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6A and 6C, the arms 652a and 652b extend at an angle from the drag panel 621. In an embodiment, the arms 652a, 652b may extend from the drag panel 621 at any suitable angle, such as between 0° and 45° from the vertical, for example. 6C, the drag panel 621 is fully retracted by the control mechanisms 620a and 620b such that the drag panel 621 is horizontal and substantially out of the water.

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The displacement vessel 502 further includes control mechanisms 520a and 520b attached to floatation devices 560a and 560b configured to rotate the drag panel 521. The control mechanisms 520a and 520b may operate independently or together to rotate the drag panel 521 about a horizontal axis 554 of the displacement vessel 502. Any suitable number of control mechanisms may be used to rotate the drag panel 521. The control mechanisms 520a and 520b may include, for example, a winch, a motor, hydraulics, pneumatics, or any other suitable control mechanism as is known in the art. For example, a first control mechanism 320a may wind up (or shorten) control cable 308a while a second control mechanism 320b releases (or lengthens) control cable 308b, thus rotating the displacement vessel 302 in a clockwise direction and controllably adjusting the amount of drag force exerted on the drag panel 302. The first control mechanism 320a and second control mechanism 320b may also rotate the displacement vessel 302 in the opposite (counterclockwise) direction by the reverse operation, i.e., the first control mechanism 320a may release control cable 308a and the second control mechanism 320b may wind up control cable 308b. Those skilled in the art will hereby also recognize that a single motor/drum or winch can be used with the cables mounted in opposite directions and that as the drum/winch turns, one cable is unwound and the other cable is wound.

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In a tidal situation the deflector or housing (if fitted) is moved when the tide turns if power is to be extracted in both directions of tidal flow. A tidal energy conversion device of the present invention generally includes a displacement vessel having a drag panel that is rotatable about a horizontal axis. To illustrate the general case of controlling the angle, the displacement vessel 300 further includes control cables 308a and 308b extending from the drag panel 302 adapted to controllably adjust the orientation of the drag panel 302 in the water. The tracks 130, 132 operate similarly to the tracks 107 in Figure 1 in ensuring that the hydrofoil flaps 110 are maintained in a tangential position to the water flow when passing between the open 114 and closed 116 positions. Various types of guide devices 105 can be used to guide the hydrofoil flaps during rotation of the turbine.

For potentially maximum adjustability to the angle of motion, a 4- point harness can be used so that the drag panel can be rotated about a vertical axis and one or more horizontal axis. Redundant cables (and control mechanisms) may be used to create an 8- point harness to improve reliability and/or adjustability of the system.

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In particular, the present disclosure illustrates a system and method for converting kinetic energy from ocean tidal movements – specifically, the lateral ebb and flow of water caused by the constant and repeating pattern of tidal changes – into electrical energy or power that can be stored and/or consumed. Patent 4,288,985. Such tidal energy systems require large structures that are built either above the water or on shore, requiring significant costs in engineering and land. FIGS. 1 A-1C show a tidal energy conversion assembly 100 having a displacement vessel 102 that is buoyant at the surface 1 18 of the water and houses or supports a directional converter 109. Generally, the directional converter 109 is capable of capturing the drag – or “drift” – of the tidal energy conversion assembly caused by the ebb and flow of water due to tidal action.

Disclosed herein is a novel tidal energy conversion assembly and method for generating electricity. As the ebb and flow of tidal action causes the displacement vessel 802 to drift back towards the stationary location 806, a control mechanism may reel in the excess slack on the anchor cables 803a-803f. The control mechanism may be substantially similar to the control mechanism described above. Dolor muscular muslo izquierdo . FIG. 8 shows an exemplary displacement vessel 802 having an array of directional converters 809a-809f and generators 816a-816f at a stationary location 806. The displacement vessel 802 may be similar to any of the displacement vessels having a rotatable drag panel as described in more detail above. Each of directional converters 809a-809f may be substantially similar to the directional converters described above.

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Similar to the directional converters described above, directional converter 209 includes a drum 213 around which an anchor cable may be wrapped, a drive gear 212, a gearing mechanism 214, and generators 216a-216e. In an embodiment, the directional converter 209 may further include a level winder assembly 248 configured to maintain a uniform wrapping of the anchor cable 203 as it is wound around its respective drum 213 by directing each wrap of the anchor cable 203 around the drum 213 to sit tightly next to the previous wrap. For example, each directional converter 809a-809f may include a drum 813a-813f around which the respective anchor cable 803a-803f is wrapped. Generally, the directional converter 109 includes a drum 1 13 and control mechanism 120. FIG. Similar to the displacement vessels 702a-702c shown in FIG. FIG. Terapia para dolor de espalda baja . 4B shows a displacement vessel 402 having multiple vertically rotatable drag panels 421a-421c. In particular, the rotatable drag panels 421a-421c may be coupled to and freely rotatable about respective vertical axes of the displacement vessel 402 via axles 415a 415c. Each axle 415a-415c may be coupled to a respective control mechanism 420a-420c, such as a motor, for example, that may be configured to control the angle of rotation of its respective drag panel 421a-421c. These configurations will function to control, or assist in controlling, the orientation of the displacement vessel, whether in conjunction with one or more control cables or independently of control cables.