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LMady: Acupuntura Sistêmica e Acupuntura nos Microssistemas. The 15 tether system allows this heave plate 102 to be deployed deeper than those that are rigidly fixed to the buoy 106, which increases the effect of the heave damping. Fig. 4 depicts one embodiment of a device 100 for generating electricity with a slack safety line 122 between the heave plate 102 and the buoy 106. In some embodiments, 30 the configuration may also be modified to accommodate any number of PTO modules, for example, a single large PTO module 110, as shown in Figure 4. In this case, there are multiple tethers 104 from the edge of both the heave plate 102 and the buoy 106 that merge into a single line 120 before attaching to the PTO 110. This enhances the stability of both the 7 plate 102 and buoy 106 by constraining some of their respective pitch and roll motions.

Fig. 2 depicts one embodiment of a device 100 for generating electricity with an asymmetric heave plate 202. In one embodiment, a plate 202 is more streamlined in one 10 direction, i.e., the coefficient of drag is lower when the plate motion is in one direction. The heave plate is also generally disposed at a depth where the motion of the waves is much more attenuated than at the surface. The principle of operation is that the large plates, which are disposed such that their largest projected area is in a plane that is perpendicular to the heave direction, are attached below the surface of the water to limit (e.g., delay, dampen, decrease, etc.) motion in the heave direction.

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La NBA expresa \ This configuration might look similar to that depicted in Figure 2. In this figure, the plate entraps a significantly larger volume of water when the buoy 106 is pulling it towards the surface (the added mass of the displaced water with the plate is very large), but the plate 202 can move more easily downward as the tension is decreased (the added mass of the displaced water 15 with the plate is relatively small in the downward direction).

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Heave plates can be used in wave energy converters (WECs) to provide what is 30 essentially an inertial reference for the device other than the ocean floor. This is different from conventional spar buoy implementations 5 because the taut-moored implementation relies on the damped motion of the heave plate to create tension changes in the tether (not on the large relative motions necessary for other systems to create energy). Dolor de espalda parte superior izquierda . WEC systems that have used this concept in the past are spar buoys that include a heave plate as part of the 5 spar structure, where the heave plate and spar buoy move relative to each other to create energy.