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Erkrankungen des Zwerchfells The Electric Generator Plant 112 can be sited on the shore or utilizing Compressed Air Pipes 116, can be laid to a site further inland. The Electric Generator Plant 112 can be sited on the shore or the underground Compressed Air Pipes 116 leading on shore can be laid to a site further inland. The compressed air turbine driven generator systems operates silently and is non-polluting. The present invention operates as follows.

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Cuidado Postoperatorio de la Cirugía Cardiovascular - YouTube SUMMARY The present invention relates to an ocean wave energy generation system. The second part of this problem is the need to place wave power generation systems in high wave power areas which are out at sea. In this configuration a streamlined ballast tank is added to the rear of the stabilizer tubes to help counteract the mass of the focuser and energy absorber systems. The offshore type sited in the most powerful wave areas need expensive deep ocean anchoring systems and are exposed to the worst storm conditions. Because the Ocean Energy Module 102 in the form of Arrays of Devices 100 is such an efficient energy absorber of wave energy, and allows the efficient flow of the underwater pressure wave energy to pass through it and recombine, several Arrays of Devices 100 can be stacked in a parallel formation behind the lead Array of Devices 100. This configuration can also be used in certain cases to serve the purpose of a protective barrier or breakwater to reduces damages caused by storm waves and storm surges.

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This invention relates to the field of energy, specifically to a device that can produce mechanical and electric energy from ocean wave sources with maximum efficiency, minimum cost and maintenance without producing any greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions, directly or indirectly. The invention is smart where intelligence is needed. Their function is to carry the stress placed on the Array of Devices 100. The Support Vessels 104 retains the extra buoyancy needed to keep the Ocean Energy Modules 102 at the ends of the Array of Devices 100 from submerging due to the overall wave induced drag on the Array of Devices 100. The Support Vessels 104 are also used as air compression reservoirs. Dolor de la parte alta de la espalda . The natural cycling of the wave’s energy pulses is smoothed out by the air compression system enabling the use of lower capacity electrical equipment.

This uses mechanical and electrical CAD tools complementing their exiting automation capabilities making it easier and cheaper to mass produce the energy modules. The Energy Module is an arrangement of six tails with exposed airbags mounted around the side spine of each. FIG. 3 is the side plan view of one unit of the array of devices. This creates the opportunity to moor other Arrays of Devices 100 in parallel formation behind the first unit. A self-lubricating composite Driveshaft 403 carries the rotational power down through the Tower/Strut 400 to a Gearbox 404 and Air Compressor 408 at the bottom encased in a streamlined Waterproof Housing 409, which is finned for cooling of the unit.

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Dolor de estómago y espalda baja - Guía tu cuerpo Each Air Compressor 408 is rated at approximately 77 kW. Each Ocean Energy Module 102 has 16 approximately 77 kW Air Compressors 408 which are connected through One Way Valves 405 to High Pressure Hose 201 that connects through all the Ocean Energy Modules 102 in the Array of Devices 100 and sends the compressed air via Underwater High Pressure Lines 114 to shore side where it is converted by Air Turbine Generators 120 to utility grade electric energy. In the back half of the Ocean Energy Module 102 is positioned the Focuser 200, approximately 50 feet long by 100 feet wide leading from either side of right and left Stabilizer Tube 211. The rear of the Energy Absorber 102 is designed to exhaust the spent wave as quickly and with the least drag as possible and causing the least distortion of the passing pressure wave which allows the pressure wave to reform quickly with minimum energy loss.