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4 and 5, the large lift force L is in the upward direction while the drag force D represented by the small arrow is in the horizontal direction into the frame 26. When the blade 12 is going downward, as seen in FIG. The top edges of the respective blades 12a are interconnected by a link 78a which is pinned adjacent leading edges 16a of the blades by vertically extending pins 81 as best seen in FIG. BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a device for converting wave energy into useable power.

As one of ordinary skill in the art will readily appreciate from the disclosure of the present invention, processes, machines, manufacture, compositions of matter, means, methods, or steps, presently existing or later to be developed that perform substantially the same function or achieve substantially the same result as the corresponding embodiments described herein may be utilized according to the present invention. 7. For purposes of this discussion, the pendulum assembly will be described as being housed within central component 72 as shown in FIG.

Each outer component 74 are of identical dimension and have a “faceted” design, being characterized by a number of flat surfaces. The strength of large rotating blades must be high as their blade tips are traveling at extremely high velocities and sufficient strength must be afforded so that the blade tips do not break with fatigue. During rotation, pendulum 12 is supported by footings placed along the peripheral of pendulum 12. These footings extend around the hull of each shell component. Torque around the horizontal axis is brought about by the weight of pendulum 12 itself. 7 and 8. The same reference characters with the suffix “a” added will be used for elements identical to those described above in the description of the embodiments of FIGS.

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Although the present invention and its advantages have been described in detail, it should be understood that various changes, substitutions and alterations can be made herein without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as defined by the appended claims. In view of the above, each buoy 70 includes measurement module 93, which is responsible for measuring these conditions and communicating the same to processing module 91. To that end, measurement module 93 includes measurement instruments for measuring wind speed, buoy tilt with respect to horizon, time intervals, pitch, roll, translation, and the like.

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</a>. Extensiones de columna.. The ‘749 patent further includes a weight fixed to the outer end of the pendulum and a generator fixed to the outer side of the weight. By way of example, for blades of six feet in length, the height between additional blades may be about one foot and the blades may be allowed to travel through a stroke of two feet. One such invention, disclosed in U.S.

Dolor de oído. Niños con dolor de oídos escuchando ruidos.. For instance, embodiments are envisioned where outer components 74 are made of composite materials, such as fiberglass or carbon fiber. For instance, it is unlikely that the outer planetary gear would be able to maintain a perfectly circular shape, absent expensive bracing. Moreover, the pendulum’s operating efficiency would be reduced as the suspension mechanism absorbs a portion of the pendulum’s kinetic energy. As will be further described, the computational model is further implemented to maximize a pendulum’s power output by effectuating changes, e.g., in pendulum length and/or pendulum load, under a set of environmental conditions. Doing so inhibits the pendulum’s ability to reverse direction and move across the point of zero velocity. Pat. No. 3,231,749, provides a “Wave Power Generator” having a buoy with a centrally mounted vertical shaft and a pendulum rotatably fixed to the shaft.

Such a mechanism also would be unreasonably expensive, complex, and difficult to maintain. Such a wind machine may be installed in many types of environments and particularly on the tops of buildings or within the machinery floors of tall buildings for providing a useful non-polluting energy output from the winds often blowing about these high buildings in urban areas. Intermediate value for the swell curve slope. Pat. No. 7,453,165, entitled “Method and Apparatus for Converting Ocean Wave Energy Into Electricity,” filed on Oct. Once contact is made, the jig can be retracted and the shell components fastened to one another along their respective flanges. Gear ratio to the generator. Such a length to height ratio allows buoyant forces associated with the apparatus to be sufficiently distributed along its length, thereby counterbalancing the downward force exerted by the pendulum mass.

Such an arrangement provides for efficient operation as friction is reduced and moving parts, such as gears, are not used to support pendulum 12 within the shell components. Dolor muscular en brazos y manos . Each outer compartment 74 is attached to an adjacent outer component 74 and central component 72 by fastening means 76. Accordingly, fastening means 76 are located at the junction between each outer component 74 and the junction between each outer component 74 and central component 72. Fastening means 76 may a number of mechanisms sufficient to hold each outer component 74 substantially fixed with respect to the other and with respect to central component 72. A number of mechanisms, such as a bolt combination or locking combination, will be readily apparent to those skilled in the art. Also, such mathematically reproducible dimensions allow for improved efficiency in production and assembly.

Instead, fins 30 are coupled to one another by a bracketing ring 32. The use of bracketing ring 32 is preferred as it imparts relatively high strength to fin array 30. According to particular embodiments, fins 30 may be bolted on or screwed to bracketing ring 32. As such, individual fins may be removed by unbolting that fin from flange 22 and ring 32, and a replacement fin may be inserted in its place. Other embodiments are envisioned where each buoy contains minimal hardware, software, etc., such that the bulk of data processing is performed at one or more central stations.

Accordingly, processing module 91 may further contain on-board communication components, e.g., RF wireless communication module 92, to enable buoys to share information such as local power output data, local environmental conditions, etc. 1, generator mechanism 16 is in mechanical communication with pendulum 12 and central shaft 14 so that rotation of pendulum 12 and central shaft 14 causes generator 16 to rotate. Power communication means 60 can transfer electricity from buoy 10 to power unit 62 as electricity is generated, or electricity may be stored on buoy 10 and transferred at a later time.

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8, one or more fins 78 extend from each outer compartment 74. Each fin 78 serves as a “counter-torque” mechanism providing sufficient resistance to overcome the mechanical resistance of generator 16 and other components. As pendulum 12 rotates about shaft 14 buoy 10 tilts that 3 degree distance along with it, which will be added to, rather than subtracted from, the wave’s angle. Value cannot be less than 1 as that yields a complex number.

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According to the shown embodiment, the center of gravity of pendulum 12 preferably lies between shaft 14 and no more than half of the radial distance between shaft 14 and the peripheral of buoy 10. This configuration allows sufficient buoyancy to counter the pendulum mass, so that buoy 10 does not become locked in a tilted position. According to a preferred embodiment, the computational model mentioned above reveals that, for a pendulum 12 of fixed length subject to constant (or near constant) mechanical load, the rotational velocity of the working pendulum, and likewise its energy output, depends upon a combination of conditions.