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Pinchazos en el pecho.. ¿Un síntoma de ansiedad? - AMADAG One such power generation device is shown and described in U.S. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The foregoing and other objects of the invention are accomplished by providing a system that utilizes a movable power shaft located in a wave/water environment to transfer the energy of tidal or wave action to a piston contained in a chamber including a one-way air intake port, located in a non-wave environment.

1 there is seen a first embodiment of the present invention featuring an upwardly and downwardly moveable power transfer shaft 10 contained in a sleeve guide 12. The shaft 10 is connected to or in a contact relation with a float 14, which is provided with motion by ocean or sea waves 16. As will be described below, the float 14 is for example, built on a shoreline where waves are channeled to it. The float 14 is buoyant and rises and lowers in a vertical direction with the tidal and wave motion. As power transfer shaft 10 moves downwardly, it contacts lever 22 and urges it in a downwardly direction on the end nearest the power transfer shaft 10 and in an upwardly direction at the connector end 26. The connector end 26 of lever 22 is connected to a second piston rod 23 that urges piston 25 upwardly in the direction labeled with the arrow B, causing it to compress air within the piston chamber 27. Piston rods 23 and 28 may be a single rod or alternatively may be separate rods.

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Piston rod 79 causes piston 67 to compress air within chamber 83. In one example, shown in FIG. In one embodiment, the lever 22 further includes an arm 100 and an adjustable sleeve 102 within which the arm 100 is received. As the power transfer shaft is displaced downwardly, upon retreat of water or waves, so is the end of the lever arm nearest the power transfer shaft. Details of the power transfer shaft 10 are seen in FIGS.

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In an alternative embodiment, a gear mechanism, instead of the lever, is employed to transfer the movement energy of the power transfer shaft to the piston. By loosening the nuts 112, moving the retractable sleeve 102 to the desired location, by either pushing it over the arm 100 away from the power shaft 10 or by pulling it from the arm 100 towards the power shaft 10, and securing the sleeve 102 to the desired location with the nuts 112, one can adjust the length of the lever 22. In FIG. As the power transfer shaft is pushed upwardly by the float and through the sleeve guide, the actuator arm pivots outwardly and makes contact with the lever arm, thereby pushing the lever arm upwards. Additionally, the power transfer shaft 10, sleeve guide 12 and float 14 of the embodiment incorporating either of the gear mechanisms may be contained within the hollow body 58 as described above with regard to FIG.

The body protects the float 14, power transfer shaft 10, sleeve guide 12 and any other elements contained within the body 58 from corrosion. When the power transfer shaft 10 extends upwardly a certain distance, the actuator arm 50 no longer makes contact with the lever arm 22 (FIG. Coil spring stops 88 and 90 are attached to the cables 80 and 82, respectively and provide a compliant stop to the movement of the weights 84 and 86 when either weight reaches its respective cable wheel or guide. A pair of opposing crankshafts 61 and 63 is connected on either side of gear 127. In one embodiment, each crankshaft is connected to a center portion 123 of the gear 124. Como diferenciar dolor de espalda y riñones . The crankshafts may include sections 61 a-c and 63 a-c, some of which are off center staggered sections which may be solid, if desired. As with the lever mechanism, the gear mechanism provides a mechanical advantage to the system.

The lever provides the system with a mechanical advantage. In other words, the drive gear or the first gear 120 turns once for every 10 turns of the second smaller gear 124. The faster the second gear 124 rotates, the faster the stroke of pistons 65 and 67 in the chambers 81 and 83 compresses air in the chambers 81 and 83 for storage in the air storage tank 93. As with the lever embodiment of the invention, the mechanical advantage of the gear mechanism can vary as desired. Instead the system utilizes a mechanical advantage of the lever to compress the air. In both lever and gear dual piston arrangements, when one piston is in a position in the chamber to compress air, the opposing piston may be in a position in the chamber where it has already compressed air, and vice versa. TECHNICAL FIELD The invention relates generally to the conversion of energy from tidal and wave action to electricity and more particularly to a system utilizing energy from wave or tidal action to compress and store air at a high pressure to be used for generating electricity.

The compressed air in the storage tank is transferred to a turbine to generate electricity. Air in the conduit moves past a non-return valve and into a storage tank. The moveable power transfer shaft is contained in a sleeve guide and is in a contact relation with a float disposed on ocean or sea waves providing motion to the shaft. Sintomas de dolor lumbar cronico . In the gear mechanism, the power transfer shaft includes a rack that engages with the teeth of a larger gear upon upward and downward movement of the power transfer shaft, causing the larger gear to rotate.