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When the distance between the buoy and the inertial mass decreases, the upward velocity of the inertial mass 513 imparted to the inertial mass as a result of its subjection to the upward tension introduced to the ribbon cable suspending it when its distance from the buoy was increasing, continues, and the tension in the ribbon cable is substantially reduced, or eliminated. In any case, a tension in the flexible connector is not necessarily linked to a downward drag force acting on the inertial mass, and a maximal tension in the flexible connector is not necessarily coincident with (and in most embodiments is in fact not coincident with) a maximal drag force acting on the inertial mass, nor with a maximal upward velocity of the inertial mass. In another embodiment, the vessel has both an upper 3204 and a lower 3205 mouth. The ribbon cable, in this case, is connected to the inertial mass 102 by means of a “ribbon junction bar” 108 and a single connecting cable 107, although another embodiment has a ribbon cable connected directly to the inertial mass.

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6) Another embodiment does not possess a generator 273, e.g. Likewise, upward buoyant forces are passed upward from the bottom surface and/or extent of the flotation module to the upper surface, and then to and through the lattice of orthogonal beams, e.g. It is imperative that when the flotation module of a wave energy converter rises 30 meters on a storm wave, it does not encounter any mechanical “hard stops” imposed by the mechanical design of the converter, i.e. It also causes the “counter-wound” cable 556 connecting the roller to the restoring weight to decrease, thus lifting the restoring weight and increasing its gravitational potential energy. 159, cause the respective and rotatably connected piston rods, e.g. The connector 199 passes up from the depths of the body of water, through a central aperture 197, to a generator or other power take-off (PTO) assembly 192, and it 200 then passes back through the aperture 197 and back in to the depths below where the distal end is connected to a restoring weight.

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PCT/US2017/051000 the same motor/generator used to generate electrical power during the buoy’s rise) to rewind the ribbon cable back on to the roller 104 to which one end of the ribbon cable may be attached. 1706, 1723 and 1726, before it engages with and/or turns gear 1707. The effect of this is that every unit increase in the separation of the inertial mass 1728 and flotation module 1701 causes the passage of five units of flexible connector past and/or over the operatively connected gear 1707. This has the advantage of multiplying the rate of the gear’s 1707 rotation in response to the rising of flotation module 1701 thereby avoiding and/or reducing the need for additional gears to achieve the same increase in the rate of rotation of the generator’s shaft. Causas del dolor en las articulaciones . “D/d” ratio of at least 50. This ensures that flexible connector 118-4 is not excessively bent around drum 1183 in a way that would damage, fatigue, or otherwise impart damage to the components comprising flexible connector 118-4. In many embodiments, the flexible connector passes multiple times around the drum (not shown).

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PTO system 507-21 is shown to include two instances of crankshaft-driven piston assembly 507-22. Floatation module 507-20 features four PTO systems 507-21, thus eight crankshaft-driven piston assemblies 507-22 are utilized. Four drums 502-5 are shown, however more or fewer could be utilized. Inertial mass 2021 is indirectly connected to gear 2002 by means of four portions 2005-2007 and 2011 of a flexible connector that passes between the vessel and flotation module 2001 four times. FIG. 128 illustrates a possible configuration and/or geometry of four interconnected ribbon cables 850-853. These ribbon cables have approximately flat rectangular geometries across their entire lengths. The post-tensioning cables are attached, e.g. The converter of the present disclosure will be characterized by a minimal environmental impact, as well as an ability to optimize system behavior and performance with respect to changing wave conditions. FIG. 177 is a top-down perspective illustration of a cross-sectional view of the embodiment of the current disclosure illustrated and discussed in FIGS.

In some embodiments, the at least one slack-reducing element can include a hydraulic accumulator that stores energy in the form of a compressed gas to rewind the flexible connector. The sensor for an indicator of wave energy 22-1000 transmits a digital data packet or an analog signal, or returns a value (e.g. Connected to drum 503-5 is crankshaft-driven piston assembly 503-6. Assembly 503-6 can be manufactured as an integral unit suitable for installing in the flotation module as unit, e.g. This device uses the tension imparted to a pair of cables during the waveinduced separation of the buoy from its connected inertial mass, to turn a pair of traction winches when then pressurize hydraulic fluid and cause a generator to generate electrical power.

This embodiment is substantially similar to that of FIG. First, this embodiment uses a net 7-143 composed of flexible tendons to substantially enclose and “hold up” inertial mass 7-140. The net 7-143 makes contact with inertial mass 7-140 at a plurality of locations around the inertial mass’s perimeter, and/or exterior surface, especially (but not limited to) its bottom portion. In some embodiments, pre-stressing is provided by tensile members wrapped and tensioned circumferentially around a perimeter of the flotation module, typically in a plane that is predominantly horizontal, which, when tensioned, compress the structure inward. The pulley 106 has a “plane of rotation” which is the plane containing curved arrow 109. Damage to the pulley and its respective cable are minimized when the cable 102 is pulled in a direction that places it within the pulley’s plane of rotation.

The directional rectifying pulley herein disclosed avoids the cable damage and wear frequently attributed to “excessive fleet angle,” i.e. For approximate scale (merely indicative), inertial mass 9-140 can be 50 meters in height (i.e. Que puedo tomar para dolor muscular por ejercicio . In some embodiments, a gearbox is used to convert low-rpm rotary motion of the capstan/pulley into high-rpm rotary motion for an electrical generator shaft. In these embodiments, the flexible connector includes a plurality of separate “strands,” each of which might be, for instance, an independent segment of wire rope. 1, the wet weight of the chain is equal to that of the inertial mass. In some embodiments, a tether is provided: (i) between (a) the restoring weight and (b) the inertial mass, or (ii) between (a) the restoring weight and (b) a portion of the flexible connector disposed between the flotation module and the inertial mass, or (iii) between (a) a portion of the flexible connector disposed between the restoring weight and the flotation module and (b) the inertial mass, or (iv) between (a) a portion of the flexible connector disposed between the restoring weight and the flotation module and (b) a portion of the flexible connector disposed between the flotation module and the inertial mass.

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The embodiment, and most notably the flotation module of the embodiment, is approximately “disk-like,” possessing an approximately circular perimeter, approximately straight, vertical sides 201, and an approximately flat top surface 194. However, one exception is that it has a convex bottom 198 and/or lower surface. 88. However, in FIG. 115. The behavior of the embodiment illustrated in FIG. It would be advantageous to exploit the waves traveling across the surfaces of the deep water regions of the ocean where large waves are abundant. Upward motion of the flotation module 21-1 due to vertical displacement of the water surface 19-2, e.g due to wave action, can cause increasing separating between floatation module 19-2 and IM 17-8. IM 17-8 tends not to be influenced directly by the waves due to its being below the wave base, where the water is relatively still compared to the surface. 230, thereon, from which it is convectively transmitted and/or transferred to the water below the buoy.

A buoy 1 has a hemi-spherical hull 5, which promotes its turning of its longitudinal axis with respect to its nominal vertical orientation so as to keep its longitudinal axis, and the ribbon cables connecting it to the submerged inertial mass (10 in FIG. PCT/US2017/051000 cables may be made of any material, natural or synthetic, and be of any diameter, width, thickness, etc. PCT/US2017/051000 because it encloses a very large volume of water relative to its surface area and has a relatively low-drag hydrodynamic profile. Ejercicios para dolor de espalda . As the inertial mass 513 continues its upward movement due to its own momentum, gravity acts on its “wet weight” (i.e.

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In some embodiments, each pulley-capstan is associated with its own separate restoring weight, i.e. 281, enclose and define one aperture 277 and 278 each. One end, e.g. 20, of each ribbon is connected to a chain 19 or “restoring weight.” The other end, e.g. And, it has been determined that it is important to ensure that the ratio of the pulley diameter to the cable diameter (D/d ratio) is 40 or greater. 780. That inner pulley turns a shaft, e.g. One opposing parr of sides, e.g. The reduction in the module’s cross-sectional area, e.g. Or, an inertial mass weighted portion can be a discrete weight depending from the inertial mass, e.g. 50, to which they are rotatably connected, to oscillate linearly, and to drive back and forth their respective piston heads, e.g. 785, that is connected, by means of bevel gears, e.g.

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At the top of the flotation module 2300 are two power take-off assemblies 2302-2303. About the periphery of the flotation module are a plurality of force-distribution plates, e.g. 2312. Others are connected to two post-tensioning cables, e.g. FIG. 99 shows a perspective view of the same embodiment of the present disclosure as is illustrated in FIGs. FIG. 222 shows a horizontal cross-sectional view of the same embodiment of the present disclosure illustrated in FIG. FIG. Dolor de espalda escoliosis . 132 is sectional perspective view of the embodiment of FIG. FIG. 185 is side sectional view of the embodiment of FIG. In some embodiments, the aforementioned suspended weights, metal chains, and/or metal ropes act on the inertial mass by accumulating in an interior portion or receptacle thereof.

A flexible connector passes between the flotation module and inertial mass. 903. The other end of the ribbon cable 904 (i.e. A submerged inertial mass 217 (i.e. 154, the string of offset weights that is present on the flexible connector 4208 that connects the restoring weight 4209 to the bottom of inertial mass 4205 in the embodiment illustrated in FIGs.