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Preferably the base platform can rotate about a vertical axis, to redirect the device depending upon changing incident wave direction and energy, thereby providing control to the amount of energy extracted by the device. Since sea level, for example, changes with tides, changing the position of the paddle ensures optimal power output with changing water depths.

InCONFORTmistas, campaña contra el dolor muscular y articular Figure 10j shows a paddle with a substantially flat central portion curving at the ends to provide tips 2 pointing towards the incoming waves. If the paddle is sufficiently light to allow it to move at the same velocity as the fluid on the incoming wave side, then almost all of the wave energy that reaches the paddle is absorbed and immediately dissipated on the opposite side through the creation of new secondary waves. To maximize energy capture, the top edge of the paddle should be slightly higher than the maximum expected height of wave crests (the “freeboard”) taking into account changes in the water height, changes in angle of the paddle over its range of motion, and the run-up due to the concave backward face 11. In deep water, the paddle preferably extends to a depth approximately half the dominant wavelength to capture the majority of the wave’s energy, and the base device includes a horizontal shelf 25 to restrict downward flow.

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Also a wider tip should be used when there is greater variance in the dominant wave direction in order to reduce vortices, maintain laminar flow, and limit structural vibrations and fatigue. 5.9s, then the paddle should be approximately 11.5m high. The convex forward face 12 of the paddle embodying the present invention displaces water over a larger circumference than a flat paddle with a consequent reduction in the fluid velocities normal to the paddle surface, leading to smaller waves that reduce the dynamic pressures (D2) on the forward face, and a substantial reduction in energy dissipation. To reduce the chance of overtopping at the centre, the centre of the paddle may therefore be higher than the edges. This fourth embodiment retains the concave backward surface 11 and convex forward surface 12 of other embodiments but is curved both horizontally and vertically to create a cupped or spoon shape 9. This shape may be formed as a hollow ellipsoid or as a surface of revolution created by rotating a parabola or other suitable shape about its central axis of symmetry.

A range of other wave frequencies and heights were also tested, with the curved designed consistently delivering between 40% and 150% more power. The channelled portion of the wave would otherwise have moved past the paddle and some of the potential energy lost. Dolor muscular ingle . Preferably, the shape of the forward pointing tip 4 is similar to the drag zone 41 (see Figure 17a) that would otherwise be created. Again, the shelf 6 is preferably curved to a smooth transition with the forward face 12 to reduce drag resistance.

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Advantageously, this means that a relatively small paddle, having consequently smaller drag and simplified construction, is able to capture the same energy as a much larger moving paddle. This aspect of the invention provides a balance between having a curved paddle, which increases the energy absorbed from incoming waves, and a flat paddle, which is easier to connect to a hinge to constrain the paddle to rotating backwards and forwards with the waves. In another aspect there is provided a method of extracting energy from water waves comprising: at least partially submerging a water wave paddle in a body of water, channelling incoming waves from each side of the paddle towards the paddle, thereby focusing the energy of the waves onto a front surface of the paddle, and converting movement of the paddle caused by the incoming waves into usable energy. Figure 13a shows a possible design of a wave powered desalination system to convert sea-water to fresh-water.

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Figure 12 shows a possible design of a wave powered hydraulic system designed to generate electricity. The attachment point may comprise a hinge point for hinged attachment to the wave energy conversion device. The device is then able to hang vertically from the wave energy conversion apparatus if the attachment point is at the upper end, or stand generally upright in the water if the attachment point is at the lower end. The invention also extends to a wave energy conversion apparatus and to a method of extracting energy from water waves. For example, energy extraction could be maximised by turning the device directly towards incident waves or the device can be turned at 90° to the incident waves during repair or maintenance of the device. Having several independently movable components means that the different surfaces can react out of phase with each other to, in particular, receive directional wave energy.