view of Figure 10 embodiment’s fin. 6, these bars or cable 8 and 9 are by the forward and backward lip-deep pin 10 of fin 1, 10 1Deng being connected in fin.The vibration that is produced under critical velocity at first is noted in the harmful effect of research flutter to the rotary compressor blade.

Aerofoil preferably is arranged to two subsystems being made of all fins that replace, and all Aerofoils of each subsystem are connected to each other and vibrate with cophasing.Subsystem can be connected to each other and move with 180 degree phase differences, or can be only be connected to each other with the mechanical vibrator of relativity, and flutter can be kept and strengthen to these vibrators, also provides initial disturbance for fluid flows interior Aerofoil. Also once done some research work, seen ” the bouncing and vibrate the power of Aerofoil ” of I.E.Garrick in the NACA report of in May, 1936 No.567 under the situation of single vibration Aerofoil, producing negative resistance power problem. Tengo dolor en la parte baja de la espalda . Lasting research and development to new forms of energy have made people once again to flowing and ocean current such as wind, streams, rivers And so on utilization moving fluid, in fact inexhaustible kinetic energy produced interest.