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“downstroke” or the period when the flotation module and the inertial mass are moving close together. A ribbon cable connects a negatively buoyant inertial mass 530 to a restoring weight 534 by means of ribbon junction bars 528 and 532 located at its ends 526 and 531, respectively, which are in turn connected to cables 529 and 533, respectively. Accordingly, the inertial mass can develop an upward acceleration, albeit a lesser one than that developed by the flotation module or restoring weight. 179 omits a connection of the restoring mass to the respective flexible connector by means of, and/or through the use of, a pulley. 708. After passing around the grip pulley for approximately half a turn, the ribbon cable 706, passes through aperture 702 and back into the body of water where it 716 is connected to a ribbon junction bar 717 of sufficient wet weight to serve as the embodiment’s restoring weight.

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La Clase de Tuba del Conservatorio de Gijón.: Los.. A sensor for an indicator of wave energy 22-1000 can be a radio or satellite receiver that can receive weather data transmitted from a weather station pertaining to the wave height and period in the geographic area where the converter is located, information that is relevant to calculating an estimate of the ambient available wave energy.

Conversely, upward buoyant forces imparted by the body of water to the bottom surface(s) of the embodiment will be transmitted upward to and through the lattice-like force-distribution assembly until they are focused at the PTO and thereby transmitted to the flexible connector that depends therefrom. 15, 23, floats adjacent to the surface “S” of a body of water, and buoyantly supports a “force-distribution subassembly”, e.g.

PCT/US2017/051000 vertically unmoving (relative to the surface of the earth). PCT/US2017/051000 mass to accelerate upward, slowing its downward movement (e.g., subfigures 45A, 45B, 45C, 45D) and eventually developing an upward movement (e.g., subfigures 46G, 46H, 461, 46J, etc.). PCT/US2017/051000 controlling and/or receiving operational statistics of the converter. Preferably, to minimize the probability of snap loads, the larger bound of the operational separation distance range (i.e. Because inertial mass 2B-140 has relatively much larger effective mass (inertia) than does the restoring weight 2B-160, it is easier for restoring weight 2B160 to be accelerated up than for inertial mass 2B-140 to be accelerated up. Although the inertial mass would need to be moving upwardly relative to the surrounding water to experience a downward drag force and transmit said drag force to the flexible connector, the inertial mass need not be moving upwardly to transit a downward force to the flexible connector on account of the inertial mass’s momentum.

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Inertial mass 1-140 can form a rigid “shell” substantially enclosing a large mass of water 1-141. Infeccion urinaria con dolor de espalda . The mass of such enclosed water can be “added to” the mass of inertial mass 1-140 for the purposes of deriving inertia under acceleration, allowing one to speak of the inertial mass’s “effective mass” and “effective inertia,” i.e. And, the inertial mass’s open upper mouth 3118 facilitates the fabrication of the vessel, and reduces material costs, while not significantly diminishing the vessel’s inertial properties. This misalignment of the cable’s pulling with the rotation and/or groove of the pulley can damage the cable and/or significantly reduce its lifetime. As generator 153 generates electrical power, it also exerts an inhibiting or resistive torque on pulley 152 that resists the pull of inertial mass 159 on connector 155. This relatively upward force imparted to inertial mass 159 by pulley 152 through flexible connector 155 provides an upward acceleration to the inertial mass.

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By “included water” we mean water located inside a convex hull defined around the inertial mass (i.e. The ribbon cable travels across the top of the buoy 520. And, the strands of the ribbon cable are wound around a roller 522 that is rotatably connected to a generator 524 which is able to exert a torque on the roller, the overcoming of which results in the generation of electrical power. Two other similar sensors are located around the periphery of the device. 1105 of the inertial mass 1100, facilitate the descent of the vessel during the descent of the device. FIG. 169 is an enlarged top down view of the inertial mass of the embodiment of FIG. 1-5, and taken across section line 6 in FIG. One of the embodiment’s two supplemental weights is visible within the section and is illustrated in FIG.

It may have any number of restoring weights (or none at all). For example, depending on context, the phrase “the mass of inertial mass X” can refer to the mass of inertial mass X excluding the mass of any water enclosed and/or contained in inertial mass X, or it can refer to the mass of inertial mass X including the mass of any water enclosed and/or contained in inertial mass X (i.e., its “effective mass”). In some embodiments, a mechanical brake is provided so that a stopping force, countertorque, or resistance can be applied to the shaft or pulley from which the inertial mass is suspended in addition to any application of a countertorque by the generator itself. FIG. 40 shows a graph in which the line 200 illustrates the changes in the average separation distance between the flotation module (i.e., buoy) and the inertial mass of an embodiment (i.e., device) of the present disclosure that might be manifested by the device as the time average amount of upward force, and/or the average impulse, being imparted to the inertial mass by the buoy through the flexible connector connecting the two is altered through an alteration of the resistive torque applied to the pulley(s) over which the flexible connector travels.