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Ejercicios para corregir la mala postura y tratar el dolor.. In addition to these structural volumes, further (non-structural) inherently displacing volumes 801 may also be installed, comprised preferably of high-density (or “syntactic”) foam such as is commonly used for underwater remotely operated vehicles. Such back battery devices are maintained at an optimal state of charging, and are therefore capable of energizing all emergency surfacing components (e.g., the system controller itself, valves that release air from “high pressure” tanks to other volumetric structural cells, and valves that allow the hydraulic winch motors to “freewheel”) in the event of loss of normal (i.e., shore-originated) power availability. In this state, power is being channeled from the accumulated output of hydroelectric turbine assemblies T, through switchgear SG1, along cable 107 (such cable being secured to the seabed by anchor 109), and thence to a shore-based facility 111 via seabed cable 110. Communications (both diagnostic and commanding in nature) are conveyed by signal conductors resident in cables 107 and 110 in a “hard-wired” fashion, and-in confirming and backup fashion-by a wireless link between the transceiver XM within the assembly of cable buoy 113 and the shore facility.

The present invention, however, can deliver turbine devices to greater depths, addresses conveyance issues of power thereby generated, and provides for their periodic surfacing for maintenance. A power cable 107 has been mechanically disconnected from the cable management buoy 113, and mechanically and electrically connected to termination 301 mounted on the platform. First, cable 1603 has been removed from its buoy 113, and mechanically and electrically installed onto surface vessel 1701. Communication is now conveyed directly between platform 101 and the surface vessel 1701 by means of this cable 1603 (and 1604), said cables simultaneously providing power from said vessel for the platform’s motive equipment (e.g., hydraulic power units and air compressors). 12 illustrates a payload exclusively devoted to power generation, certain payload cells may well be employed for other types of mission-specific equipment. Returning to the platform assembly itself, certain payload cells may contain application-specific equipment having further requirements for power and signal conveyance, such being accomplished by further on-board cabling and electronic control equipment.

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The differences in this exemplary application begin with the absence of power cable connectivity to a shore facility 1601, due to a purpose of supplying generated power to localized undersea activities. The preferred embodiment, however, retains said on-board compressors, due to the fact that the platform may well be required to several or even many depth or attitude changes in the course of its normal operations. Though alternate designs of submarine energy-conversion devices might require otherwise, the preferred embodiment illustrates the operational platform to be vertical (or nearly so), and positioned substantially normal to the current flow, thus causing impellers 1201 to rotate.

Espalda tatuada por Dennis Beyond the power cable connection are wiring requirements aboard the platform, such wiring being, for the sake of protection and organization, preferably run in raceways 904 and 905. Such raceways are not sealed against water incursion, but only provide mechanical protection of cable runs. Alternatively, the seabed cable may be the selfsame cable that proceeds to the surface, but is simply affixed with an anchor connection point or collar, without any disruption to connectivity.

Efeitos Fisiológicos da Fisioterapia Aquática - Reabilite.. Most importantly, the connection 301 at the platform end may see a great range of angular approach of the cable relative to the platform, as the platform moves between surface and operational positions (and vice versa). Note also that the platform can be adjusted for these purposes to any angle between zero and ninety degrees (relative to the horizontal plane), and that-in the case of a very severe subsurface current or turbulence event-be brought to a most protective attitude of horizontal (in addition to an increase of depth).