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The technical problem of all solutions of the utility model be overcome above-mentioned prior art Wave can conversion process in S. E. A. low, the shortcoming such as the undesirable and impact resistance of transformation efficiency is poor, and provide a kind of strong shock resistance, power absorption and transformation efficiency high center float type wave energy generating set. Generally speaking, most Wave energy conversion systems are comprised of three grades of energy transfer mechanisms.The one-level energy transfer mechanism converts wave energy to the mechanical energy of certain carrier; The secondary energy transfer mechanism becomes the resulting transformation of energy of one-level transformation of energy the mechanical energy of rotating machinery such as hydraulic turbine, air turbine, fluid pressure motor, gear speed increasing mechanism etc.; Three grades of transformation of energy are converted to target energy by generator with the mechanical energy of rotating machinery.

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Described hollow pontoon body 6 can move up and down with wave, drive the motion of oscillating type Wave energy converting device 5 integral body, when seawater enters into sleeve 7 by the water inlet 8 on the sleeve 7, produce relative movement with impeller 12, impeller 12 is rotated, and impeller 12 drives pair of meshing gearwheel 13 by transmission shaft 9 and small gear 14 speed increasers 10 rotate, by speed increaser 10 and then 11 generatings of drive generator. Described oscillating type Wave energy converting device is comprised of hollow pontoon body, sleeve, transmission shaft, speed increaser, impeller and generator, described transmission shaft upper end links to each other with generator by speed increaser, described transmission shaft lower end links to each other with impeller, described transmission shaft and impeller are positioned at sleeve, and described speed increaser and generator place in the hollow pontoon body.

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The large buoyancy aid in 1-center, 2–groove, 3–hanger, the 4–connecting body, 5–oscillating type Wave energy converting device, 6–hollow pontoon body, the 7–sleeve, 8–water inlet, 9–transmission shaft, the 10–speed increaser, 11–generator, 12-impeller, the 13–gearwheel, 14–small gear, 15–upper blade, the 16–lower blade, the 17-connecting rod. When the utility model electricity generating device used, the large buoyancy aid 1 in center was done heaving in wave, and a plurality of oscillating type Wave energy converting devices 5 of large buoyancy aid 1 periphery in the center that is centered around are similar to traditional wave energy absorbing device, can independently absorb and the conversion of wave energy.And swing that natural frequency equates with the frequency of wave motion or when being close when the large buoyancy aid 1 in center vertical, the large buoyancy aid 1 in center resonates with seawater, wave will drive center large buoyancy aid 1 strenuous exercise this moment, by connecting rod 17, the vibration of the large buoyancy aid 1 in center can be passed to each oscillating type Wave energy converting device 5 places, thereby also amplified the oscillatory movement of each oscillating type Wave energy converting device 5, and then the efficient that makes wave energy convert electric energy to improves significantly, and the radius of the large buoyancy aid 1 in center And height Relation satisfy The time, the large buoyancy aid 1 in center easily produces resonance.

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Náusea y vómito postoperatorio en pacientes sometidos a.. For instance, said additional elements could be constituted by the above-described face plates/disks on both ends of the coupling body 4, which can axially protrude clearly beyond the coupling beam 4 and are dimensioned such that they can assume this additional function. A further aim is, by a combination of said means, to prevent the inducement of a torque into the wave power plant, so that the plant can be kept in stable position. At present, wave energy utilizing apparatus of a great variety, these devices mainly all are based on following Basic Mechanism, and the one, utilize heave and the oscillating motion of object under wave action that wave energy is converted to mechanical energy; The 2nd, utilize the wave bank potential energy that wave energy is converted to water etc. The above, it only is preferred embodiment of the present utility model, be not that the utility model is done any pro forma restriction, although the utility model discloses as above with preferred embodiment, yet be not to limit the utility model, any those skilled in the art, within not breaking away from the technical solutions of the utility model scope, when the technology contents that can utilize above-mentioned announcement is made a little change or is modified to the equivalent embodiment of equivalent variations, in every case be not break away from the technical solutions of the utility model content, any simple modification that foundation technical spirit of the present utility model is done above embodiment, equivalent variations and modification all still belong in the scope of technical solutions of the utility model.

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Both ballast tanks or balloons 16, 18 provided in the present illustrative embodiment are preferably fluidically connected to an air compressor device (not further represented), by which the ballast tanks 16, 18 can further preferably be individually filled with compressed air (with corresponding displacement of water) in order hereby to selectively generate different (variable) buoyancy forces at the longitudinal ends of the submersible platform 1. Apart from ballast tanks, volume-variable cushions, which can be filled with compressed air, are also conceivable. In principle, the plant weight is not however adaptable to different operating states unless the plant weight is altered in terms of the center of gravity by the balance weight 20 displaceable along the rails 2 and/or by the pumpable trimming fluid. The movable balance weight can also however be constituted by a (trimming) fluid, which is bunkered in the submersible platform and is pumped back and forth along the submersible platform, for instance by means of a fluid pump.

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It is also advantageous to fix (or anchor) the submersible platform to the seabed by a flexible cable having a specific weight, preferably a mooring chain, which in principle, upon an upward motion of the pivot point between the chain and the platform, is gradually raised from the seabed and thus correspondingly increases the weight force acting on the pivot point. Contacting of conversion equipment and ocean effectively isolated in the design of oscillating type Wave energy converting device middle sleeve structure, reduced the impact of the unfavorable factors such as sea grass on the oscillating type Wave energy converting device, and then the working life of having improved the oscillating type Wave energy converting device, also improved whole impact resistance and reliability.

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Described impeller 12 is comprised of two relative upper blades 15 and lower blade 16.When oscillating type Wave energy converting device 5 upwards vibrated, the sea washes upper blade 15 on top rotated impeller 12.When oscillating type Wave energy converting device 5 vibration downwards, bottom sea washes lower blade 16 rotates.This mode has guaranteed the rotating in same direction of transmission shaft 9, has reduced the resistance when impeller 12 moves up and down, and can take full advantage of the wave energy in the unit area, effective supply conversion efficiency. In addition, an energy converter device, by which a torque usable for energy conversion can be tapped, i.e. Because the energy density of wave energy is high, distribute wide and be a kind of inexhaustible renewable and clean energy resource, in mondial wave energy, use relevant art, can produce about 140-750 hundred million kilowatt hour energy every year.And along with predictable long-term technological improvement, the amount usable of wave energy can also increase by two to three times.

The Main Bottleneck of restriction wave energy absorbing unit efficiency is that absorption plant can only absorb local energy at present, namely installs the energy of institute overlay area, is a point or a line, and is difficult to the collection of energy with a plane. Dolor de pecho muscular . This inevitably leads to a tilting tendency of the frame 1 (in the rotational direction of the coupling bodies), as has been described also in connection with the first illustrative embodiment of the disclosure. 1 comprising coupling bodies configured alternatively to FIG. Alternatively to two rails with coupling bodies arranged in-between, a rail in the form of a middle rib with coupling bodies disposed on both sides can also be provided. The coupling body can be, for example, a resistance body or an aerodynamically active body, such as, for example, a blade. In addition, other mooring variants, such as, for example, a taunt mooring, are possible.

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Alternatively, the mooring chain can also be fastened directly to the submersible platform. The submersion depth can be varied by floats in or on the structure. FIG. 10 shows a wave power plant according to yet another illustrative embodiment of the disclosure, in which the working principles of the wave power plants according to FIGS. A multiplicity of wave power plants is known from the prior art, which wave power plants are distinguished essentially according to their place of use, as to whether they are installed on the high sea (offshore), close to the coast or on the coast.

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4. In this case, the (axially symmetric) cross geometry of a coupling body 4 consists of four blades 12, which extend over the parallel spacing of the two rails 2 and which on their respectively one longitudinal side are fixed to a hub at an angular interval of respectively 90°. The hub (corresponds to the bearing axle 6 of the above-described roll) is likewise mounted on one end of the lever 8, on whose other end is disposed the mounting axle 10 for the orbitally movable mounting of the propeller-shaped coupling body 4 on the bearing eyes of the rails 2. In addition, according to FIG.

This at least one rack with vertical basic alignment is mounted rotatably on the large horizontal frame. The central upper portion of the large buoyancy aid in described center is provided with hanger. In the case of a torque pick-off at the coupling body, a reaction moment is induced into the small frame, which reaction moment leads to a tilting motion of the small frame about its rotational axis on the large frame (platform) until such time as the countertorque generated by the buoyancy body and/or the mass via the materializing lever produces an equilibrium of moments. The coupling body, in itself, already has a largely neutral buoyancy. It has preferably (in the simplest case) at its upper end a buoyancy body and/or at its lower end a mass, the coupling body/bodies being held in an orbitally movable manner in the small frame.

Fig. 2: the utility model oscillating type Wave energy converting device internal structure schematic representation. Described independent oscillating type Wave energy converting device is four. Posiciones para dormir con dolor de espalda . Fig. 1: the utility model wave energy generating set structural representation. The kinetic energy of the blade is converted in a generator, for instance, into electric power. Such a plant is planned for offshore use, since here the energy density of waves is particularly high. The housing or structure has a substantially horizontal longitudinal extent and is disposed beneath the water surface. Described water inlet is a plurality of, is arranged on the sidewall of sleeve.