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Lesiones musculares: ¿Qué son? Tratamientos, causas.. Electricity is generated as a result of this relative motion. These fields link with the coils of the armature for the purpose of generating electricity. Once within the protective cavity, a mechanical latch 22, operable by the control means, is used to maintain the float within its cavity, rather than waste power by using the linear generator (motor) for this purpose. In each case, the purpose being to ensure the apparatus is made safe before the onslaught of tsunami type waves. Referring to FIG. 1, apparatus for generating electrical power from the motion of waves, is depicted generally at 10. The apparatus includes a tower 11 for holding the apparatus and locating it on the sea bed.

La solución definitiva para el dolor de garganta According to a further, optional, feature of the invention, the aforementioned detection means used for determining whether to remove the float from the worst excesses of the sea waves, obtains its information from apparatus responsive to the relative motion of the stator and armature of the linear generator itself. The same or similar technology and designs which are used for their construction and manufacture may be adapted for a tower construction housing many rows and columns of generators, but equipped with the above described safety mechanism, so providing an effective long term and reliable means of generating free power. Thus, by the means of this invention, ie reversing the mode of operation of the linear generator,-which may be effected by supplying appropriately commutated currents thereto by batteries, or even by the reverse flow of current from the grid that it is normally supplying, it thereby becomes a motor for the extraction or submersion of the vulnerable part of the apparatus away from the worst excesses of the sea, until such time as the unfavourable conditions have abated.

An example of such an arrangement is shown at FIG.

Upon receipt of the danger signal, the control means causes the linear generator-now acting as a motor-to lift the float clear of, or substantially clear of, the sea waves, and to nestle it into a protective cavity, 20, as shown schematically in FIG. At that time, the motor is then operated to restore the float to the waves, and once safely ensconced, normal operation is resumed again as a generator. Both the control and measurement means, as well as other local electronic circuitry, may be supplied by a battery 21 kept charged by the generator when in normal operation. Alternatively, or in addition, such a signal may be provided by a satellite 39, responding to measurement of the sea conditions, or indeed by a signal relayed thereto by weather and/or seismic activity monitoring stations. An example of such an arrangement is shown at FIG. Such apparatus may be, for example, one or more remote detector probes located in the sea well away from the generating apparatus-so providing sufficient time for its self protection as herein described-or even the use of satellite or weather forecasting information.

Solving the problem of designing apparatus that can withstand these crippling costs of repair. Dolor cadera derecha y zona lumbar . In these conditions, terminal damage may and does occur to mechanical devices exposed to the full force of the storm, with commensurate down time and crippling costs of repair. In certain oceanic locations, particularly those susceptible to earthquakes, one-off groups of waves having considerable magnitude and energy may occur. In this alternative arrangement, rather than having to force the float and paddle below sea level, against their natural buoyancy, the float may be equipped with a flooding valve to assist this process, refer to FIG. In this event, local internal sensors used to gather information on wave conditions, will be unable to withdraw the float from the sea in time to prevent damage thereto.

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The efficacy of wave power generators, in common with all technological innovations, is determined by capital cost, the likely returns and reliability of operation. 6a-d, the method of operation of the measurement means 18 is now described in more detail. A number of devices have been tried and tested for this purpose, using the buoyancy of floats as a means of extracting energy, but as yet, none have proved to be of practical or economic use, or feasible in the long term. In an embodiment of this feature of the invention, a subsidiary hermetically sealed generator is enclosed within the float itself, operable by the motion of the float within the sea.

6ABM7143 - Fusion 360 - Joints and assemblies - mmutube These commonly operate by the use of buoyancy chambers, and the conversion of the undulating motion imparted thereto by sea waves into electrical power. As the waves below the platform ascend, the natural buoyancy of the float lifts the stator up through the platform, so resulting in relative movement between the stator and armature of the generator. To this end, and in accordance with the invention, detection and measurement means 17 and 18 are located within the tower to detect and measure the rate of movement of the stator of the generator, and also the extent of its movement. The detection means 17 may comprise Hall effect detectors located adjacent to the magnetic stator of the generator, so providing information on its movement as the series of stator magnetic fields passes the detectors. 6b. A direction change over point is illustrated, for interest, at 37. The number of detected waveforms N1 indicates the distance travelled by the stator, and the time, t1 between successive cross-over points indicates the rate of movement.

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2. To minimise the effort required, this is effected when the float is already lifted to a high point by the waves. The operation of the apparatus, as is fully disclosed in my co-pending application, is described briefly here to assist in an understanding of the invention the subject of this application. In yet a further feature related to this aspect of the invention, sea behaviour monitoring apparatus external to the wave power generating apparatus, is used instead of or in combination with the previously described means, to detect the onset or growth of storm conditions, and then to provide the necessary safety signal to the float extraction/submersion control means. Because of its dual function, the full benefit of using linear generating means as a power source thus becomes apparent, in contrast to previous devices where their operative components remain permanently within the sea, and cannot be conveniently removed in the event of a storm by reversal of their operation from generator to motor.