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Investigadores del departamento de Didáctica de la Expresión Musical, Plástica y Corporal de la Universidad de Málaga (UMA) han demostrado que los vendajes neuromusculares, también denominados ‘kinesio-taping’, reducen hasta un 45 por ciento el dolor en las piernas de atletas de duatlón. Cuando toma punto fijo en el eje del tronco, eleva el hombro y acerca la escápula a la columna vertebral. Es una variante del movimientos olímpico «Clean o Cargada», sólo que en este caso la barra se recibe a mitad de altura, sin realizar la sentadilla profunda. Siempre podremos partir desde la posición de un rack, a media altura, solventando el “sticking point”. The helical form, the foil section configurations described herein; the tapered configuration and the quasi-conical base, are all understood to contribute to the formation and persistence of a low- pressure lift area that migrates from the mount end toward the non-mount end on the surface of the foil as the turbine rotates.

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In one aspect the present invention is a turbine, for rotating responsive to a fluid flowing relative to the turbine wherein in use the turbine is oriented with its axis of rotation transverse to the fluid flow, the turbine comprising at least two foils extending along the axis of rotation, wherein: each foil has a mount end at one end of its span and a non-mount end at the other end of its span; each foil has a twist about the axis of rotation of no less than about 180° along its span; one side of the foil section of each foil is generally concave and the other side of the foil section of the foil has an outer convex section, an intermediate concave section and an inner convex section; and the length of the chord of the foil in the vicinity of the mount end is greater than the length of the chord of the foil in the vicinity of the non-mount end, whereby the profile of the turbine is generally tapered.

En la procesión Figure 9 is a foil-section view of a solid-foil VAWT embodiment of the present invention, having a double-curve foil section, the drawing indicating offset dimensions for the foil section, the offsets taken from a chord/radius line. An upper-case-letter reference character in each drawing (for example, “Q” in Figure 9) is associated with the radius of the foil section in the immediate vicinity of the outer edge.

Associated with each of Figures 9, 10, 11 and 12 in this description is a table setting out the dimensions indicated in the drawing in terms of percentages of the length of the chord/radius shown in the drawing. Figure 13 shows selected chord/radius lines of a helical, single- taper, VAWT 500 embodiment of the present invention. The displacement along the span between each adjacent pair of chord/radius lines is the same for all such pairs. The behavior of the PTO connected between two bodies which move relative to each other in response to motion of the waves and which converts their relative motion into useful energy is significant in harnessing wave power in an efficient manner.

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Likewise, the response (movement) of the WEC to energy supplied to the PTO can also be defined or modeled. The better the model, the more accurate is the mathematically predicted response of the WEC and PTO. A helical configuration facilitates self starting and smooths the torque output of each complete revolution. The solid-foil helical non-constant-section turbine 1 100 is “non- constant-section” in that, the relative proportions and relative locations of the features of the foil sections change along the span of the foil. The invention encompasses both solid-foil configurations (wherein the single foil is in very general terms analogous to the “S”-shaped rotor of the original Savonius-type turbine) or two-foil configurations (wherein the two foils are in very general terms analogous to the two foils of the Savonius-type turbine disclosed in US Patent No. Patent No. 7,393,177, issued 1 July 2008 to Rahai et al.), discloses a foil profile for a Savonius-type turbine.

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