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Mujer Madura Y Dolor De Espalda Foto de archivo - Imagen.. Figure 31 A-Figure 31 D illustrates wavy fluctuation and how to be formed in circular pipe 37.Should be noted that herein, for simplicity adopt circular pipe example but not Hexagon or other polygonal pipes, but the principles described herein can be applied to during six converting pipes of hexagonal honeycomb embodiment and the circular pipe of concentric ring embodiment and other polygonal tube sections and/or pipe arrange.If the elasticity circular pipe 37 of given length 37a has the power 37c that the longitudinal axis perpendicular to circular pipe 37 applies, make capable 37c that circular pipe 37 is outwards swelled around its periphery, then circular pipe 37 will reduce on length 37b.When the first power 37c removes, circular pipe 37 will get back to its initial shape and length.But make the longitudinal size of circular pipe 37 be limited if apply the second power 37d, then circular pipe 37 is prevented from getting back to its original shape.Thus, the first power 37c remains the potential energy in circular pipe 37.If the 3rd enough power 37e applies along the direction of the axis being parallel to circular pipe 37 subsequently, and favours the face of wavy fluctuation thus, then the direction along the 3rd power 37e is moved by wavy position.When the end of circular pipe 37 is left in wavy fluctuation, the potential energy be stored in circular pipe 37 from the first power 37c does not remove from circular pipe 37.Thus, new wavy fluctuation occurs, as long as make circular pipe 37 be limited to get back to its original shape, just can to maintain the potential energy of circular pipe 37 constant.

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The potential advantage produced without the power of turbine comprises: less or do not have the design Economy of articulate part and potential larger efficiency.Numerous embodiments as herein described comprises a series of mechanism, and these mechanisms apply the principle forming extendible hydroelectricity generator, and can utilize the material of multiple advanced person in numerous embodiments.Other mode of executions described make use of the common elements of apparatus and method herein and distinct elements to drive electromagnetic generator. But for a person skilled in the art, after the specification considering open embodiments of the invention and mode of execution and accompanying drawing, multiple change of the present invention, amendment, change and other purposes and application become obvious.All these changes without departing from the spirit and scope of the present invention, amendment, change and other purposes and application are regarded as comprising in the present invention. The thallus that second group of embodiment can not have for first group of embodiment.This second group of embodiment comprises the pipe of same or similar material as above, but does not need thallus to be attached in their structure.For convenience’s sake, this second group of embodiment is also sorted out by their profiles when observing from the cutting plane perpendicular to fluid motion direction.Described second group at least comprises: the first hexagonal honeycomb, the second hexagonal honeycomb, concentric ring and/or analog.

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Concentric tube 62 can construct in different embodiments in many ways.Figure 45-Figure 50 illustrates the longitudinal cross-section through concentric tube 62 according to various embodiment.With reference to Figure 45, the wavy fluctuation of each concentric tube 62 with within it with around its neighboring concentric pipe 62 not homophase. The inward flange of three thalluses 2 not to be connected on knuckle-tooth shape bar 3 but associated with one another via flexible-belt 80 along its longitudinal edge.This mechanical coupling of the interior longitudinal edge of thallus 2 forms triangular-section, and the limit of this triangular-section is made up of three flexible-belts 80.Polygonal cross-section can be closed by multiple elastic plate 18, these elastic plates 18 axial stacks and plane is parallel to each other along the longitudinal, and each plate is connected in three thalluses 2 at its bight place.When ripple moves down along thallus 2, polygonal cross-section and elastic plate 18 rotate around longitudinal axis clockwise and counterclockwise.When expanding with the area of elastic plate 18 when being rotated counterclockwise and shrink clockwise.Little flexible pipe along the longitudinal axis to be connected on these elastic plates 18a by elastic plate 18a.This pipe is managed clockwise by allowing and is reversed counterclockwise but do not allow that the material that pipe extends is made, thus as the 4th deformation holding member.The wire rod 16 relevant to obtaining electricity is through this pipe.

Figure 30 C-Figure 30 G illustrates a series of cross sections through identical point during 1/2nd operation cycles.Figure 30 H illustrates the position of this series of cross section within this 1/2nd operation cycle.If these plates 85 above-described are rigidity, and be mechanically coupled on axle 90 by ratch mechanism, then the clockwise and counterclockwise rotary motion of plate can be used in axle 90 is rotated, and rotary motion is in one direction mechanically coupled on electromagnetic generator or other power reception output units thus. 2 A and described deformation 200, thus causing the flexure of material 204, described material 204 can be mechanically coupled on electromagnetic generator or other output units.Illustrated principle is common for a lot of mechanism embodiments described herein in the figure, and wherein the flexure of material is converted into mechanical energy, and is mechanically connected on electromagnetic generator or other output units. Figure 40 illustrate can how by the 14 deformation holding member in outer rigid housing 47a form at outside limits honeycomb, wherein this outer rigid housing 47a encapsulates hexagonal tube.The outermost hexagonal tube of this hexagonal honeycomb embodiment can be fixed on outer rigid housing 47a by flexible strip 47b.Depend on the strength of materials, fluid-flow rate and other parameters, second supporting frame structure 500 is attached on outer rigid housing 47a at upstream end thereof place, and be also attached at downstream end place on the limit 54 of D type polygonal ring 50, thus load passed to outer rigid housing 47a from limit 54.This second supporting structure can be beam or Truss Design in one embodiment.

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In some embodiments, the pipe of second group can comprise: one is arranged in the circular pipe of the different-diameter in another or is laterally connected with the polygonal pipe forming honeycomb-like pattern in concentric manner.The limit width change during operation of the polygonal pipe in this second group, and the thallophytic width forming the limit of pipe in first group keeps constant or substantially constant during operation. In some embodiments, each thallus and/or knuckle-tooth shape bar 2 are electrically coupled at least one electrode, to obtain the electricity produced by the strain in the material of thallus 2 and knuckle-tooth shape bar 3.The wire rod 4a relevant to obtaining the electricity that utilizes from electrode can to extend or strengthening extending in deformation holding member 4 along the reinforcement deformation holding member 4 of knuckle-tooth shape bar 3.Fig. 3 E illustrates thallus 2, two knuckle-tooth shape bars 3 and two stretchings or rigidity and strengthens the assembling of deformation holding member 4 and the stereogram of layout.

Figure 32 B illustrates the position in cross section during an operation cycle, and Figure 33 A-Figure 33 I illustrates the cross section through the corresponding series of identical point during an operation cycle. In another embodiment, multiple concentric tube is connected on inside and outside deformation holding member.Figure 41 illustrates the parts of this mode of execution, and it can comprise: rigid pipe 60, radial film 61, little hollow tube 63 and multiple concentric tube 62, and these concentric tubes 62 1 are within another thus take the cross section of concentric ring.Rigid pipe 60 is the 15 deformation holding members, and radial film 61 is the 16 deformation holding members, and little hollow tube 63 is the 17 deformation holding members.