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September 4, 2019 Product Update - What's New - Fusion 360.. 9. Illustrated portions of the other blades have been numbered identically with corresponding portions of the blade 422 which has been illustrated. Each blade 422 is canted with respect to the general planar disposition of the blade assembly 420 so that wind striking the blade assembly 420 will impart thereto a rotational motion. The positioning of the propeller assembly 414 with respect to the wind is effectuated by the fin assembly 416. The fin assembly 416 provides an anchor, aligned substantially along the direction of the wind, with reference to which the propeller assembly 414 is angularly positioned.

The socket 70 provides a means for pivotally mounting a central shaft 72 that extends generally vertically and coaxially with the axis 20. The central shaft 72 is terminated at its lower end 74 with a support ball 76 which fits within the socket 70 and which bears the weight of the central shaft 72 and other components to be described below. The flange 134 has a bore 148 that is concentric about the axis 122 and which is sized to clearingly receive the main portion 78 of the central shaft 72, as also depicted in FIG. The central rotor structure 120 is constructed concentrically about a central axis 122 which, when the rotor assembly 14 is mounted on the support structure 12, is coincident with the axis 20 of the wind driven power plant 10. The central rotor structure 120 comprises an upper rotor sleeve 124 and a lower rotor sleeve 126, both of which are concentric about the axis 122 and which are held in spaced-apart relation by a central truss structure 128 connected therebetween.

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Since, in accordance with Faraday’s law, this cyclic rate is reflected both in the frequency and the amplitude of the output of the generator, the output of the generator will depend on the rotation rate of the generator shaft through the correspondence between the rotation rate of the shaft and the frequency of the cyclic rate at which the flux of the magnetic induction in the generator windings is varied. 8, the first and the second panel section 336 and 338 cooperate to enclose a portion of the cord 332 and the panel 330, thereby securing the panel member 334 to the panel 330. For this purpose, the panel sections 336 and 338 are constructed in the form of generally rectangular plates, 340 and 342, respectively, with a U-shaped channel 344 formed adjacent the outer edge 346 of the first panel section 336. The first and second panel sections 336, 338 are secured to each other on opposing sides of the panel 330, in an assembled mode of the panel member 334, with the panel 330 sandwiched between the plates 340, 342 and with the cord 332 and portions of the panel 330 enclosed within the channel 344. The plates 340, 342 are provided with apertures 348 through which suitable fasteners 350, such as rivets or the like, may be inserted to secure the first panel section 336 to the second panel section 338, thereby assembling the panel sections 336, 338 into the panel member 334 with portions of the panel 330 and the cord 332 enclosed therein.

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Eventually, the blade assembly 420 will be faced directly into the wind; that is, one extreme disposition of the blade assembly 420 will be reached so that one of the limit switches (not shown) on the gear track flange 554 will interrupt the circuit containing the low pressure switch 588, thereby preventing further changes in the direction of the blade assembly 420 as the wind continues to die.

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4. The gear track flange 280 is part of the adjustable connecting assembly 34 and has a gear track 284 with a plurality of gear teeth 286 formed along the periphery of the gear track flange 280 to provide a means of establishing and selectively varying the connection between the shield assembly 16 and the fin assembly 18 in a manner and for a purpose that will be made clear below. Dolor en el dedo corazon de la mano derecha . 4, it will be noted that the shield support arms 224 are pivotally attached to, and extensive from the upper and lower shield structures 220, 222. The shield arms 224 are truss structures that have an overall elongated diamond shape in the manner of a crane arm and are of greater length than the length of the rotor arms 160, 164 so that the shield 26, formed with the shield arms 224, will selectively enclose the rotor assembly 14 as described more fully below.

Construction means suitable for a small wind generator would require massive support structures if applied to a very large windmill so that the capital investment in such a windmill would be prohibitive. A mechanical power transmission assembly connects the rotor assembly 14 to the electric power generator 24 to convert wind energy, via the rotation the wind imparts to the rotor assembly 14, into electrical energy.

The manual set orifice 318 empties into the reservoir 314 through hydraulic lines which are of sufficient dimensions to offer little resistance to fluid flow; whereby the fluidic pressure on the exhaust side of the orifice 318 is substantially independent of the flow rate therethrough. The manual set orifice 318 is of conventional design and is analogous to a fixed resistor in an electrical circuit in that the fluid flow rate through the orifice 318 is functionally related to the pressure differential thereacross; in particular, the pressure differential across the orifice 318 must increase for an increase in the fluid flow rate therethrough. Thus, the high pressure switch 586, when closed, provides an electrical connection between an electrical power source (not shown) and the gear drive 578, via conventional slip rings (not shown) on the drive shaft assembly 450 and an electrical conduit (not shown). Similarly, the rotation rate control system 48, which will be described in more detail below, is an assembly of conventional components and has been drawn schematically in FIG.

1 (to avoid confusing FIG. Although a transmission belt 210 is depicted in FIG. 9 and including portions of the propeller and the fin assemblies to illustrate the mounting thereof and to illustrate the power transmission train. The lower sleeve 126 provides a power take off member for the wind driven power plant 10 and the purpose of the sheave 150, as will be made clear below, is to provide means for a power transmission from the rotation of the rotor assembly 14 in an operating mode of the wind driven power plant 10. Such rotation is effected by the controlled exposure to the wind of the rotor blades 22, the construction of which will now be described. When the wind freshens, the initial reaction of the wind driven power plant 10 will be to align itself in accordance with the new wind direction 28. The force of the wind on one side of the fin 296 will rotate the fin assembly 18 and, through the connecting assembly 34, the shield assembly 16 so that the fin 296 lays in the new direction 28 and blades 22 extending in the new direction 32 corresponding to the new direction 28 will be maximally exposed to the effect of the wind.

For this purpose, a connecting assembly 428 is provided to connect the fin assembly 416 to the propeller assembly 414 in a manner that allows the blade assembly 420 to be crabbed away from a facing relation with the wind. An aperture 480 is formed in the cylindrical wall 482 of the first tubular member 478 and a second tubular member 484 is secured to the first tubular member 478, about the aperture 480, in such a manner that the interior of the tubular member 484 is in communication with the interior of the first tubular member 478 and the second tubular member 484 extends transversely from the first tubular member 478. Since the first tubular member 478 is concentric with the axis 418, the second tubular member 484 has an axis 486 which is transverse to the axis 418; the axis 486 thus being disposed in a generally horizontal plane.

The spacer 526 has a first end 536 and a second end 538, the ends 536 and 538 being disposed on opposite sides of the boom 524, and the blade end 528 has corresponding first and second ends 540 and 542, similarly disposed about the boom 524. The first end 540 of the blade end 528 is aligned with the first end 536 of the spacer 526 and the second end 542 of the blade end 528 is aligned with the second end 538 of the spacer 526 so that the ends 536, 538, 540, and 542 of the spacer 526 and the blade end 528 are disposed at the corners of a rectangle 544 as shown in FIG. FIG. 8 is a sectional view of an assembled blade snap taken substantially along the line 8–8 of FIG. A second limiting switch fixes a second extreme disposition of the propeller assembly 414 such that the plane of the blade assembly 420 is disposed perpendicularly to the wind direction 429 resulting in minimum coupling of the blade assembly 420 to the wind.

Similarly, the rotation rate control system 48 incorporates a low pressure switch 322 which, via slip rings (not shown) and electrical conduits (not shown), transmits an electrical signal to the gear drive 302 to drive the cog 304 in a direction to move the gear track 284 in the counterclockwise direction, as viewed from the top of the shield assembly 16. Thus the cog 304, coacting with the gear track 284, adjusts the shield assembly 16 to increase the effect of the wind on the rotor assembly 14, thereby increasing the rotation rate thereof. For example, if the tangential speed of a point on the rotor located a distance of 15 meters from the axis of rotation thereof is 15 meters per second, that is, approximately 30 miles per hour, the rotation rate of the rotor is less than 10 revolutions per minute. Dolor de espalda y gripe . It is also an object of the present invention to provide a control assembly which senses variations in the rotation rate of the wind interception assembly and generates a signal from which the rotation rate is controlled.

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10, for the production of electric power by a drive shaft 468, also referred to herein as a power take off member, and also shown in FIG. As was the case with the power plant 10, an overview of the power plant 410 will perhaps be helpful to an understanding of the present embodiment. OPERATION OF THE EMBODIMENT IN FIGS. On the other hand, rotation rate control is an essential element of a windmill designed for the generation of electric power. FIG. 3 illustrates in semi-detailed form a portion of the rotor assembly of the wind driven power plant shown in FIG. 1, which is a semi-detailed perspective view.