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In other preferred embodiments, the turbine and generator are configured as a combined single one-piece unit. Preferably, permanent magnet generator includes multiple poles for varying the electricity produced. In some preferred embodiments, the plurality of ducts includes groups or clusters of ducts, whereby two or more groups are arranged to form the array of ducts and each group or cluster may have one or more OWC ducts. In certain preferred embodiments, the length of each duct in a linear array of ducts may be different along the length of the array. In certain embodiments, each duct in the array of ducts has substantially the same length as the other ducts.

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The angle between the respective segments of the duct is preferably determined in relation to the centre line of each segment (i.e. In some preferred embodiments, the two or more ducts are arranged in side-by-side relation. Each of the plurality of ducts is preferably arranged to face in the same direction relative to the prevailing ocean wave.

It will be appreciated that the inner cross-sectional area of the duct may be any suitable shape, including irregular shapes and may vary in size and shape along the length of the duct or along each respective segment. In some embodiments, the flow control passage and/or the vertical duct segment may taper along its length (e.g.

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Remedios para reducir molestias del codo de tenista - Salud180 This placement advantageously reduces the chance of wave splash arising from larger than normal wave conditions (e.g. Preferably, the open area of the duct narrows, constricts or reduces towards the turbine so as to accelerate the fluid flow (e.g. The secondary duct may have a substantially vertical segment, an intermediate curved or angled section, and a substantially horizontal segment. In other preferred forms, the length of the second segment may be adjustable in a similar manner (i.e. Dolor de espalda que irradia hacia el abdomen . In preferred embodiments, the effective length of the duct is related or proportional to the period, T, of the prevailing ocean wave. The or each additional module may be selected from a group of additional modules of various lengths which may, for example, be advantageous to readily accommodate changes to the wave period over time. Preferably, the turbine includes a turbine rotor assembly for extracting energy from the oscillating working fluid, the turbine rotor assembly including: a hub rotatable about a central axis; a plurality of blades mountable to the hub about the central axis, each blade having a leading edge and a trailing edge, wherein the leading edge and trailing edge are configured to be complementary in profile to each other such that the blades can be mounted in close fitting edge-to-edge proximity to each other.

The energy extraction system preferably includes a turbine in fluid communication with the second segment of the duct such that the turbine is driven by a fluid flow from the second segment, the fluid flow being generated by oscillations of the oscillating water column within the duct. A unidirectional turbine 9 is arranged above the second segment 6 of the duct 3 to be in fluid communication with the second segment 6. The turbine 9 is driven or rotated by the upward and downward airflows. A number of specially configured unidirectional turbines have been designed to allow the turbine to continue operating in response to such reversing airflow conditions. In certain embodiments, the blades can be interchangeable with blades of a different profile so as to achieve a different operating characteristic of the turbine. Numerous different types of wave power generation systems have been proposed.

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14 open end of one or more of the ducts is at different depth relative to the other open end of other ducts. Preferably, the ducts of each group are arranged along a common axis. The ocean wave energy extraction system is preferably configured such that an open end (or inlet) of each duct is substantially at the same depth below the mean surface level of the body of water in which the system is located, in use. In these embodiments, the turbine may be, for example, a water turbine which is preferably, but not necessarily, submerged below the mean surface level of the body of water.

The combined turbine/generator unit 10 includes a housing 13 which surrounds the turbine rotor blades 12. The housing 13 is preferably shaped to assist in directing airflow towards the rotor blades 12. The combined turbine/generator unit is advantageous due to its ease of installation it water based environments and the associated reduction in installation costs.

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In some embodiments, the dynamic resonance control mechanism includes sensing means for sensing the magnitude of the oscillations of the oscillating water column within the duct, which are indicative of the period of the prevailing ocean wave. The combined turbine/generator unit preferably includes a housing which surrounds the turbine rotor blades. The turbine/generator unit is preferably located within or adjacent to the outlet of the secondary duct. In some preferred embodiments, the angle between the first segment and the flow control segment is approximately 135°. In some preferred embodiments, the angle between the second segment and the flow control segment is approximately 135°. It will of course be appreciated that the respective angle between the first and second segments is not limited to these examples, but rather could be any suitable angle for producing a gradual change in direction for water flowing through the duct and thereby reduce turbulence within the duct.

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For example, in relatively shallow depths of around 10m, the length of the first (horizontal) segment can advantageously be made longer than the second (vertical) segment to provide a desired overall effective length of the duct. An array of ducts which vary in length is particularly advantageous for accommodating changes in characteristics in the waves due to bathymetry of the seabed and wave climate of the particular location at which the system is located.

In one particularly preferred embodiment, two baffles are used. In certain preferred embodiments, the L-shaped duct is oriented such that the substantially horizontal limb extends towards the direction of the prevailing ocean wave. FIG. 12 shows a schematic view of an embodiment of the ocean wave energy extraction system incorporated into a desalination plant. The duct in this embodiment is a gravity based structure which sits on the seabed under its own weight. In the embodiment illustrated in the drawings, the bore of the duct has a rectangular cross-sectional area. Como quitar dolor de espalda baja . In some embodiments, one or more baffle elements are arranged within the passageway at or adjacent the connection between the OWC duct and secondary duct. The provision of a service driveway incorporated within the system itself provides advantages by enabling easier and direct access to the system components located on the breakwater. In some embodiments, the base structure is in the form of a breakwater.

In such embodiments, it will be appreciated that the base structure may not extend as low down as the seabed. 23 be positioned in relatively deep water depths in the order of, for example, up to approximately 15m to 30m. It will be appreciated that the form and construction of the base structure will be designed to be suitable for a particular wave climate and water depth.

It will also be appreciated that embodiments of the present invention may be used in newly constructed costal management structures, or retrofitted to existing breakwater structures, jetties, marinas, docks and the like which can serve as a base structure. 4-5, the breakwater base structure is connected to the shore at one end. The main armour is preferably configured to dissipate the force of the waves rolling into the breakwater to enhance the durability of the breakwater and inhibit damage caused by the wave action. More particularly, the present invention relates to improvements in coastal management solutions and ocean wave energy extraction and to systems and methods therefor. In addition, many known wave power generation systems must be built to withstand the large and unpredictable forces to which they are subjected from ocean waves. Colchon para el dolor de espalda . In certain forms, the energy produced by the wave energy converter may be used to power at least some components ofthe desalination unit.