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Full length portrait of happy jumping man isolated on yellow background. caucasian male model in casual clothes 1 and 2, one intermediate fastening element 3 is arranged between two fastening elements 4. The number of intermediate elements 3 is generally between 0 and 10, preferably between 1 and 5. The fastening element 4 may fix the undulating element 1 in place at the edge of the fastening element 4, but the undulating element 1 may also extend beyond the fastening element 4. The part of the undulating element 1 extending beyond the fastening element 4 will not perform regular undulations.

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The undulating element 1 is fixed in place by means of the fastening element 4 and optionally by means of the intermediate fastening element 3; the fastening element 4 may be constructed in particular as a turbulator element 2. The fastening element 4 and/or the turbulator element 2, which secures the undulating element 1 in place, interrupts the movement of the flowing medium, causing a vortex, and the generated vortex extends along the entire length of the undulating element 1, moving the entire undulating element 1. The drive and control unit 5 connected to the fastening elements 4 and/or the turbulator elements 2 ensures that the portion of the undulating element 1 between the fastening elements 4 will perform a regular undulation, and for this purpose the fastening elements 4 are controlled according to the respective wave phase. The flagpole itself will move due to the wind, so a crystal placed on the platform can generate energy by alternating pressure, but this solution can only generate a small amount of energy in relation to its size and space requirements.

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Any fastening element 4 in the apparatus can be replaced by means of the turbulator element 2; preferably, fastening elements 4 at both extreme ends are used as turbulator elements 2. Thus, a flowing medium approaching the undulating element 1 from any direction, for example due to a current caused by a tidal rise and fall, will always generate vortices extending along the entire length of the undulating element 1. The movement of each fastening element 4 and the intermediate fastening element 3 is done via the drive and control unit 5 according to the respective waveform belonging to a given position. Due to the low installation and operating costs of the device, costs can be recovered quickly, especially since the device is optimized for the low speed of water or wind that often occurs.

The device can be operated on a low cost basis because the structural components of the device are resistant to environmental hazards such as water, frost, ultraviolet radiation or dust, and because of the slow movement of the device, no significant operating or maintenance costs are incurred over the life of the device. The object of the present invention is to eliminate the disadvantages of the known solutions and to achieve an apparatus and a method for more efficient recovery of energy from a flowing medium without damaging the environment and the wild life. Another disadvantage of the present invention is that the wave does not have a support that can control the wave motion of the material towards the direction of a specific wave period. In accordance with the above-mentioned objects, the most general embodiment of the solution outlined in the present invention can be realized according to claim 1. The most general form of the method is described in the independent claim 7. Various embodiments are described in the dependent claims.

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Fig. 3 and 4 show another possible embodiment of the device, which is preferably optimized for harnessing wind energy. In the device, any fastening element 4 can be replaced by a turbulator element 2; preferably, fastening elements 4 connected to the support structure 13 may also be used as turbulator elements 2, since the flowing medium always turns the undulating element 1 in the flow direction, resulting in a fluid flow interruption. Intermediate fastening elements 3 may be provided between the fastening elements 4. Remedios caseros para dolor espalda lumbar . The phase difference between the individual fastening elements 4 and the intermediate fastening element 3 is constant for a given device, ensuring that the undulating element 1 continuously maintains a regular undulation. 1 and 2, the energy recovery and transfer unit 10 comprises a crank 11 and a crank shaft 12. The crank 11 continuously rotates the crank shaft 12 via the drive and control unit 5, the crank 11 being connected to the control rod 6 as shown, while the crank shaft 12 is connected to the support structure 13. In the energy recovery and transfer unit 10, a flywheel drive may also be connected to the crankshaft 12. For energy utilization purposes, the energy recovery and transfer unit 10 may be connected to, for example, an induction generator and/or a direct mechanical drive and/or an energy storage system and/or a direct consumer unit.

Finally, the method may be performed to utilize the energy of the energy recovery and transfer unit for the purpose of providing a local residential energy supply and/or a power grid supply and/or for directly powering electrical equipment and/or devices equipped with direct mechanical drives, or the method may be performed to utilize energy by forwarding and storing energy. The device provides a very low energy efficiency since in addition mechanical energy cannot be extracted from irregular fluctuations. Since the material of the wave is sandwiched between two flat plates, the formation of shedding vortex streets does not occur in the energy generating device variant.

The great advantage of the invention is that the device is inexpensive to produce, since it consists of few common parts. Another advantage is that the device can be easily installed without special permission. One of the advantages of the invention is that the device makes it possible to produce even cheap, environmentally friendly energy locally, thereby reducing the costs and losses of energy transportation. The fastening element 4 is arranged for fixing the undulating element 1 in place; as shown, one particular embodiment may be the fastening element 4 and the fastening element 4 is embodied as a turbulator element 2. The turbulator element 2 is a fastening element 4 which, in addition to fixing the undulation element 1, also has a spatial design which ensures the generation of vortices, i.e.

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Alternatively, the device may be provided with intermediate fastening elements 3, the number of intermediate fastening elements 3 typically being between 0 and 10. The intermediate fastening element 3 must be moved according to the wave phase corresponding to the fixing point, as shown in fig. The material of the wave element 1 may also be provided with a piezoelectric crystal. In this embodiment, the undulatory element 1 may also be equipped with a piezoelectric crystal; in this case, the energy recovery and transfer unit 10 is also used to recover and transfer the energy of the piezoelectric crystal. The current is generated by piezo strips built into the banner material and fluid can only be used as the medium. As used herein, one and a quarter lengths of a wave period may be considered nearly regular, but the ends of the wave are not driven in the direction of the given wave period; only its position is determined by the moving structure associated with the start of the wave.

This invention does not produce controlled and regular fluctuations but only kalman (Karman) vortex streets that drive motion similar to the waving of a banner in the wind. The drive and control unit 5 ensures regular fluctuation of the fluctuation element 1 between the fastening elements 4 by controlling the displacement of the fastening elements 4 according to a specific wave phase. Dolor y ardor de espalda . 1 and 2, the drive and control unit 5 can be constructed by using at least one control rod 6, at least one swivel arm 7 and by using crossed bearing bush grooves 8 and bearings 9 constructed inside the control rod 6. In the embodiment shown in fig. In another further embodiment, the energy recovery and transfer unit comprises a crankshaft, wherein the crankshaft is connected to the crank and/or the flywheel drive. 230616B describes a drive device. The central element of the device is a wave element 1 which in this embodiment is fixed in at least two positions, in particular in three positions as shown in the figure, like a regular waveform, for example described by a sinusoidal function.

In this solution, the flexible plate can swing around freely; the motion of the flexible plate is not characterized by periodicity. The solution described in this document also provides only the utilisation of wind energy and is a system with a relatively low efficiency. Energy generating device using energy of flowing medium The subject of the invention is an energy generating device for utilizing the energy of a flowing medium, having a support structure, at least one undulation element and at least two fastening elements, the undulation element being connected to the fastening elements. It uses only fluid as the flowing medium. For the application of the invention, the wave element 1 is moved by a flowing medium, such as water or wind, to provide the desired result. The method can also be performed when the flowing medium is water or air.

The elements immersed in the fluid are driven by the turbulent and flow motion of the fluid, so that the kinetic energy of the medium can be converted into energy to be utilized. The device uses only liquid as the flowing medium. 2, in addition to securing the undulating element 1 in place, is to interrupt the movement of the flowing medium, resulting in vortices crossing the entire length of the undulating element 1. Eructos constantes y dolor de espalda . Thus, the turbulator element 2 is not streamlined or only slightly streamlined, such as cylindrical or cylindrical. 3 and 4, the distance between the fastening elements 4 is exactly one complete wave cycle, and the fastening elements 4 and the turbulator elements 2 fasten the undulating element 1 at both ends. For example, the apparatus may be installed for wind energy utilization purposes without a separate support structure, and the apparatus may be put into operation by utilizing the height of an existing building.

Furthermore, so-called power islands and power parks can be created by connecting a plurality of units, so that the facility can meet a greater energy demand. Furthermore, the construction may be provided with structural elements affecting the fluid flow, i.e. Furthermore, different embodiments may be provided when at least one of the fastening elements is constituted by a turbulator element. When the turbulator element is cylindrical or cylindrical in shape, various embodiments may be provided. By using side deflectors, forces for shaping the wave to approximate a wave shape can be generated. If the apparatus is operated in reverse, i.e. Similar to the description of fig. Us patent document No. 2522126C 1 uses ropes stretched between two poles to harness wind energy. 7626281B 2 describes an energy converter device comprising a flexplate.