Dolor en la zona lumbar derecha

Esa luz, esa sombra.. Hasta siempre, Leonard 97-99, but instead of utilizing and/or incorporating a capstan composed of, and/or incorporating, two shafts, the power take-off of the embodiment illustrated in FIG. That stored gravitational potential energy is then expended, at least in part, in the restoration of the original relative positions and/or orientations of the flexible connector 107 and the restoring and damping masses connected thereto. As flotation module 101 falls following the passage of a wave, and the approach of a wave trough, the tension in the flexible connector 107 is transiently relieved and/or diminished. The present disclosure includes embodiments with rollers characterized by any circumferential surface configuration, shape, attribute, and/or quality. The illustrated cross-section is taken through a bearing wall so none of the internal voids present in the flotation module are visible in this illustration.