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As a result, due to interactions with the moving fluid, the at least one Magnus cylinder will generates Magnus forces or “lift” that is capable of causing the outer portion of the central shaft to rotate in a direction that substantially parallel to the moving fluid, and causing the at least one Magnus cylinder to rotate about the central shaft in a direction substantially perpendicular to the direction of the moving fluid, in a manner not unlike a windmill. As a result of this rotary motion and the movement of the fluid past the Magnus cylinder, the Magnus cylinder will produce a Magnus “lift” force, generally perpendicular to the first axis of rotation of the Magnus cylinder, that is capable of causing the outer portion of the central shaft to rotate in a direction with an axis of rotation that is substantially parallel to the moving fluid.

Concentrating the moving fluid in the channel further accelerates the flow by funneling the fluid towards the cylinders 1200 and 1210. Interestingly and unexpectedly however, this fluid flow acceleration in energy harvester chamber 12 is further amplified by the Magnus cylinders themselves, additionally increases the Magnus force lift. To provide greater power generation efficiency through greater Magnus force or lift provided by faster rotating Magnus cylinders, co-pending application U.S. The object of the invention is for overcoming the deficiencies in the prior art, a kind of combined concussion float generation platform is provided ,stormy waves can be gathered simultaneously and can carry out stormy waves cogeneration with wave energy in ocean, deep-sea, improve generating efficiency. 4, climate of the present invention affects less and can omnidistancely generate electricity, power generation stabilization.

21, or a Savonius turbine as shown in FIG.

See being wave-type electric generator 7 of the present invention shown in Fig. Fig. 8 is the structural drawing of Fig. Here the term “fin” is used broadly to encompass a turbine or turbine blade, Savonius turbine, screw, or fan assembly. 21, or a Savonius turbine as shown in FIG. Referring to FIG. 18, an energy harvester 3000 of the present invention having shaft 40 is connected to a generator 3030 with shaft 3005, gears 3010 and 3015, and shaft 3020 instead of a belt drive system as shown in FIG. As used herein, the term “electrical grid” refers to any system used to utilize or transport electrical current. As used herein, the term “lift” refers to a force that is perpendicular to a direction of fluid flow. Here the spacing of the additional Magnus force cylinders should generally be within 2-20 diameters of the Magnus cylinder in the downstream direction of the flow.

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As previously discussed, to increase the Magnus force lift, and the resulting torque on the power shaft, the subsequent downstream Magnus cylinders are typically placed or replicated within about 2-20 diameters of the upstream Magnus cylinders. That is, the diameters of the cylinder 1200 and 1210 may be the same, or they may vary relative to each other.

Magnus power generators utilize the Magnus force or “lift” that is generated when one or more fixed (relative to a horizontal rotary shaft) but rotating cylinders rotate in a moving fluid environment. BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION One drawback of the Magnus type power generators described in the prior art is that in order to harness the power in a moving fluid, the Magnus cylinders must first be rotated using electric motors that are attached to the Magnus cylinder shaft. When the present invention works, when wave dipping and heaving, wave will inevitably cause the simple harmonic motion of float 33 in the vertical direction, sequentially transmit wave energy by float 33, connecting rod 36, slidably sleeve 35, permanent magnet 27 is driven to move up and down, because coil 31 is fixing, coil 31 does cutting magnetic induction line motion, thus reaches the effect of generating.When permanent magnet 27 moves up and down, crank 25 drive electrical generators 24 of permanent magnet 27 upper end also generates electricity.The height difference that the float 33 caused by wave moves changes the motion of crank 25 into the running of pushing generator 24, thus reaches the effect of wave-energy power generation, improves efficiency and the generated energy of generating.

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Los 10 tipos comunes de dolor de cabeza, sus causas y.. When whole wave-type electric generator 7 is installed, be located at the centre of lower floor’s platform, the welded top platform connecting plate 37 of fixed muffle 34, installs platform connecting plate 37 with rivet or is welded on the downside of lower floor’s Platform Deck 38, and the float 33 of wave-type electric generator 7 foot extends to contact sea.From entirety, whole wave-type electric generator 7 hangs on lower floor’s Platform Deck less than 38, and the center of gravity line of fixed muffle 34, sliding sleeve 35 and float 33 etc. Dolor en la parte baja de la espalda riñones . 3, by the fluctuations of wave, wave energy is converted into mechanical energy, thus reaches the effect of wave-energy power generation, wave-type electric generator is contained in mesa base, can not produce larger impact, on the contrary owing to can increase the stability of platform to the generating of blower fan. The invention belongs to a kind of ocean platform, specifically a kind of generation platform utilizing ocean wave energy for generating electricity.

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2, present invention employs and be different from traditional spud leg floating life, by carrying out the lifting of parametric controller to the control of spud leg, reach the object making platform adapt to different sea situation, therefore the present invention is little by wave effect, all can apply at deep-sea and shallow sea, also have good Security and higher generating efficiency in high sea region. 1, structure of the present invention is simple and closely knit, and electrification structure is less and can independently use, and also multiplely can use simultaneously, avoids the excessive problem brought of electricity generating device. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION As used herein, the term “hydro application” and “hydraulic” are used to describe the use of the energy harvesting device with regard to liquid, and the term “gas application” and “pneumatic” are used to describe the use of the energy harvesting device with regard to gas (e.g., air).

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Various types of devices may be used as fin device 88. The fin device may be a turbine blade as shown in FIG. 23; or a fan as shown in FIG. 6) or Magnus cylinders 200, 201, 210, and 211 (shown in FIGS. RPM with and without a motor for a flow of 4 feet per second for a machine schematically shown in FIGS. 4 in a water flow of at 2 feet per second as shown in FIG. 4, versus the rotation of the main power shaft in rotations per minute (RPM, RPMS). Posiciones de yoga para dolor de espalda . Pat No. 5,222,833; the disclosures of which are incorporated herein by reference.

7 and 8 the power produced is higher when fined device is utilized to drive the Magnus cylinders.

61/276,873 filed Sep. 17, 2009, the contents of which are incorporated herein by reference. 6. As a result of fluid flow 90, the fin device 88 drives shaft 1045, which in turn drives the bevel gears 1050, 1055, 1060 and 1065 as previously discussed. 7 and 8 the power produced is higher when fined device is utilized to drive the Magnus cylinders. The Magnus cylinders may be rotated by a drive mechanism as shown in FIG. Figure 10 is E-E zoomed-in view in Fig. Fig. 7 is D-D zoomed-in view in Fig. 22, a screw/auger as shown in FIG. 6 in upperdeck section 13 and bottom cabin section 15.4 slideways 23 are uniformly distributed along the circumference on spud leg 3 inwall, and the axis along spud leg 3 is setting up and down.Slideway 23 is installed washboard 20, washboard 20 can slide up and down along slideway 23.The wall of the spud leg 3 of upperdeck section 13 and bottom cabin section 15 all has intake-outlet 22, and intake-outlet 22 is the through holes communicated with outside.Again see Fig.

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22, 2010; U.S. patent application Ser. This application is a continuation in part of, and claims the priority benefit of, U.S. CROSS REFERENCE TO RELATED APPLICATIONS This application claims the priority benefit of U.S. In this embodiment, the torque developed by the fin devices helps supplement or assist the secondary driving motor in rotating the Magnus cylinders, thereby reducing the torque required by the secondary driving motor, as well as potentially the secondary driving motor’s size and power consumption. Here, due to the invention’s improved force traducing mechanisms and the design of the fin, the fin and force transuding mechanisms cause the circumference of the at least one Magnus cylinder(s) to move at a radial velocity that is substantially greater than the speed of the fluid. This central shaft may have an axis of rotation, as well as a substantially cylindrical interior that also has a second inner shaft positioned inside the central shaft, and this inner shaft will be capable of rotating independently about the central shaft’s axis of rotation.

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5), either in the side or bottom walls in this configuration, and can also have opposite elevations in the plane parallel to the fluid flow path. The fluid flow path may be defined by an inflow fluid channel formed by inflow fluid channel walls 4, 5, 6 and 7, and by an outflow fluid channel formed by channel side walls 8, 9, 10 and 11, as well as an energy harvester chamber 12 disposed between the inflow fluid channel and the outflow fluid channel.

FIG. 7 shows the power output for a 2 foot diameter Manus energy harvester with 4 Magnus cylinders again as shown in FIG. Fig. 5 is the internal structure enlarged view of the spud leg 3 in Fig. Pomada para dolor de espalda baja . In order to ensure stablizing of generated energy and stablizing of platform, by regulating the height of the water injection rate in spud leg 3 and empty cabin 16 to adjust platform height of C.G.