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Covid 19 mujer síntoma dolor de cabeza - Descargar PNG/SVG.. Each toothed driven wheel 18 and 19, however, is not constrained directly to the respective main shaft 11, 12, but it is constrained with the interposition of a unidirectional drive mechanism 20 so as to cause a positive rotation of the toothed driven wheel only with the rotation of the respective driving wheel and relative main shaft in one direction and to decouple it, leaving it idle, during the rotation of the driving wheel and relative main shaft in an opposite direction. To the main shaft 11, 12, or equivalently to the driving wheel 13, 14, of each operating unit A and B at least one or, preferably, two toothed driven wheels 18 and 19, respectively, as shown in the drawings is also associated axially.

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  • The turbine according to claim 10, wherein the linear-to-rotary transmission system comprises

Flekosteel Namibia, price, comments, how to use - the.. F03B13/18-Adaptations of machines or engines for special use; Combinations of machines or engines with driving or driven apparatus; Power stations or aggregates characterised by using wave or tide energy using wave energy using the relative movement between a wave-operated member, i.e. A plurality of floats enables to compensate for the various inactive phases between them, but a single generator is connected to the single float that exploits the rotation inertia, which, during the inactive phases of said recharging of the cable by the floats during the rising phase, enables a sufficiently adequate rotation to the system to be maintained. This apparatus being however ductile and versatile, enables energy to be obtained with a high efficiency, low economic investments and limited need for maintenance, from renewable sources such as the natural wave motion in oceans and seas or also artificial created in artificial basins, without however excluding mechanical sources such as lifts, cable railways and the like.

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In addition it is auto-levelling; able that is to automatically adapt itself to the variations of the seas and their level and to follow within certain limits also the lengths of the waves without losing efficiency. Of course either one or the other way of construction of the apparatus of the invention can be provided with variations or detailed changes without them moving away from the scope of the invention, the main objective being to obtain usable power from reciprocating motion, in particular from wave motion, fully exploiting both the ascending and descending profile of the waves, to cause however a unidirectional rotation of one or more power generators, especially for the production of electric energy. F16H19/06-Gearings comprising essentially only toothed gears or friction members and not capable of conveying indefinitely-continuing rotary motion for interconverting rotary or oscillating motion and reciprocating motion comprising flexible members, e.g.

Cosmic background with golden neon laser lights - perfect for a digital background A further objective of the invention is to provide a system for producing electric or mechanical energy starting from relatively simple and economic reciprocating or wave motion with reduced dimensions, therefore with limited size and low environmental impact. The system can be applied, and is able to guarantee a reasonable yield, only in the cases of very long distances between the waves; in fact, on the contrary, in the presence of a series of small, brief waves it would risk remaining always in an inefficient position. The apparatus of the invention can be made with two parallel units, side by side, interacting between them or with two units placed in line. FIELD OF THE INVENTION – The present invention relates to a system composed of mechanical members for the transformation of a natural or artificial linear or alternating wave motion into a unidirectional rotary motion, in particular for the production of electrical or mechanical energy.