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The flow of water acting on the turbine causes the blade to rotate until it is pushed against a stop, for example mounted on the plate. The turbine is thus powered by the water flow acting on the blade when in the first driving configuration. This reduces the drag forces of the flap through the water. In some arrangements of flow deflector the water flow intended to act on the turbine blades in the driving configuration can be reduced, as the deflector can disturb the direction and force of flow to the driven blades. In some arrangements it is convenient to mount the blades of the array between two parallel opposed plates, spaced apart on the turbine axis. Each guide device 105 is located in a machined track 107 in a rotatable portion of the bottom plate 104 that is attached to and rotates with the turbine blades, and in operation constrains the range of motion of the hydrofoil flap 110 and the orientation of the flap 110. Stops 122 are fitted to the top plate to prevent over-rotation of the hydrofoil flaps 110 past their second, fully closed positions 114. Each track 107 is machined to have a shape that keeps the hydrofoil flap 110 tangential to the water flow at substantially all positions between the closed 114 and fully open 116 positions.

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Treadmill is a great leg exercise The cover flap, when not forced closed against the aperture, will naturally adjust and align with the direction of water flow as the blade rotates. When not forced closed against the stop, the blade, because it is pivoted at one end, will naturally adjust and align with the direction of water flow as the blade rotates.

The desired orientation may be a desired orientation relative to the direction of water flow. The plan view of Figure 2 shows the operation of the turbine 1 of Figure 1. The direction of water flow is indicated by the broad arrow 18. The direction of rotation of the turbine 1 is shown by the curved arrow 19. Turbine blades 2 that are rotating in the direction of flow are in their first driving configuration and have their cover flaps 10 in their first closed positions 14 so that the turbine blades 2 present a continuous surface to the water flow and are driven round by it. Turbine blades 2 that are rotating against the direction of water flow are in their second, return configuration and have their cover flaps 10 opened 16 by the action of the water flow and drag through the water. The cover flaps or turbine blades can be held at the optimum angle with respect to the water flow and to each other throughout some or all of each rotation of the turbine.

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Preferably the deflector flaps operate in response to the force and direction of water flow in a manner akin to that of the cover flaps of turbine blades as described above. Relatively small scale units, which may be supplied as complete units built in a frame for easy transport and then lowering into a body of water can be supplied on the back of a road vehicle. Advantageously the cover flaps or moveable blades may be latched into place when in the first configuration and released to allow movement to the second configuration at an optimum point during the rotation of the turbine e.g.

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The benefits of using cover flaps or moveable turbine blades of hydrofoil cross section can be enhanced by constraining their movement in operation of the turbine. However powered cover flaps require the expenditure of some energy and increase the complexity of the turbine construction. Making use of flow deflectors that deflect flow away from the part of the turbine that is on the return results in some losses of available energy.

The flow deflector may simply be a suitably rigid plate placed to deflect flow away from the returning blades of the turbine. An array with several turbine blades has the advantage that it provides a smoother transfer of energy from the water flow to the turbine. Dolor lumbar primeras semanas de embarazo . Such an arrangement can be advantageous where the water flow may become excessive, potentially leading to damage to the turbine or associated energy extraction/conversion equipment. Turbines of the invention may be manufactured of any suitable materials such as are well known in the art, for example, metals such as steel, plastics or composites such as carbon fibre composites.

Portrait of beautiful caucasian smiling brunette woman model in bright pink summer stylish clothes isolated on white background. Conveniently the turbines be used to extract additional energy from the watercourse below a hydroelectric dam. For example turbines may be placed in rivers making use of the normal flow or a tidal flow to provide power for any purpose. There may also be a second or even more sets of blades mounted radially outwardly of the first. If desired the turbine blades may be adjustable in angle as well as having apertures and cover flaps. The deflector flaps 46 on both faces 40,42 will automatically open and close in accordance with the flow direction allowing the turbine to continue to operate in the same fashion.

Alternatively or additionally, in the desired orientation the or each hydrofoil may be held substantially tangential to the direction of rotation of the turbine. In addition, the opening of the flaps 10 is limited by the provision of stops (see Figure 3). By this means the power output of otherwise automatically operating cover flaps or turbine blades such as described above can be significantly improved when using hydrofoil blades or cover flaps.

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An odd number of blades, for example an odd number of blades distributed circumferentially and equidistantly about the turbine axis, may be most preferred. Alternatively adjustable turbine blades may be used as a means to control the power output. Advantageously the motion of the hydrofoil cover flaps or turbine blades when moving from the first configuration may be constrained during at least part of the rotation. Advantageously each turbine blade has a substantial portion of its surface area formed as an aperture or a plurality of apertures, which can be covered by corresponding cover flaps.

For example the flow deflector or a portion of the flow deflector may have the form of an open-ended cone or narrowing funnel that may be located upstream of the turbine blades in use and placed so as to gather and direct the water flow onto the turbine blades when they are in their first, driving configuration. Replacing the water in the flooded chambers by, for example pumping in compressed air, refloats the turbine allowing its recovery for repair, maintenance or relocation. Alternatively or additionally a hub to which the turbine blades are attached may have sealed air, gas or foam filled chambers.

Figure 6a shows in perspective a hub 4 for a turbine of the invention, which has attachment points 56 for turbine blades (not shown). The cross flow effects occur when water passes through the turbine (which is possible due to the absence of the hub 4) and hits the hydrofoils 110 on the far side of the turbine to the origin of the water flow causing lift and/or drag on those hydrofoils, and thus providing a contribution to the driving of the rotation of the turbine.

The effect of a cone or narrowing funnel is to concentrate the flow of water from a large cross sectional area of the flow onto the blades. Rotation may be by turbine blades fitted to a shaft rotating in suitable bearings. Furthermore it has been found that approximately 10% extra lift can be created by a suitable hydrofoil profile of the flaps, which increases the turbine performance and the proportion of each turbine revolution during which a flap does positive work.

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