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Feeding In embodiments there may be structure interior or exterior to the array such as lift systems, drag systems, and the like, to redirect the dynamic wind pressure force to either reduce overall or partial loading or apply loading in a specifically beneficial location which may be but is not limited to a shield that translates force from wind’s dynamic pressure into a lower center of gravity reducing the systems sensitivity to weather extremes. The facility for closing said primary rotor sets may be inclusive of both dynamic pressure driven and/or actuator/mechanical methods. In embodiments the present invention may provide for a wind power module optimization facility 7100 for optimizing the yield for a wind power module 7102 by optimizing the integrated function of the acceleration in and power producing components of the wind power module, where the rotor aerodynamic performance to nozzle aerodynamic performance 7108 may be matched to the generator characteristics 7110 such that nozzle acceleration, rotor conversion, and generator efficiency are simultaneously maximized across the operating velocity range and loading conditions of the wind power module.

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Para el Dolor de Oídos A wind power system cost-yield optimization facility 7600 may optimize the cost of the wind power system 7604 with respect to the energy producing yield 7608 for the wind power system by employing permutations of possible design solutions identified in an n dimensional optimization matrix, where the dimensional number of the matrix may be determined by the number of optimization parameters under consideration. Yield optimization for a given module design may be derived from the testing and comparison of rotor, nozzle, transmission, and generator characteristics over a matrix of loading and velocity inflow conditions. An example of a conversion matrix of these values is shown in FIG. A ratio of the diffuser length to the nozzle intake length may be greater than 5 to 1. The ratio of an area of the entrance of the nozzle intake to an area of the throat may be greater than 2 to 1. Each of the plurality of interconnected collapsible wind energy conversion modules may include an aerodynamic feature that enhances the throughput of the flow of air, where the aerodynamic feature may be a vortex-forming aerodynamic shape, such as on the nozzle intake, the throat, the diffuser, and the like to impart a swirling motion on the flow of air.

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FIELD OF INVENTION The present invention is related to energy conversion, and in certain preferred embodiments to the energy conversion from a fluid flow, such as wind, to another type of energy, such as electrical energy. Cost of members and connections may be highly dependent on the types of superstructure under consideration and the load characteristics of a particular structure type vs. The variable intake geometry and nozzle configuration geometry may be executed as a single fascia or with a plurality of dependent and independent fascia depending on module size and/or the properties of a given fluid. 2 or in a co-mounted configuration. It may also be advantageous to reduce the assembly cost therein either through methods or specific mechanisms. The superstructure may be a modular assembly employing a shape such as a space frame type, geodesic, orthogonal, and the like.

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Profundo dolor por muerte de concejal de Talca Rodrigo.. The superstructure may be of a nozzle-structural integrated type, such as a flexible pressure based integrated structure, a rigid cell integrated structure, and the like. The complex wall topography may provide nozzle components that are made of rigid materials, flexible materials, and the like. The structural material may further be any of a class of rigid or flexible impregnated foams wherein the foam is impregnated with a gas that provides direct buoyancy to the structural elements of the module. There may be some kinetic energy exchange with the wall that slowly turns with the intake. Remedios para dolor lumbar . FIG. 10 depicts non-uniform array with orientation tails. FIG. 33 depicts an annual distribution power output by linear velocity. FIG. 3 depicts a square polygon expansion exit, module, and array. Looking at sparsity and density of molecules and delta of momentum based on probabilistic movement of molecules in the sparse direction may be provided. For instance, a tail may be provided to self orient the structure, such as a tail placed on a rotating support axis that spins the module or array to the wind’s direction, or the structure of the nozzle or the array may be constructed in such a way to engender more orienting properties.

For instance, a filled or binary checkerboard pattern may maximize cost to benefit and land use. While FRP might be the most cost effective on a per unit basis it may be more cost effective to use a more expensive material that engenders a lesser increase in the global and local structural properties of the array, such as a carbon fiber composite. The nozzle geometry differentiators may include the basis geometry, specific geometry with regard to LE characteristics and volumetric ratios, and surface geometry. Additionally the initial and steady state conditions of an ambient flow using a non-linear momentum transfer model based on slice interaction and density variation may be derived to closely match empirical measurements for a density driven flow for use as the basis environment determining the global parameters of the system under consideration. Rotors used in wind turbines may be based on airfoil profiles used for subsonic aircraft.

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The client may include one or more of memories, processors, computer readable media, storage media, ports (physical and virtual), communication devices, and interfaces capable of accessing other clients, servers, machines, and devices through a wired or a wireless medium, and the like. Dolor muscular en el gluteo derecho . The computing and/or non-computing device(s) associated with the network infrastructure may include, apart from other components, a storage medium such as flash memory, buffer, stack, RAM, ROM and the like. It will further be appreciated that one or more of the processes may be realized as a computer executable code capable of being executed on a machine readable medium. Referring to FIG. 75, in embodiments the present invention may provide for a wind power system that makes use of a variable transmission and PE to balance loading and run at variable speed at the same time. In embodiments, a wind power nozzle with an integrated buoyancy facility may be provided, where the buoyancy facility contains a buoyant material used to achieve a buoyant condition for the wind power structure.

In embodiments, a wind power nozzle with an attached buoyancy facility may be provided, where the tethered buoyancy facility contains a buoyant gas used to achieve a buoyant condition for the wind power structure, such as with hydrogen, helium, and the like. This may create substantial interference between the inflow and the cross-flow such that some momentum may be deflected from interaction with the blade or in cases of higher RPM reflected back against a portion of the inflow, thereby reducing its efficiency in converting inflow momentum to axial velocity for a particular blade and disturbing overall properties of the inflow with regard to the rotor as a whole.

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Profiles that reduce interaction of the cross-flow with the inflow on the upper side of the blade may be necessary to allow high speed operation with minimized flow disturbance. First it may allow the modules to cover any given area without being subject to the inefficiency introduced by the length of an efficient divergent component. Once intake length is less than the throat length, then suddenly you may see the actual predicted velocities at the throat. Once you go up to a 2.5 rate of constriction, then you may become much more sensitive to curvature and length of intake. An additional constraint is to maximize the rate of curvature of the wall within the other geometric parameters and this can be inherently optimized by the preceding equations. Such curvature may engender the loss of a large portion of the mass available at the intake area.

The nozzle may be configured to be capable of orientation to a vertical component of the wind. Alternatively, the mobile devices may be configured to execute instructions in collaboration with other devices. The array may include nozzles configured in series relative to the direction of airflow, configured in a nested series, and the like. Other less optimal forms may also be used and combined into an array such as super-venturi’s, wide-angle diffusers, two dimensional nozzles, flat wall nozzles, and the like. The intake may conform to an elliptical, radial arc, a combination of the two, a combination of a plurality of elliptical or radial arcs from the leading edge to the throat, and the like. Inflamacion detras de la rodilla sin dolor . However, according to software or hardware engineering practices, the depicted elements and the functions thereof may be implemented on machines through computer executable media having a processor capable of executing program instructions stored thereon as a monolithic software structure, as standalone software modules, or as modules that employ external routines, code, services, and so forth, or any combination of these, and all such implementations may be within the scope of the present disclosure.

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It is this combination of specific LE geometry with a variable, rate of constriction and intake dependent, convergent-divergent volumetric ratio that enables high percentage mass flows. In cases where the desired rate of constriction exceeds 4, single layer quadric geometries are insoluble as i tends to infinity within the constraint of the LE vector solution. The modules and modular elements of the superstructure may be “plug and play” devices allowing maintenance or refitting of the array components to be performed on- or offsite. In another example, a superstructure that has a central column mounted into a base that allows self and/or inter supporting rows to be mounted vertically and allows all rows to orient together or independently. 34, that shift the rotational aerodynamic efficiency range upward without negatively effecting efficiency of power capture are preferred in this invention. The resultant geometry may be constrained by the following parameters in order to insure high-mass flow through the nozzle.

The nozzle may include at least one of a plurality of mass produced components. The volume of the coupling may have an accelerating nozzle such as those described herein. In addition, mechanical actuators may be used to granularly control the mass distribution of the substance or structure under consideration. In addition, other devices required for execution of methods as described in this application may be considered as a part of the infrastructure associated with the client. For instance, the system may include legs which telescope, are n-poded (e.g. If the mean measured velocity increase is 1.7, the mass flow efficiency would be approximately 0.85 of the maximal value. There could also be a Pseudo-modular implementation, by making the super structure and inserting elements of the module individually.

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Alternately, they may be mounted onto a mobile platform to seek out optimal flow conditions. Adjustable pitch may be used to increase blade efficiency at higher velocities by adjusting to a lower pitch angle.