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Lesiones de hombro parte 2: Luxaciones - The operation of the system is as described above, with water being drawn from the reservoir in response to wave action forces, and being returned to the reservoir by the discharge of the turbine generators. The silo or cofferdam is mounted in the desired depth of water adjacent the shore thereby defining and confining a relatively shallow reservoir, with water being withdrawn from the reservoir prior to operation of the system as necessary to establish the desired hydrostatic head resulting from the difference in height of the water in the reservoir and the height of the water in the open body of water surrounding the cofferdam or silo.

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  • μ=number of waves per minute
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Con dolor, madre ve morir a su bebé por culpa del herpes The weight of the structure is sufficient to permit the bottom of the silo to self-embed itself substantially into the ocean floor, and the degree of penetration can be supplemented as necessary or desired. The rod 64 is connected at 62 to the cable as previously described, and the bottom of the rod is secured to a counterweight 82. The function of the counterweight 82 is to bias the rod and thus the float carriage 42 downwardly at all times so as to return the piston rod toward the bottom of the pump housing after the wave crest has passed.

During wave action, the vertical component of the wave force acts on the float members 50 to vertically raise the same thereby causing the piston 80 to be correspondingly raised. It will be understood that as the float members 50 and thus the float carriage 42 are subjected to wave action, the force of such wave action has a vertical and horizontal component which tends to cant the carriage from a horizontal position. Thus, more efficient utilization of the complicated and everchanging vertical wave component is effected. The use of wave forces provides a continuous and inexhaustible source of energy and serves as an efficient and useful alternative to the utilization of fossil fuels for energy production. As in FIG. 1, the interior of the silo serves to confine a relatively shallow water reservoir the level of which is substantially below the water level of the open body of water surrounding the silo.

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5, a float carriage generally indicated at 40 is mounted for vertical movement within the rigid supporting frame 30. The float carriage comprises a plurality of generally L-shaped channel members 42 which are interconnected as shown to provide a generally rectangular box-like open carrier frame. The float members can be positioned at normal water level, or they can be entirely submerged as long as they are subjected to wave action to provide the necessary vertical movement of the float members.

A major problem with wave action generating systems known in the prior art is their relatively complex and consequently costly construction. As noted, the float carriage and float members can be entirely submerged as long as the floats are exposed to sufficient wave action. As the float members are raised as a result of the wave action, a negative pressure is established in the lower pump chamber whereby water from the reservoir is drawn through feed pipes into the bottom chamber of the pumps. A further feature of the present invention is the provision of guide frame structure for controlling the vertical movement of the float members.

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157 cu. ft. The 50% efficiency refers to the average vertical movement of the piston in 4 foot waves, in this instance 2 feet. During conditions of withdrawal of water from the reservoir through line 14, the lower pump chamber 96 will be at negative pressure due to the vertically upward movement of the piston 80 consequent to wave action, with the valve 96 opening by virtue of such pressure differential to permit water to be directed from line 14 upwardly through the pipe section 90 into the lower pump chamber 96. When the wave has passed, the counterweight 82 functions to force the piston 80 downwardly, as a result of which the pumping pressure in line 90 exceeds the pressure in line 94 at which time the valve 98 opens permitting water to be discharged through the pipe section 94. During discharge, the valve 96 is closed. Such anchoring can be effected by welding in the event the exterior of the silo is of steel plate or the like.

Such energy can be used directly or can be used, for example, in conjunction with a hydrogen conversion installation on shore which could permit the energy produced to be stored and utilized as needed. Dolor muscular en manos . 2 could be entirely submerged, as above explained. As above described, a pipe 14 is associated with each pump housing for withdrawing water from the reservoir within the silo and, referring to FIGS. Once the silo is formed, the pump housings are mounted thereon, and the rigid supporting frames are anchored to the silo walls above the pump housings. FIG. 2 comprises a fragmentary perspective view, and it will be understood that the arrangement of pump housings and guide frame structures as shown in FIG.