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Such an awning might be made of fabric-like micro-structures or of a grosser assembly of controlled-diameter devices running parallel to one another, such that in their un-swollen state they allow the generous passage of light but in their expanded state they form a watertight bond with one another. This suggests, without limitation to the foregoing, a series of parallel wires running the length of the Controlled- diameter device which are separated by insulating spaces or substances, such as rubber or plastic, which are engineered to allow expansion of the gaps between them. These materials may be used to constrict and relax the outer membrane or the expansion materials of the controlled rigidity devices and flexible diameter devices described above. The liquid is encapsulated in an elastic membrane or bladder co-located with the heater element.

Fig. 78 is a partial cross-section of the device of Fig. Significantly, and this is true of non-ribbon devices as well, if wind resistance is a concern, the ‘fabric’ assembled out of selective rigidity/controlled-diameter device devices could be in two or more layers. While in this inflated state, bundle 170 can be easily flexed into a new profile. While this can be used in contexts requiring an enormous amount of force, mecahnical actuation can be accomplished with any of several known mechanical methods. 21, is made stationary, by anchoring it to a non-threaded collar 390 that is free to rotate about a non- threaded, smaller-diameter, portion of the central threaded shaft 385, while the other arm of the cantilever is attached to a threaded collar 400 that rides on the central shaft 385, then the rotation of the shaft would control the disposition of the wedges 405 as shown. Lastly, it should be made clear that the length-change accommodation devices within the component rods of the selective rigidity device might be spaced by unmodified rod materials.

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The function of this exterior sheath is to increase the diameter of the element. Referring to Fig. 8, beads 70, of size small relative to the diameter of rod 65 of Figure 8, may also be employed. CONTROL WIRES AND LOCAL CONTROL DEVICES In addition to the heating/cooling wires for the controlled rigidity elements, the external diameter controls, and the current-carrying conductors, one or more control wires or optical fibers might be employed for the purpose of communicating the state or desired state of regions of the threads or fabrics. Upon assumption of the proper shape, the tubes 120 are employed to introduce the second substance in order to secure the desired shape. Micro- lithography could be employed to, say, introduce pits in the surface which could be filled with the binding substance.

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Contact with the heater elements, for example, could create variable locking between elements. A small, say, compressible spacer 460 keeps the serrations, frictional surface or stochastic grid from making direct contact with each other. Significantly, the skin of the device of the invention may be perforated, contact-bearing, or puncture-able, perhaps in localized, indexed areas spaced along the length of the cluster-device allowing the area-specific, selectable insertion of inflating/deflating force as a gas or liquid or other input such as heat, solvents, or electricity, to the cluster-device. Since the device 890 is bipolar, there must be adequate thermal gradients across the length of the semiconductor elements. These prevent the belllows layers from moving relative to one another. Como quitar dolor de rodilla . A quick-drying viscous material like a solvent- immersed plastic might be made to simply form into curling hairs, or knob-like protrusions by being pulled away from a suitable protective barrier at the moment of, or just prior to, dispensing of the ‘tape’.

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Fisioterapia neurológica - Santos RF Selective rigidity devices could be made in such a way as to passively allow the soft or rigid state to be of any shape. If the energy applied is sufficiently high, for example in the microwave-heating of resonant water molecules, then the same scheme could be applied directly to the state-changing elements of a device such as that described herein. In another strategy, the controlled-diameter device device is made to respond to, for example, environmental stimuli such as heat, cold, light, darkness, the presence of water or water vapor, electromagnetic fields, charges, polarities, the presence of solvents or particulate matter, even the presence of specific molecules such as gases, enzymes or polypeptides. Inflation, in this case, can even be achieved through external means such as by the application of compressed air. Interlocking structures such as beads, hexagonal elements or frictional members might still be employed to achieve greater integrity or flexing-characteristics along with even an amorphous slurry-like.

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If the surrounding sheeting or fibers contained a weak repellent charge to the opposing interlocking forms, then the, for example, shafts might naturally guide themselves into the appropriate regular orientation for mating. Coatings on the members themselves may be used as adhesives. Fig. 65 is a somewhat schematic view of a detail of the device of Fig.

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Fig. Dolor en la rotula de la rodilla . 50 is a cross sectional view of a device of the invention. Clearly, a similar scheme could be implemented with the use of pure lithographic, or similar, etching or pitting techniques. In two variants of this scheme, extreme variation in the durability or reversibility of an interlocked state could be engineered. 32 – 35, an idealized possible method of realizing this goal is pictured.

Parachutes could use a similar method. Specifically, for example, a sailing vessel could be equipped with a manual device allowing the sailor the ability to swiftly change the global wind-resistance of a sail by means of, say, a handheld joystick or dial. So if there were, for example, 32 lines connected by exclusive logic to 232 regions along the length, or otherwise within, such a device, the device could be caused to respond with a high-degree of localization to control signals. In the methods and devices described above, it should be mentioned that any of the actuation methods and devices described herein can be employed.

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Any of several methods of heating these surfaces might be employed. This device might be capable of indexing itself along the selectively flexible member of the invention by straddling the outside skin of the device 1310 and using power/index wheels 1305 and photocell bar code reader 1315. Spaced ridges and/or optically or magnetically-sensed ‘lines’ encode position along the length of the member of the invention. Synthetically-created plastic, cellulose, or other suitable hydrocarbon ‘popcorn’ is one variant of this. Members 245 are roughly wedge- shaped and are kept apart by a spider 255 having innate elastic or springy character and secured on an interior surface of members 245 and on an exterior surface of an incompressible central hub 260. Alternatively, or in addition, member 245 are held apart by a central tube of compressible foam, shown in phantom at 265, then this spider, foam, or spring system holds the members slightly out of contact with one another, or in a state of gentle contact until an outer pressure that is inward-directed compresses the members together.

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The result would be that two surfaces of posts brought in contact with one another would resist contact and repel, as shown with magnetized posts 641 in Fig. At least a portion of the space between adjacent members 310 is occupied by bladder projections 300. Another portion is a contact area at 315, where adjacent members are in close, immobilized, frictional contact.

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Fig. 1 is a partial cutaway view of an article in accordance with the invention. Dolor de lumbar . Fig. 52 is an isometric view of a device in accordance with the invention. These include large-scale variable- rigidity devices for such purposes as the deployment of instant roadways and bridges, and construction members and devices such as concrete-casting forms, molds, guides, braces, and ladders. These same principles apply to construction materials such as conduit and casting forms.

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Posts 980 are preferably conductive, and may be made of a conductive plastic material, or may be made of an insulating materials and have a conductive plating or conductive material in their interiors. These characteristics can be made to include sensitivity to control signals, light, air pressure, and heat, as well as the ability to respond to light, or pressure, or heat by varying the diameters of the individual elements whether locally or globally along the length of a ‘thread’ or in a localized area of thread, as well as globally or locally in two or more dimensions. An optional low-friction protective layer 1100 is provided between actuators 1090 and rods 1105 of variable length. Rods 40, 45 will be placed in generally alternating positions in bundle 10. Alternatively, rod 50 of Fig. 15. Rods 180 are distributed in a single layer about tube 175. In the central axis of bundle 170 there is, for its entire length, an elastic tube 175, shown in a deflated state.