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Neurocirugía Figure 44 illustrates deformation holding member and how to limit concentric tube 62.Deformation holding member can also comprise multiple hollow tubes 63, second supporting frame 64 be attached on the second supporting frame 64 and itself be attached on rigid pipe 60.These hollow tubes 63 are fixed on radial film 61, and described radial film 61 itself is fixed on concentric tube 62.These hollow tubes 63 can bear high tensile stress in deformation-free situation.Thus, these hollow tubes 63 maintain the Position Approximate of concentric tube 62 under the effect of the power of streaming flow. Embodiments more described herein relate to and from moving fluid stream, obtain power by compliant mechanism, and relate more specifically to be provided for be available mechanical energy and/or the generator of electric energy by the kinetic transformation of fluid motion. Figure 12 A-Figure 12 B illustrates the optional mechanical coupling of thallus 2 in star configuration.The outer longitudinal edge of thallus 2 and the mechanical coupling of the second deformation holding member form V-arrangement cross section, and two half portion is made up of flexible knuckle-tooth shape bar 3.As depicted in the figures, V-arrangement cross section can be opened wide thus allow by fluid, or closed, wherein multiple elastic plate 17 axial stacks and plane is parallel to each other along the longitudinal.

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Fig. 4 C illustrates and how to be attached together to form double-flexibility or Elastic Circular profile of tooth bar 6 according to embodiment’s Article 1 and Article 2.As shown, the inward flange 74a of the second knuckle-tooth shape bar 3 is attached on the inward flange 74a of the first knuckle-tooth shape bar 3.Potential energy in first knuckle-tooth shape bar 3 ” is wanted ” the first knuckle-tooth shape bar 3 is straightened in one direction and potential energy in the second knuckle-tooth shape bar 3 ” is wanted ” the second knuckle-tooth shape bar 3 is straightened in the opposite direction.Thus, the knuckle-tooth shape bar of two attachments forms the two knuckle-tooth shape bars 6 be in balancing energy.

Fig. 6 B illustrates the array of the multiple thallus ranks 7 according to an embodiment.Thallus ranks are positioned in parallel within fluid passage, and thallus ranks are as one man fluctuated.This can move by limit fluid the available path that passes through and produce larger hydrodynamic pressure, and produces the stronger power acted in thallus fluctuation thus.The thallus 2 of thallus ranks 7 can be fixed in the thallus of another thallus ranks 7 by horizontal adjoining members 8c, makes the fluctuation of adjacent thallus ranks keep synchronous. In various embodiments, the element of described servo mechanism can utilize plate-like elastic material, described plate-like elastic material can comprise individual layer, multilayer, mesh grid or other composite plate elastic materials, and wherein said board-like material has passed through the first force deformation of applying and strained thus.Described material can adapt to the first applied power by the flexure of material, compression, stretching and torsion.If described material was properly restrained before removing applied force (such as by deformation holding member), then the potential energy that will remain in described material of the energy of applied force.

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Two edges along thallus 2 are elastic strips, and described elastic strip is the form of hyperbola geometrical plane, are commonly referred to ” scalloped ” or ” crenate ” 3.The limit be connected in thallus 2 of knuckle-tooth shape bar 3 is formed as the fluctuation profile following thallus 2 along the surge line of attachment, thus forms thallophytic waviness and be attached to the transition between the straight line on deformation holding member 4.Fig. 3 B-Fig. Figure 12 F illustrates a kind of possible mechanism for rotating from the one direction obtaining axle with the rigid plate 19 be rotated counterclockwise clockwise.Can adopt in the different mode of execution of servo mechanism as herein described and/or embodiment and make rigid plate 19 at it clockwise and other mechanisms multiple of left-hand circular all can do work (rotation such as realizing axle).In the embodiment comprising axle 90, axle 90 can as deformation holding member.

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D type hexagonal tube 50 takes hexagonal section form, wherein limit 53 length stays constant but change in location during operation, and is connected on the bight of two C type hexagonal tubes 49.D type hexagonal tube 50 comprise in one article nonelastic limit 54 form, from the 7th deformation holding member of deformation holding member.The hexagonal nonelastic limit 54 of D type hexagonal tube consistent length and in position during operation, and share with adjacent D type hexagonal tube 50.Hexagonal two limits 55 of D type hexagonal tube during operation length change and the E type hexagonal tube 51 adjacent with two shares.Other two limits 56 hexagonal of D type hexagonal tube during operation length change and the C type hexagonal tube 49 adjacent with two shares. During an operation cycle, through Type B hexagonal tube 39 cross section shown in hexagonal limit in time size change and change in proportion each other.Each in these hexagonal six limits is synchronously extended with hexagonal another two limits and shortens.Thus, locating if having time during operation, hexagonal three limits are an equal length and hexagonal three limits are another equal length.Hexagonal three limits 46 formed by the cross section through Type B hexagonal tube 39 are only laterally expanded.The hollow tube 47 of high tensile force can be born through the longitudinal axis of each in these three limits 46.These hollow tubes 47 are the 11 deformation holding members, and it is confining force 37d when tensioning, prevent Type B hexagonal tube 39 from extending thus and get back to it relaxes, ripple disable state.Hollow tube 47 can also as the master duct being used for the electric wire relevant to transmission electricity.

Figure 13 A-Figure 13 E illustrates the given position during an operation cycle, a series of cross sections through star mode of execution as above, and Figure 13 F illustrates the corresponding position within the operation cycle. Figure 12 E illustrates another mode of execution, wherein central axis 90 passes multiple rigid plate 19 and is mechanically coupled in rigid plate 19 by ratchet system, make rigid plate 19 as above clockwise and be rotated counterclockwise and axle 90 rotated along a direction and along other direction non rotating, Mechanical Driven electromagnetic generator or other output units thus. The sequence end elevation of asymmetric lobate body unit 301 during Figure 17 D-Figure 17 H was schematically illustrated in for 1/2nd operation cycles.View is the position acquisition upstream seen from the downstream of asymmetric thallus unit 301 in the end of asymmetric lobate body unit 301.When wavy fluctuation moves to side or the opposite side of its zero wave amplitude, the triangle that formed of connection strap 80 engaged by three around asymmetric lobate body unit 301 longitudinal center’s axis partly clockwise or be rotated counterclockwise.Because the board-like material forming knuckle-tooth shape bar 3 and thallus strap 2 is substantially inelastic on the direction being parallel to material plane, and because the board-like material forming connection strap 80 is elastomeric on the direction being parallel to material plane, therefore, when operating, this leg-of-mutton diameter is expanded in a periodic manner and shrinks.This can occur, and reason is that each asymmetric thallophytic knuckle-tooth shape bar 3 adds perithallium strap 2 and adds that adding of connection strap 80 changes when operating with length, but only high elasticity connection strap 80 can notable change in sectional dimension.Figure 17 I-Figure 17 M illustrates illustrated sequence in Figure 17 D-Figure 17 H, but shows whole asymmetric lobate body unit 301 with stereogram.Being included in fluid in the pipe formed by connection strap 80 due to expansion and the tube section applied force of shrinking can carry along the longitudinal direction.

Due to each pipe and all adjacent pipes not homophase, therefore the single larger protuberance be converted in pipe is resisted in multiple fluctuations of single pipe, this is because each wavy protuberance on the side of the mid point of period of wave is isolated with the adjacent wavy protuberance be positioned on the opposition side of neutral axis.Thus, when in the streaming flow being anchored on the longitudinal axis being parallel to pipe, wavy fluctuation is moved on the direction of moving fluid along pipe.When a series of wavy fluctuation is moved along pipe, a series of strains corresponding in material are moved along pipe, and when utilization has the suitable material of electroresponse to the mechanical strain in material, the strain campaign in material is converted into electric energy by from the mechanical strain in material. Dolor de rodilla al subir escaleras tratamiento . When wavy fluctuation moves up along thallus 2 in the side of moving fluid, stress moves up along the side of thallus 2 at moving fluid, and produces in these stress of being formed from material of electric energy.

3 A, what can see is how the fluctuation 73 produced by applied force 72 can be tending towards being converted into single protuberance.Fig. In some embodiments, the overall diameter of the pipe be made up of thallus can keep constant or substantially constant when operating, and does not have the overall diameter of thallophytic pipe can periodically increase when operating and reduce. Figure 38-Figure 39 illustrates a mode of execution, and wherein C type hexagonal tube 49 all opens wide two ends thus allows that fluid flows through, and D type hexagonal tube 50 and E type hexagonal tube 51 close.D type hexagonal tube 50 and E type hexagonal tube 51 can be closed by the isolated multiple elastic plate 59a of longitudinal axis along hexagonal tube. 8 A-Fig. 8 C, star is formed by three thalluses 2.It should be noted that the other modification had than shown three thalluses more than 2 or few star is possible herein, and these modification are intended to comprise for ” star ” mode of execution.

Provisional Patent Application sequence No.61/227 that the name submitted on July 21st, 2009 is called ” submitting to element “, the preference of 279 (lawyer’s files No.19861-003PV).The content of aforementioned application is clearly incorporated to herein by the mode of reference. The mankind have utilized the energy of circulating water over the past thousands of years, and for generating since 19th century.Nowadays the power utilized from circulating water provides 20% of global power demand and is the largest source of renewable energy sources up to now.Electricity from typical water power mechanism receives turbine blade via kinetic energy to utilize the power of circulating water to produce, and kinetic energy receives the rotary motion that these power are changed into axle by turbine blade, and this axle rotates electromagnetic generator.A lot of trains of mechanism at present for HYDROELECTRIC ENERGY conversion have various different problem, poor efficiency and shortcoming.

Fig. 8 D illustrate have above and in Fig.