Dolor de espalda punzante

Physiotherapy The floating platform 22 has a hull 28 that is sized to contain two sets of swinging masses 152. The swinging masses 152, while guided by a track 154, are pivotally carried by a pendulum 156. The pendulum 156 has a truss 158 that carries the 20 pivot rod 160. The swinging masses 152 are slidably carried on a pendulum rod or a pair of pendulum rods 162 that oscillates as the pivot rod 160 rotates relative to the truss 158. Still referring to FIG. The arrows 190 show the motion of the masses, the second movable mass 152, relative to the hull 28, which is part of the first movable mass 164. In addition, the hull 28 is pivoted by the wave action.

The tunable masses 134 can be part of a keel system 140. In contrast to keels on sailing boats where the mass is shifted outboard in the port and starboard direction that is along the beam, the tuning masses 134 extend in the direction of the wave that is the length of the floating platform. Basically, a cam would flip when the rolling mass 26 reverses direction at the end of each stroke on the track 24, causing the flywheel or generator to continue to rotate in the same direction even though the rolling mass 24 is changing direction.

Dolor Sordo Costado Derecho

4B. The force of gravity now causes the mass 26 to move down the reverse incline plane 58 of the track 24 from the stem 56 to the bow 52. It should be noted that a ship embodying these principles may be positioned transverse to the direction of the WO 2012/018392 9 PCT/US2011/001368 wave motion causing a mass to move down reversing incline planes from one side of the ship to the other. It is recognized that instead of converting the energy into electricity through a generator and an inverter of the flywheel, the kinetic energy from the rotating pivot rod can be used to operate a pump that pressurizes a hydraulic accumulator. Alternatively, if the mass 26 is still WO 2012/018392 10 PCT/US2011/001368 rolling at the end of the incline plane 54, electricity can be generated through the use of a braking device (not shown), known to those skilled in the art, that co-generates electricity as it stops the mass 26. Referring to FIG.

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-TRÁGICO SÁBADO EN LA RIOJA- Profundo dolor produjo la.. 10 While not changed from the first run to second run shown above, the mooring system 131 can be used to tune the natural frequency of the mass 26 / track 24 / hull 28 geometry by adjusting the position that the mooring line 132 is attached to the hull 28, by adjusting the length of the mooring line 132, and by adjusting the properties and material from which the mooring line 132 is made. As indicated above, the hull 28 frequency is affected by several factors including the mooring system including the mooring 15 line 132 and the position it is secured to the hull 28. La gastritis da dolor de espalda . In addition the tunable masses’ 134 location affects the natural frequency of the hull 128. For an ocean having waves that have a natural frequency of 0.8 hertz, average power generated is: 1,302KW (1.3 MW).