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This will create a rotation on the float such that can be oriented in the desired direction. We also describe a method by which the ocean wave forces can be coupled to create low speed high torque rotation. It is well known in the art of generator design that increased speed, in general, allows for reduced cost.

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Geometric shapes landing page A shorter spar 13 also reduces the overall system cost, optimization of power absorption, and optimization of PTO speed, lowers the damper plate position and increases heave response. 19, or, in shallower waters, embed the spar in the sea floor. In another embodiment, a single PTO can be connected to drive shafts 18 and 19, such that a rotor (not shown) is attached to the fore float 11 and the stator is attached to the aft float 12 (or visa-versa). Float shape is not limited by the geometry depicted and may take on a more curved disc shape. The system may allow, but is not limited to, the use of large diameter, high torque and low speed direct driven rotary (DDR) generators in wave energy applications and may allow for a more cost effective and efficient conversion of wave energy as compared to other methods of conversion. This PTO may include all forms of rotary power conversion; such as a large direct driven rotary electric generator, a gear box driven electric generator, a belt driven electric generator, water pumping systems, water desalination, pneumatic pumping systems and even hydraulic pumps, and similar devices.

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The system may work in either mode of operation to capture energy by using heave motion or surge motion as depicted, or both. 11 can be used to control float orientation in the wave. Dolor de hombro derecho en reposo . It is recognized that in very energetic sea states, it may be desirable to decrease performance by changing the float orientation to a less efficient position. 1, the outer body is comprised of three components: the spar 13; the fore float 11; and the aft float 12. The floats 11 and 12 are connected together by bearing shafts 16 and 17 (the latter of which is shown in FIG.

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10, can be used to channel water on the underside of floats 11 and 12. These vanes can be installed on the fore float 11, the aft 12, or both, depending on the preferred affect. Rudder 51 may be automatically or manually positioned to control the direction of the wave energy converter relative to the direction of wave travel. The heave motion of this system creates relative rotational motion between the floats 11 and 12. By connecting the PTO only between the floats, the only energy captured is the energy from the relative motion between the floats. The combined effect of the design results in a fluid motion of the wave converter in the ocean which reduces structural loading, reduces mooring loading, and accommodates for tidal variation.

14, can be used to shorten or lengthen either mooring line. In another embodiment, a two point mooring system is used to control directionality. Depending on the incident wave energy the system performance can be optimized and stabilized by changing the float orientation with respect to the incoming waves. However, an advantage to this arrangement is the increased rotary speeds and reduced generator costs. The CoE is further reduced by reducing the capital expenditure of the generator by optimizing the electromagnetic design using a large diameter generator when low-speed high-torque rotary motion is employed. Similarly, the diameter or length of the spar 13 may be altered for performance enhancements.

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The rudder may be positioned in all 360 degrees of rotation. The spar 13 may also be designed such that it has a ballast chamber that varies the spar buoyancy between either positively buoyant when the wave trough is above the spar, or negatively buoyant when the wave crest is above the spar. The size, length and aspect ratio of the directional vanes 39 may be varied to increase or decrease the magnitude of the effect of the vanes on directionality. Generally, performance is maximized when the axis of rotation is parallel to the incoming wave front, and minimized when the axis of rotation is perpendicular to the incoming wave front. Gases y dolor lumbar . The power extraction efficiency is improved by proper orientation of floats 11 and 12 and the rotation axes with respect to the incoming wave front.

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In FIG. 4C, float 11 has rotated clockwise, above the horizon, float 12 has also rotated clockwise, but to an angle below the horizon, while spar 13 has rotated counterclockwise about seal bearings 33 and 34. The movement of floats 11 and 12 and spar 13 being in reaction to wave forces acting upon them, with each movement leading to the potential conversion of wave energy by wave energy converter 10. Floats 11 and 12 will rotate up and down with each wave’s incoming crest and trough, experiencing rotational motion with respect to the spar 13 due to heave forces acting on the floats.

Increasing the speed of body motions helps to reduce generator capital costs and the system components may be designed to satisfy this priority. Because the stator and rotor are both turned in opposite directions by the float motion, the relative speed between the rotor and stator is twice that of a spar mounted stator. The speed of rotation and driving torque are both increased by the extraction of both heave and surge energy.

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16, it should be noted that the side profile of floats 11 and 12, shown here as a tear-dropped shape, can be mounted to arms 47 and 48, respectively, such that they can rotate about of center axis of the arms. 8, but any mechanical power transfer system such as a DDR generator (previously mentioned), a gear box driven electric generator, a belt driven electric generator, water pumping systems, water desalination, pneumatic pumping systems, even hydraulic pumps, or similar can be used. We also describe a wave energy converter that provides a wave to rotary energy approach that will work with a DDR generator or any other power take off (PTO) driven by a mechanical rotary drive shaft. 17, the length of arms 47 and 48 can vary to suit the water conditions or to control the amount of energy being absorbed. The wave energy absorber has the potential to be half the size of a competing wave energy converter of the same power rating.

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The surge forces are minimal at the bottom of the spar 13 and at the heave plate 14. This difference in horizontal loading between the top of spar 13 and the bottom of that spar causes a moment about the spar body, so as to cause the spar to pitch right as depicted in FIG.

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Young female doctor in white coat with stethoscope around her neck looking unwell touching her shoulder having pain standing over orange wall Hydrodynamic modeling has shown that the motion between the floats is increased by the addition of the spar system and its contribution of pitch heave response on the float bodies. 2, heave, which creates vertical up force 21 and vertical down force 22 on bodies exposed to the wave, and surge which creates horizontal force 23, that a wave imparts to a body. Another source of water flow acting on the body is the predominant ocean current acting on the buoy body. They also provide for methods of implementation that increase the magnetic flux velocity in the generator air gap. The heave plate 14 connected through the cable 31 still allows for heave reaction force in the heave mode of operation and allows the damper plate 9 to be lower in the water to increase the effectiveness of the damper plate operation. 11, or a combination of the two.

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In another embodiment, two PTO’s can be mounted within housing 30, or mounted on the surface outside of the spar, encased in a water tight enclosure on the port and starboard sides of the system as shown in FIG. 10, the directional vanes 39 are shrouded by the outer hull of the floats.