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View of Skogafoss Waterfall in Winter For example, where an exemplary device serves as a virtual drum, a player may use one mallet to dampen a virtual drum head and use another mallet to strike the virtual drum head. In this example, fiber ends may be arranged to form a fan or other pattern. In other instances, a detector may allow for discrimination of radiation of different wavelengths, which may allow for a detector to provide information from more than one emitter/detector path. In instances where an exemplary device includes or is used in conjunction with reflected radiation information pertaining to movement of an object, then such information may be used in conjunction with information collected via interruption of one or more radiation paths. For example, vector information for interruption of a path corresponding to a detector at Z0 and interruption of a path corresponding to a detector at Z1 may be used to determine a position and/or other parameter.

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Of course, other cross-sections are possible (e.g., circular, oval, triangular, etc.). With respect to momentum (e.g., product of mass and velocity) determinations, a variety of algorithms may be used (e.g., Boolean logic, reconstruction, look-up table, etc.). Relays, amplifiers and/or other components are optionally used to allow for detector to sensor operation, source to emitter and/or other operations. Emitters that emit green, blue, red and other color visible radiation are commercially available. An exemplary scenario includes corresponding exemplary equations for velocity (e.g., a time difference for a distance or relative times for events) and acceleration for planar levels and exemplary dependencies for helical or spiral configurations of detectors. Hence, acceleration may be determined based on a difference between the first velocity and the second velocity. In this example, radiation emitted by the emitters may be of insufficient intensity and/or wavelength to be transmitted through the object 160. An approximate position of the object 160 may be determined based on whether a detector receives radiation from an associated emitter.

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Flekosteel Bálasama Para el Dolor Articular ¿En Dónde.. The exemplary arrangement 400 includes three fan-beam emitters 410, 410′, 410″ (e.g., spaced at approximately 120°intervals and each emitter fanning out over an arc of approximately 240°, for example, with some azimuthal, but not necessarily axial, overlap). FIG. 32 is a diagram of an exemplary emitter module used in various demonstrations. Dolor de espalda baja en las primeras semanas de embarazo . In general, chord information may be used to help determine a position for an object that interrupts one or more radiation paths (e.g., for a single path, the object is at a position along that path). Commercially available accelerometers and/or gyroscopes include, for example, the Valu-Line™ Model 7596 MICROTRON accelerometer from ENDEVCO (San Juan Capistrano, Calif.) which uses variable-capacitance microsensors for low-level, comparatively low-frequency measurements that can aid in motion measurements, modal analysis, etc., and the Angular Rate Sensor ADXRS150, which is a 150 deg/sec angular rate sensor (gyroscope) on a single chip, complete with all of the required electronics.

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This event may trigger an algorithm that terminates a sampling window (or data acquisition window), for example, after an optional time delay Δ. For example, a window may display various percussion instruments that optionally appears upon selection of “percussion instruments” from a previous menu or from a menu in another window. For example, an exemplary arrangement may be used to generate information to construct messages (e.g., messages according to the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) protocol) that can be used immediately and/or belatedly to produce sound, sequences of sound (e.g., music, etc.), and/or sound effects. An exemplary device optionally includes a switch or button that allows a user to select a preprogrammed instrument and/or sound effect (e.g., via a selection of a memory block, algorithm, etc.). A user may select for example “Brazilian percussion instruments” and optionally further “Frevo” related Brazilian percussion instruments.

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Young beautiful athletic woman practicing indoor yoga on red mat An exemplary device optionally includes wireless communication capabilities (e.g., 802.11 b, etc.) and optionally includes remote emitter sources and/or detectors. In a particular existing system, an emitter radiates a space, an object (e.g., a hand) placed in this space reflects the emitted radiation, one or more detectors receive the radiation reflected from the object and a determination is made based on the reflected radiation (see, e.g., U.S. In such an example, the height and the depth of the groove may be selected to help exclude ambient radiation, stray radiation, etc. A collimator may be a baffle and operate to diminish stray radiation (e.g., ambient and/or other radiation). Of course, such an exemplary method could be performed on both hands and/or various other objects. 6A and 6B includes features such as the collimators 424, 424′, in various other examples, an exemplary device does not include such features.

Arcuate emitters are optionally defined with respect to a focal point or focus and/or other geometry such as that used in description of lenses, optical elements, radar, collimators, waveguides, etc. LED arrays, fiber optic line light guides, etc., are available commercially from Edmund Industrial Optics, Barrington, N.J., and are optionally used. FIG. 20 is a diagram of an exemplary device and exemplary indicia. 6A; and FIG. 6C is a diagram of various values corresponding to an object. An exemplary device may optionally include a detector on the underside of a drum head to determine if an object contacts the underside of the drum head. Yet further, some drummers drag an object over a drum head. 3 also shows an object 160 interrupting radiation paths between various emitters and detectors. 8 includes a variety of times and corresponding exemplary vectors having bit values of 0 or 1. Faja para el dolor de espalda . At time t0, a first object is detected in a detector associated with an axial position of Z0.

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In this example, the detectors associated with the vectors may be arranged in any suitable manner, such as, but not limited to, planar, spiral, helical, double helical, etc. In this example, the ΔΘE is defined with respect to the focus, EF. For example, the calibration may determine cross-sectional area, volume, etc. For example, iC-Haus GmbH (Bodenheim, Germany) markets a 128×1 linear image sensor that includes 128 active pixels on a chip size of 8.5 mm×1.6 mm. As described herein, a pulsed emitter may include pulsing (e.g., one or more pulses) that occurs in response to an object-related event (e.g., emitter/detector radiation path interruption, on-command, timing sequence, etc.) and/or a programmed schedule. In general, emitters emit radiation in a pattern that does not vary with respect to time (e.g., other than on/off); however, an emitter may include a shutter, a moving component, or other mechanism that allows for emission of a pattern that varies with respect to time and/or changes orientation with respect to time.

A linear emitter may have one or more focal points or foci. Circular membranes are known to have various modes of vibration, which may be defined by a mode number that includes nodal diameters and circular nodes (e.g., (0,1), (1,1), (1,2), (2,1), (3,1), (4,1), and (5,1), etc.). A waveguide is generally a material medium that confines and guides a propagating electromagnetic wave (e.g., optical fiber). In the latter case, such a wire may be a fiber optic cable that optionally includes a plurality of optical fibers capable of transmitting radiation to or from an exemplary device and/or information to or from an exemplary device. As shown, this exemplary arrangement includes a cable to transmit and/or receive information and/or energy to and/or from the emitters 310 and/or detectors 320. FIG. Of course, additional components may be used to gain velocity information (e.g., time information) in such a situation.

Thus, use of an accelerometer and/or a gyroscope may allow for additional control of an exemplary device and/or operate in conjunction with an exemplary device. Fascia muscular dolor . Various exemplary arrangements, devices, systems, methods, etc., can operate to collect information for use in reproducing sounds, sequences of sounds and/or sound effects. Various exemplary arrangements, devices, systems, methods, etc., include detectors for detecting information and logic for associating the information with a real and/or a virtual membrane capable of vibrating to produce sound and/or producing a sound representative of a vibrating membrane. FIG. 11 is a diagram of an exemplary method of determining a position based on chord information. Emitters and detectors may be selected based on any of a variety of factors, some of which are discussed below. In general, a photodiode is selected based on a variety of factors, such as, wavelength, response time, sensitivity, etc.

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Emitters are available in a variety of sizes. Various components are available from companies such as Melles Griot, Rochester, N.Y. Other examples are available from the art of computerized axial tomography where X-ray emitters and/or detectors may rotate, translate, etc., with respect to time. Various exemplary devices include filters, shades, baffles, etc., to improve signal to noise ratio and/or other operation. Further, such determinations may include averaging and/or other techniques. Further, such radiation may have one or more wavelengths in the visible and/or in an invisible spectrum. While electronic drums and triggers for acoustic drums have satisfied some needs of the musician, a need still exists for alternative and/or enhanced expression. FIG. 2 is a diagram illustrating various emitters and detectors. Any of the various aforementioned arrangements are optionally used in conjunction with such an existing system or a suitable variation thereof (see, e.g., FIG. 6B is a cross-sectional diagram of the exemplary device of FIG.

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FIG. 34 is a diagram of an exemplary system that includes an exemplary device. Note that sampling (or data acquisition) optionally occurs more frequently than times t0, t1, t2, etc. Such coordination can create efficiencies such as allowing a detector to provide information from more than one emitter/detector path. Such an interface may allow for acquisition of information related to detected radiation. A collimator may have a non-reflecting and/or reflecting surface (e.g., inner wall surface), which may depend on position of a sensor and/or a detector with respect to a radiation path defined by a collimator opening that may serve to define a detector/emitter radiation path.

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Some of such existing systems have been compared to Theremins (invented in 1919 by a Russian physicist named Lev Termen). With respect to detection of an object’s motion, planar and/or angular motion (including vertical along the z-axis) may be detected using detectors in one or more of the first, second or third set of detectors. An exemplary device optionally includes one or more grooves or slots.