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Masaje de espalda relajante superficial (Enero 2017) - YouTube Other flexible connections 15 are attached to the pulleys 12 and are wound thereon in an opposite direction to the flexible connections 13. Weights 16 are attached to the lower ends of the flexible connections 15. When the floats 14 rise the weights l6 descend and turn the.pulleys 12 upon the shaft 10, thereby taking up slack in the flexible connections 13. hen the floats 14 descend they pull upon the flexible connections 13 and unwind the same from the pulleys 12 and rotate the latter and wind the flexible connections 15 thereon and at the same time the ratchet mechanism comes into play and causes rotation of the shaft 10. The floats 14 may be of any construction and usually consist of barges which are anchored or otherwise secured to prevent their being carried off by the tide or current, yet admitting of the floats having free movement to rise and fall with the motion of the waves.

Flexible connections 13 are connected with the pulleys l2 and have an end portion wound thereon in one direction, said flexible connections being attached at their lower ends to floats 14. The flexible con– nections 13 may consist of cables, chains, or the like. Dogs 20 are pivoted at their inner ends to the lugs 19 and have a tangential arrangement and extend approxt mately parallel with the arms 18. Bolts or pins 21 connect outer portions of the dogs 20 with the outer ends of the arms 18 and springs 22 are mounted upon said bolts and are interposed between the dogs 20 and arms 18 and normally exert a pressure to hold the outer ends of the dogs 20 in engagement with the inner wall of the rim 23 of the pulley. The frames 17 are placed to one side of the respective pulleys and the latter have laterally extending rims which extend over the outer ends of the dogs QO’to be engaged thereby.

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A frame 17 is had for each pulley and is keyed or otherwise secured to the shaft 10. This frame has oppositely extending arms 18 and oppositely disposed lugs 19, the latter being in line with a diameter of the pulley. A pair of inflatable buoyancy tubes 74 can extend along the longitudinal edge of each side of the platform 32. The buoyancy tubes 74 can be inflated to give the platform 32 a slightly negative buoyancy, and keep the platform 32 submerged at a designated depth. The intake conduit can extend through the piston head and has a first outlet valve in fluid communication with the gas collection chamber, and a second outlet valve in fluid communication with the compression chamber.

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The floats 14 in conjunction with the weights 16 impart an oscillatory movement to the pulleys 12, thereby preventing any slack in the flexible connections 13 so that when the floats descend their weight may be utilized to cause rotation of the shaft 10 through the pulleys 12 and intermediate ratchet mechanism.

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From the foregoing description, taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, the advantages of the construction and of the method of operation will be readily apparent to those skilled in the art to which the invention appertains, and while I have described the principle of operation of the.invention, together with the device which I now consider to be the embodiment thereof, I desire to have it understood that the device shown is merely illustrative, and that rights, braces between the lower ends of the uprights and the upper cross pieces, tie rods connecting end portions of the upper and lower cross pieces and the lower ends of the uprights, a line shafting mounted upon the upper cross pieces, pulleys loosely mounted upon the line shafting, flexible connections secured to the pulleys and wound thereon in one direction, floats attached to the lower ends of the flexible connections, other flexible connections attached to the pulleys and wound thereon in an opposite direction to the first mentioned flexible connections, weights attached to the last mentioned flexible connections, and a ratchet connection between each of the pulleys and the line shafting.

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The invention contemplates a substantial structure forming a support for a line shaft, a series of pulleys mounted upon the shaft, a ratchet mechanism connecting each of the pulleys with the shaft, a series of floats, flexible connections between the floats and pulleys, and other flexible connections cooperating with the pulleys to take up the slack of the float connections when the floats rise. Referring to the drawings, forming a part of the specification, Figure 1 is a side elevation of a wave motor embodying the invention.