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Dolor y Anestesia Locorregional - Healthcare Solutions.. 5. Provocar una hiperemia local, en la zona de la lesión, con lo que disminuye el dolor y se eliminan sustancias de desecho. Diferentes estudios en medicina, tanto general como relacionada con el deporte, han demostrado su eficacia realizado en solitario en comparación con otros métodos tradicionales realizados en solitario como reposo, estiramientos, ejercicios de movilización pasiva una vez remitido el dolor o contrastes de frío-calor.

a cup of coffee on brown beans. También se han realizado estudios en los que el FTP se combina con otros métodos, observándose una mejora mucho más rápida (del orden del doble de rápida) cuando se utiliza frente a cuando no se utiliza como complemento. Ejemplo: Una vez realizado un FTP en el tobillo a causa de un esguince, se deben realizar movimientos anatómicos como rotaciones, flexiones y extensiones dentro de la movilidad que el dolor le permita al paciente. Es por elloque también se denomina Fricción Transversa Profunda (FTP). El Dr. James Cyriax (1904 – 1985) revolucionó el masaje tradicional con su nueva forma de aplicación, ya que la forma derealizarlo es transversa a las estructuras lesionadas, a las fibras, en comparación con las maniobras demasaje “a lo largo” o “paralelamente” a las estructuras lesionadas. Masaje transverso profundo: masaje de Cyriax.

Un método reconocido y ampliamente extendido entre los conocedores del mundo del deporte es el masaje transverso profundo de Cyriax. Esto causará calcificaciones, inflamaciones y contracturas crónicas y disminución del rango óptimo demovilidad (ROM), entre otros efectos. Jesús Vázquez Gallego. Manual profesional del masaje (2009) Ed. Jesús Vázquez Gallego, Crespo A. Jauregi.

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WECs in accordance with the present disclosure may take advantage of the rotational nature of ocean waves to capture the incident energy with floats that are rotationally coupled to produce mechanical torque in the central housing. Figs. Dolor en las articulaciones de las muñecas . 15A-C are dimensional schematics of a large-scale WEC for deployment in highly active wave fields in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention.

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Fig. 5 is an illustration of particle velocities in a wave field in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention. Figs. 1A-E are 3D isometric, external views illustrating a WEC in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention. It will be apparent in view of this disclosure that the examples described above are not limiting, and that any number or combination of suitable adjustment mechanisms may be used with WECs 100 designed in accordance with the present disclosure. The technology of the present disclosure relates to a wave energy converter (WEC) useful for transforming the energy associated with the heave and surge of offshore swells and storm waves into rotational power. A need therefore exists for a wave energy conversion apparatus that efficiently 1 and cost-effectively converts the rotational ocean wave energy into rotary motion for use in direct drive rotary generation while achieving improved reliability and survivability, or to at least provide the public with a useful choice.

Compartmentalization may, for example, provide a mechanism to contain potential leaks, such that, in the event of a leak, any flooding is contained to a limited area of the WEC 100. Compartmentalization also provides various discreet areas for more useful equipment storage spaces, more accessible maintenance areas, to serve as dynamic ballasting tanks, etc.

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Modularity may also allow for “at sea” maintenance and fault tolerance. In further such embodiments, a first module 118 and a second module 120 each houses one or more rotary-driven power take offs. As described above, the floats 108, 110 are operatively connected to PTOs mounted within the nacelle 102. Such PTOs may, in some embodiments, comprise one or more direct drive generator(s), gearbox drive generator(s), hydraulic system(s), pumping system(s), 11 PCT/US2013/062579 WO 2014/052953 water pump(s), water desalinator(s), pneumatic pump(s), hydraulic pump(s), etc. Modularization and/or compartmentalization of any WEC 100 component (e.g., spars 104, 106, floats 108, 110, nacelle 102, etc.) may be desirable in many embodiments. In various embodiments wherein uninhibited 360-degree rotation of one or more floats 902, 904 is possible, one or more floats 902, 904 may become overtopped as shown in figure 9A, such that the overtopped float (e.g., 904 as shown) is capsized and aft of the nacelle 906. Most commonly this will result from a force exerted by a large wave.

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Approximately seventy percent (70%) of the population of the entire world lives within two hundred miles of an ocean, making that an accessible source of renewable energy. Internal access hatches 402 and internal passageways 403 may, in some embodiments, provide access to other components of the 14 PCT/US2013/062579 WO 2014/052953 WEC 100. Where vertical movement is desirable, interior nacelle ladders 404 may be provided. 22 is replaced with any other type of device that rotates in response to water current, such as one or more turbines or propeller-shaped structures; (ii) the anchors described above are replaced with any other anchor structure that is capable of inhibiting lateral motion of the energy-generating unit 10 due to the water current, e.g., structures permanently attached to the bottom or even sufficiently massive floating structures; and (iii) the electrical generator 30 and/or hydrogen-production system 244 described above are replaced with any other apparatus for converting the kinetic energy produced by paddlewheel 22 (or similar structure) into a different form of energy, e.g., chemical, stored kinetic or extraction of deuterium from ocean water.