When The Trim System Is Installed

Two or more power modules may be used, for example fixed to both sides of a catamaran-type hull, or fixed to any combination of both the hull and the hull. The power module shown in figure 8A is fixed to one side of a catamaran-type buoy. One is to directly and efficiently mechanically convert wave motion into translational thrust, as explained earlier in this disclosure. The power is provided by a battery which is in turn charged by the already described system for converting wave motion into electricity. Alternatively, the link arms 44a and 44b may be configured to lock in a neutral horizontal position when all wave energy is required for thrust, or when electricity generation is not required.

The inventors of the present invention have found that when the wave motion is high, sufficient power can be harvested not only to propel a boat through water, but also to provide sufficient electrical power. The stored energy may be used to provide propulsion on calm days when the wave action itself does not provide sufficient power to travel the vessel at a desired speed. For example, a wave-powered vessel configured for deployment from shore may include a hull of a float, a swimmer configured to retract and secure against the hull, one or more tethers connecting the float to the swimmer, an electric motor configured to propel the vessel via water, and a battery providing power to the motor, the battery having sufficient capacity to provide power to the vessel to bring the vessel from shore to a location where the swimmer may be deployed.

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The hull is located at or near the surface and a submerged swimmer or glider assembly is located at a depth y and is connected to the hull by one or more tethers. In still water (shown in the leftmost part) the submerged swimmers 20 are hung horizontally by means of tethers 30 directly below the buoy 10. When the wave lifts the floating body 10 (the middle part), an upward force is created on the tether 30, pulling the floating body 20 upward through the water.

This may be varied to fix the power module to other sides, for example, to the middle of a floating body with a central keel, or to side rails or a middle ridge of a floating body. If the floating body or swimmer is held on the vessel, the payload may impair the vertical movement and thus reduce the efficiency of the vessel in converting wave motion into thrust and electricity. 5A, 5B, 6A, and 6B are provided as an example of how the system can be implemented with high conversion efficiency. Depending on the size and efficiency of the photovoltaic cells, there may be periods when the solar energy is insufficient to power the electronics on the boat.

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The battery can be used to power the electric motor in or out of the ship at any time when there is a reserve of power and the speed of the ship needs to be increased. When there is no wind, or when the wing frame is retracted into the hull, the battery or solar panel powers the motor, turning the propeller to provide motive power for movement.

For vessels capable of adjusting traffic speed or moving force, the processor may also output instructions to adjust speed (not shown). When the trim system is installed, it may be controlled by an on-board microprocessor programmed to determine the appropriate priority between moving force and power generation to adjust the damping or locking devices on each system accordingly. In a third example, a power generation system includes a piston pump secured below the water surface by a float tethered to the piston. In the example shown, the hull type is a displacement catamaran, which has the advantage of being very efficient below hull speed and can be powered up 3 times faster than hull speed with minimal wake flow.