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Each rotation connection point between a module and a connecting member within an array of modules will have its own generator within said respective module, or gearing may be utilized to mechanically sum the motion of all rotation points within a module, to feed one singular generator per module, or any variety of configuration thereof within a module. Because rotation is typically two-way in direction when capturing oscillating ocean waves, a form of gearing is often utilized such that it turns the two-way rotation captured into one-way motion before entering the generator. By having two, or more, layers of interconnected energy-capturing modules, with the lower-most layer moored to the seabed by a tether attached to the front-most modules of that layer, closest to the oncoming, incident waves (creating a “reaction” layer, limiting the complete surge, heave and therefore mass displacement of the lower layer(s), while still moving in synchrony, with an upper layer, and also allowing the entire connected lattice to swivel into the direction of the oncoming incident waves, facing the energy producing wave fronts), a maximum amount of the orbital water particle motion in an ocean wave can be captured.

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Friendship, help, empathy concept The telescoping connecting elements’ motion between lattice layers can be calibrated in real time for optimum operating range, in relation to wave conditions, to allow for adaption to various wave heights or other oceanographic or atmospheric conditions present via feedback sensors, or remote commands sent to the wave farm itself (picked up by receivers located with transmitters on the modules themselves), or be preset according to wave field typical conditions. The present wave energy convertor invention utilizes both the strength of a three-dimensional crystal-like lattice configuration, as well as utilizing this type of configuration for maximum energy extraction of ocean wave energy, by allowing relative rotational and/or linear motion between modules at each lattice connection point and/or within the connecting member itself. The device has an inherent three-dimensional interconnectivity, and density of spacing within the apparatus, across potentially large ocean areas that allows it to ideally function as a wave dampening solution to lessen the magnitude of destructive forces encountered during extreme weather conditions, while at the same time capturing the energy the apparatus is dissipating from the waves Groupings of offset arrays of lattice structure configurations of modules, allows for a multilayered, multi-stage reduction of wave energy as the waves reach each spaced-apart array of modules, thereby down-stepping the energy in multiple stages in order to both capture as much energy as possible from the waves’ motion, and by doing so deplete and reduce the energy content of the waves and their ability to cause destruction at the shoreline.

Through manipulation, and combination of materials we have been able to utilize these inherent strengths found in nature. All rotational energy-generating motions can then be mechanically or electronically summed within each module, via ratcheting and/or other system, to fully utilize the maximum potential of available motion energies. Each joint can utilize a universal joint, or constant velocity joint, or like device with up to three degrees of rotational freedom, allowing transverse ocean waves (producing “roll” in modules) to pass by/through the apparatus without affecting capture of wave energy via “pitch” of modules. However, it will be understood by those skilled in the art that the present invention may be practiced without these specific details. Thus, more than one sea bed anchor may be used to advantage with the apparatus of the invention, and more than one tether, connected to more than one layer of the lattice structure, without departing from the scope of the invention.

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4, a lattice structure is shown formed from a layer of buoyant modules 1 connected to layers of negatively buoyant modules 2 by connecting members 3, in a multi-layered arrangement. 5, a lattice structure is shown formed from a layer of buoyant modules 1 connected to layers of negatively buoyant modules 2 by connecting members 3, in an alternative multi-layer arrangement to FIG.

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However as discussed in the detailed description above, many variations in the attachment of the tether to the lattice structure may be employed to advantage. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PRESENT INVENTION – In the following detailed description, numerous specific details are set forth in order to provide a thorough understanding of the invention. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION – The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for converting ocean wave motion to energy. The following coordinate system may be used: Pitch (around y) is the primary rotational motion of the modules induced by the motion of the ocean waves, creating the rotational movement that is converted to energy. Dolor de rodilla despues de correr . It has since been found that there is indeed some net translational motion, known as mass transport. This motion was once thought to include no net translational motion, such that any object at sea would theoretically stay in one location, orbiting endlessly in relation to oncoming waves.

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This net displacement is also known as Stokes drift, and can be calculated. As an addition, another seabed mooring connected to the surface layer of modules (also allowing yaw, and swivel movement of the total lattice structure), with a tether allowing elongation, with a force to return it to initial length, may be useful in both preventing extreme angles between the aligned layer of surface modules in relation to the submerged layer(s), and in returning energy to the system made available during the mass transport effect via a restoration force. Telescoping connecting members, as opposed to completely rigid connecting members which also may be utilized (both with the potential for the same universal, or universal-like connecting joints at connecting points to modules), can allow for the maximum capture of energy in ocean wave water particle motion between lower and upper layer(s).

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SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION – In one aspect, the invention is an apparatus for extracting power from wave motion in seawater over a sea floor, comprising: a lattice structure comprised of a plurality of modules, said plurality of modules arranged into a plurality of layers, including an upper layer of modules and a lower layer of modules, said upper layer of modules being buoyant and said lower layer of modules being negatively buoyant in said seawater, each module being attached to at least one module vertically and at least one module horizontally to form the lattice structure; and a plurality of connecting members, each said connecting member attached to at least two vertically adjacent modules at respective connection points, and adapted for rotation around each said respective connection point; a mooring anchor attached to the sea floor; a tether attached between the anchor and the lattice structure; and a motion transducer adapted to convert rotational motion of said connecting members relative to said modules to electrical energy.

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The apparatus includes a motion transducer adapted to convert rotational motion of the connecting members relative to the modules to electrical energy. This creates rotation relative to each module member at their joints. At each of the joints within a module, there is the individual ability to capture rotational motion which can be converted into usable energy.

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Dolor en la parte inferior de la espalda: causas y tratamiento Within steel there is a particular physical configuration that allows for both its strength and ductility, among other characteristics. It is, therefore, to be understood that the appended claims are intended to cover all such modifications and changes as fall within the true spirit of the invention. Examples of apparatuses that have been proposed include U.S. Any ocean wave energy convertor must be able to survive in severe storm conditions, where rare rogue waves, and violent water motion, can have great destructive power. Further, the device must be able to capture a maximum amount of wave energy available at any time. FIG. 5 depicts a three-level representation of the device in a three-dimensional interconnected lattice structure, where the arrangement of modules parallels a BCC (body centered cubic) configuration, as an example of alternative structure, whereby parallelograms formed by the vertical and horizontal interconnectedness of the multi-level structure conform to and follow the circular orbital path of ocean wave motion.

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FIG. 4 depicts a three-level realization of the thee-dimensional lattice structure. 1, a lattice structure is shown formed from a layer of buoyant modules 1 connected to a layer of negatively buoyant modules 2 by connecting members 3. A mooring anchor 5 attached to the sea floor is connected to the lattice structure by tether 4. In the embodiment, two components of the tether are connected to the layer of negatively buoyant modules. This disclosure likewise fails to take advantage of the full orbital motion of ocean waves, using modules vertically and horizontally connected to one another. Dolor muscular en el pectoral derecho . Pat. No. 8,358,025 to Hogmoe, which is incorporated by reference, which discloses an array of buoyant bodies and at least one energy-generator connected to one or more moveable links and forming a part of each link.

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The lack of buoyancy of lower layer(s) allows further resistance to these movements, allowing maximum torque potential for gear multiplying within each module. The growing need for ocean wave mitigation solutions, for coastal municipalities and communities requires new, original ideas and solutions. Thus wave energy is essentially a form of wind and solar energy. Hydraulic means are another typical method for utilizing the energy captured in an ocean wave and changing it into usable electricity. Another electronic means for creating a one-way direct current output can be achieved via electronic circuitry means, such as with a bridge-rectifier circuit design, whereby alternating current input into the circuit is converted to direct current output. Any of the above listed methods may be utilized with an apparatus according to the invention to convert the motion and energy captured into a usable, transmittable form of electricity.

The optimal distance between layers is set to take advantage of the limited depth of orbital motion in an ocean wave, which disappears at a depth equal to one half of the length of the wave. Typically only a decomposed arc of the motion, whether in the form of the to-and-fro component of the motion (surge), or the up-and-down component of the motion (heave), is captured. The heave (vertical, z direction) components of the orbital path traveled by water particles are captured in the rotation at the joints, via being fundamental components of the complete orbital water path. CROSS-REFERENCE TO RELATED APPLICATION – This application claims the benefit of U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. U.S. Dolor lumbar abdominales . Patent Application No. A visual representation of a linear and/or non-linear spring, or spring-like element 6 is incorporated within, and/or attached to the tether. This lays bare an enormous opportunity, if the right wave power collection solution presents itself.