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Abstract violet particle wave background In FIG. 6C, the drag panel 621 is fully retracted by the control mechanisms 620 a and 620 b such that the drag panel 621 is horizontal and substantially out of the water. In FIG. 6A, the drag panel 621 is fully vertical so that the displacement vessel 602 will capture drag forces cause by the flow of water due to currents and/or tidal action. The displacement vessel 300 includes a drag panel 302 having a first side 302 a and a second side 302 b that are adapted to capture drag forces from the flow of water due to tidal action and/or other water flows.

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For example, a first control mechanism 320 a may wind up (or shorten) control cable 308 a while a second control mechanism 320 b releases (or lengthens) control cable 308 b, thus rotating the displacement vessel 302 in a clockwise direction and controllably adjusting the amount of drag force exerted on the drag panel 302. The first control mechanism 320 a and second control mechanism 320 b may also rotate the displacement vessel 302 in the opposite (counterclockwise) direction by the reverse operation, i.e., the first control mechanism 320 a may release control cable 308 a and the second control mechanism 320 b may wind up control cable 308 b. The drag panel 921 may be controllably retracted, i.e., rotated about the horizontal, to maintain a specified amount of drag on the drag panel to thus generate a steady amount of electrical power regardless of the water current speed.

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FIG. 9 shows a graph of velocity of water current speed and drag panel angle to maintain a specified drag force. In this instance, each drag panel may be fixed to an axle such that the drag panel may rotate. Alternatively, each of generators may have different electrical output ratings. Each axle 415 a-415 c may be coupled to a respective control mechanism 420 a-420 c, such as a motor, for example, that may be configured to control the angle of rotation of its respective drag panel 421 a-421 c.

A similar process may be used to rotate the displacement vessel upwards to cause the displacement vessel to surface or decrease its depth in the water. In FIG. 8, the stationary location is the shore (land) adjacent the body of water in which the displacement vessel is located. Displacement vessel 302 further includes a drag panel 312 as described above with respect to FIGS. Two control cables 628 a and 628 b are attached to the drag panel 621 and serve to couple the displacement vessel 602 to an anchor cable (not shown) and a directional converter located at a stationary location, such as land. In FIG. Dolor lumbar ibuprofeno . 6B, the drag panel 621 is partially retracted by control mechanisms 620 a and 620 b.

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Flekosteel - sastojci - iskustva - Srbija - nezeljeni.. 4A and 4B and may be used to reduce the force necessary to retract the entire drag panel 521 about the horizontal axis. The drag panel may be coupled to the displacement vessel about the horizontal axis of rotation. Because the speed and direction of water varies during a tidal cycle, the displacement vessel may require rotation to maintain a generally perpendicular orientation with respect to the flow of water. A need therefore exists for an efficient and cost-effective energy conversion/electrical power generation system that can capture the kinetic energy of tidal action as the water ebbs and flows due to changing tidal action and adjust the amount of kinetic energy captured by the drag panel to produce a specific amount of electrical power from the captured energy to meet consumer demand for electrical power. Those skilled in the art will hereby also recognize that a single motor/drum or winch can be used with the cables mounted in opposite directions and that as the drum/winch turns, one cable is unwound and the other cable is wound.

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In addition, with suitable placement of anchored cables on generally opposite sides of the assembly, electrical power generation may be produced as the assembly moves in both directions (incoming and outgoing tides)-i.e., the cables can be mounted on different drums on the directional converter such that as one cable unwinds and operates the generator, the other cable is being re-wound for the next tidal cycle.