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Therefore, it is preferred to use multiple generators of high efficiency, high speed, low torque such as asynchronous generators, which are useful in constant frequency, variable speed applications. In a particularly preferred embodiment the generators can be mounted mobile in parallel to the generally conical surface in order to allow variation of the rotational speed of entry to the generators by movement along the surface of the cone as discussed.

Acupuntura - Duração 55min - Comprar em Santai Spa The fluid flow in any direction is efficiently converted into rotational motion and, according to the preferred embodiment of the rotor, converted into electrical energy by the generators. According to some embodiments of the present invention, the actuator is a pump 213. Fluid, optionally of the same type as the fluid that flows over the main body 152, may be pumped into plenum 212 by the pump 213, and is blown through slot 210 influencing the fluid flow over the main body. FIG. 7a illustrates a cross section of the main body 152 in which the operative flow affecting unit 158 of FIG. Such activation frequency is related to the vortex formation frequency that is yielded as an effect of the time-dependent activation and deactivation of the flow affecting unit 158. Therefore, a desired vortex formation frequency is obtained by controlling the frequency of activation and deactivation of the flow affecting unit.

Dolores Barreiro subió una foto besándose con otra mujer y.. The first stage rotor receives the approximate liquid fluid flow that has a longitudinal component and extracts a proportion of the kinetic energy by converting the rotational force or torque that causes the first stage rotor to rotate. The conical helix can have any suitable shape that allows a three-dimensional curve with an increase in radius and a reduction of section as described above.

  • Use siempre un colchón duro y firme
  • Edad avanzada
  • Relaja los brazos y las manos a los lados del cuerpo, con las palmas mirando hacia arriba
  • Inmovilización, por ejemplo: tras una cirugía o un traumatismo
  • Pruebas de función hepática
  • Puede ayudar a combatir el cáncer

It should be noted that such activation pattern is a time pattern of an applied effect (stimulus) with respect to a specific flow interacting element of the operative flow affecting unit, or in case the operative flow affecting unit includes multiple flow interacting elements located at different positions, the pattern is actually a certain function of time and position.