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The TBTLP wave offset, set-down, and consequently the tendon slacking effect are reduced to a much greater extent. The tower houses the risers and protects them to some extent horizontally. Thus, the tower takes only the vertical load of the risers distributed along the height and not at the top. The tower is divided into a number of small sections. FIG. 11 is schematic illustration of a typical installation the riser tower of the tension based tension leg platform (TBTLP). The details and sequence of tower installation is shown in FIG. Thus, the effective water depth for the surface TLP has been reduced from 8000 ft to 4000 ft. The engineering and construction companies that serve the oil companies designed several geometric variations to the TLP technology in order to make it cost effective in applications at water depths for the given deck pay load capacity.

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Tipos de dolor de cabeza y cómo identificarlos A TLP tendon requirement to keep the vessel concept effective within the practical cost budget is limited by the water depth. This is because of the high reliability and past practical initialization. The vertical, horizontal and rotational spring constants: Kz, Kx and Ko, respectively may be established. The previously described tension base or artificial seabed may be used as an option in this embodiment. It is used for transportation of the hull with the deck on it. Then it is flooded with water and submerged and used again in he operational mode as an artificial seabed at deepwater depths. FIG. 7 shows, somewhat schematically, a schematic side elevation view of a TBTLP with a shorter semi-submerged riser support tower. FIG. 2 shows, schematically, the 2-D geometric displaced position of the conventional TLP in sway with pitch and set-down relationship. Although the TLP looks like a floating vessel, in the operational mode, it behaves like a fixed structure in the heave, roll and pitch motions and thus enables support of a conventional dry-tree production system.

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3. This technology reduces the natural period and heave, pitch and roll of the hull, which reduces the requirement for additional tendon steel to adjust the stiffness. Colon irritable y dolor de espalda . However, the riser and the tendon design problems remain unsolved yet for a complete application of the system in deepwater. Drilling and work-over capability may be provided with the tendon assisted rigs. The C-frame truss or box shell may be selectively placed at the top of the vertical columns to provide adequate structural integrity to the TLP. The top side of the vertical columns may also be integrated with an open framework truss. The coupled analysis with Morison type wave loading for the TLP columns and with the relative velocity drag damping wave forces for the tower member and the riser members may be obtained in a simplified way to study the combined behaviour of the TLP oscillation with the tower.

Significant reduction in the hull sizes and the hull weight is obtained with the tension based technology applied to the TLP. Hydrodynamic balance is applied in the slim-hull for the TLP application of FIG. CROSS REFERENCE TO RELATED APPLICATION This application claims priority of U.S. Where A is the area of the cross section of the tethers, E is the young’s modulus of the tether material and L is the length of the tethers. The clear extended length could be say 10 m (30 ft) to 12 m (40 ft). If the riser load could be moved out from the shoulder of the hull, then the TLP may be smaller. It should be understood that the previously described tension base, truss-pontoon and extended truss features may be used in addition to the riser support tower. The TLP may be used as a processing and/or wellhead platform. Several barges may qualify to do the voyage with the fully equipped deck on the hull.

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Removing the pontoon from the conventional TLP provides several advantages. 6, and has several additional advantages. Thus, the riser tower does not add additional wave loads to the TLP it its sway mode, and does not disturb the heave motion of the TLP. 2, due to a wave at a time t in its motion history, and unidirectional waves.

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