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Dolor de muelas: síntomas, causas frecuentes y cómo aliviarlo 19, with multiple railcars 322 a, b and c thereon, each railcar being filled with sand or rubble 323. For this multi-railcar arrangement, all are capable of “sharing” the same hoist system of wind turbine vanes 326 on a central shaft 324 connected to a common generator 329. Thereby, energy storage capacities can be increased while minimizing the number of expensive power generating components needed.

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And only the surfaces of rotor vanes moving downwind (roughly half of the vanes employed) will capture wind energy. Compare 1. a., c., and e. 14C, however, will create greater internal turbulence and entering/exiting interference, which could also negatively impact on energy extraction efficiency. The tops of tall buildings are ideal sites for wind generators since wind speeds are proportionally greater at higher altitudes. OBJECTS OF THE INVENTION It is an object of the parent invention to provide a wind turbine which can: (a) capture wind energy more effectively and efficiently (as defined above) than other vertical-or horizontal-axis wind turbines; and (b) convert that energy into rotational energy for running an electrical generator.

The cross-section of long blades has an airfoil shape, and this aerodynamic feature provides the transformation of wind flow energy into rotational energy. It is another object of the parent invention to provide a wind turbine which is “stackable.” Multiple units may be placed vertically above one another in a suitable framework to increase the amount, and effectiveness, of wind energy capture by harnessing more wind flow at higher elevations. Such movements can be translated, through gearing mechanisms, to lift weights, railcars and the like, and then gradually release the lifted objects for electrical energy production, through one or more generators, on an as needed basis. Alternate weight devices include one or more railcars on a series of car tracks, each railcar being filled with a heavy material such as sand or rubble. One embodiment comprises an energy storage system, and related method for using such a system, to store energy.

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At those periods in the rotation, the force of the wind or resisting air will cause the flap to open and allow ambient air (or wind) to pass through, decreasing greatly the resistance from these sources and improving the efficiency of the turbine. Gravity-flap Savonius turbines designed with the 40% minimum working surface of the hypothetical example and with the flap mechanism, purport to yield higher efficiencies than the assumed 30%. Thus, in terms of the effective and efficient capture of wind energy, this type of turbine could be highly superior to ERDA-NASA turbines in principle. Intuitively, it should require more energy to modify vane shapes by complex and/or synchronized mechanical means than would be gained through drag reduction. Of course, as seen above, Savonius-type turbines with rigid rotor vanes suffer from drag resistance on all but the downwind part of the cycle (and perhaps even there in principle).

Regardless, using a light but strong, wind resistant fabric and light skeletal framework for all components is essential, especially as pertaining to a vane device whose box components are intentionally designed to collapse into flat, easily packed and storable forms when not in use. This allows the closed gravity-flap 3 and vane structure to absorb wind energy which then transforms into rotational motion.

Moreover, efficiency of the original Darrieus design has been estimated to be only 30% to 40%. Dolor de espalda baja lado izquierdo y pierna . While alternative designs have meant to address some of these shortcomings, it is unlikely that any Darrieus-type design that depends on converting aerodynamic thrust to rotational energy will significantly improve these efficiency issues. Units must be spaced apart roughly 10 times the rotor diameter to avoid turbulent interference with each other. On the other hand, increased turbulence inside the box might allow for the better deposit of wind energy into the vane surfaces, a factor offsetting any losses from entering/exiting air flow interference. FIG. 9 is a front view, ground level schematic of a fourth alternative embodiment wind turbine in which four vanes 72 (only three shown) connect to a top circular disk 75, the central hub of which securely fastens to an elongated vertical shaft 70. That shaft is partially enclosed at its base in a housing 79 in which it rotates freely, perhaps with ball or roller bearing units.

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This is seen in the different drawings, with FIG. These rectangular “box” vanes connect to the central vertical axis around which they all rotate. The higher tip speeds of today’s propellers and greater dynamic strains and stresses on the materials used to make same all contribute to metal fatigue, increasing the risk of catastrophic failures. Yet another object is to develop an energy storage system and method that can be modified for the wind generation needs of a given region so as to adjust or compensate for low wind movement seasons or calm weather spells. Dolor intenso en la mano izquierda . The rotating vanes usually require minimal clearance between the edges of their stationary wind deflecting panels and vanes, creating a drastic sheering effect.